her about it, so he hid a part of it. 

As he was about to serve the brewed tea, he paused for a moment and said.

“Just in case, I’ll drink it first.”

As Duran poured the flower tea into a new cup, Karaf asked with a grin.

“Why? You think there’s poison in it?”

“I believe in Lady Vanessa, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with being careful in this Palace.”

Duran drank the tea first to make sure it was safe, then handed him a cup of tea. 

Karaf looked at him, then picked up the teacup and took a sip of the flower tea. 

He closed his eyes and slowly exhaled a deep breath.

This makes me feel a little better.”

“Is that so? That’s a relief.”

Duran looked at him like he was genuinely happy. 

Karaf opened one eye and glanced at him. 

In fact, he was a little moved by what Duran had said to Asha earlier. 

Duran stayed in front of his bedroom every single night after the horrible incident. 

The reason he stood sentinel without having to order another knight was that he didn’t know when and how he would be threatened with assassination. 

If he ordered Duran to die on the spot, he would stab himself in the head without hesitation with the sword he gave him. 

He has been very harsh with him and has told him many times not to come back home if he couldn’t carry out his orders.

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Karaf called out to him in a soft voice.


“Yes, please tell me, Your Majesty.”

Duran bowed politely, and Karaf muttered sadly.

“Look at how I look now, but you haven’t changed in the slightest….”

Duran’s eyes widened slightly.

“Your Majesty…..
Are you really all right? You look very worried today.”

“Is that so?”

Karaf looked down at his teacup. 

There, some flower petals, which Asha had prepared for him, floated beautifully. 

He felt the door to his heart slowly open for her without realizing it, but he was still afraid. 

He was afraid of being betrayed again after giving his heart….. 

He may not be able to resist if the butterfly betrays him.

“… … Duran, what do you think?”

Duran looked at him curiously at the sudden question.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think of Vanessa?”

Looking at his serious expression, Duran hesitated for a moment, then said.

“Lady Vanessa…..
She’s a good person.”

He looked at him with a slight frown on one eyebrow, but Duran added politely.

“I knew it from the moment she came to the Palace.
She appreciates the lives of others more than anyone.
Even at her own expense.”

Karaf felt a little annoyed when he suddenly recalled that she was trying to save Lycaon’s leader.

“Furthermore, even when the servants torment her, she never gets angry or responds.
She also appears to be a kind and patient person.”

Karaf asked, slightly startled.

“Are the servants tormenting Vanessa?”

Duran sighed and told the truth about what had happened. 

But when Karaf heard the story, he had nothing to say. 

The servants tormented her because, in effect, he was the mastermind. 

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He felt confused. 

Looking at his darkened face, Duran said cautiously.

“Actually, I am a little concerned…..

“About what?”

He said cautiously.

“Your Majesty is also a good person, perhaps it hurt your heart to give such an order…..
I am a little concerned.”

Karaf burst out laughing.

“Do you think I will feel guilty for tormenting Vanessa now? Look what the ethnic minorities did to me! Compared to that, what I’m doing now is like a drop in the ocean!”

Duran looked down without saying a word. 

He still vividly remembered that Karaf was a kind and caring person a long time ago.

He was never a heartless man who never tolerated a single mistake as he is now, nor did he have the destructive tendency of not being able to control his anger. 

He had been discriminated against since he was a child.

He used to have a pious heart towards ethnic minorities and commoners.
But now he has become a tyrant due to the wounds of betrayal.

He has lost the trust of the people of the empire and has become a solitary emperor who trusts no one. 

The people of the Empire feared him, calling him a ‘Bloody Tyrant‘ no matter how strong the empire was. 

Knowing this, Duran had no choice but to leave him alone. 

Because he knew better than anyone the severity of the wounds he had received and how deep the dagger went into his heart.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty…….
I made a slip of the tongue….”

“All right, get out of here.
I’m tired.”

Duran got up quickly, greeted him, and left the room. 

Karaf lay back on the bed, feeling his presence silently guarding the front of his bedroom. 

But soon after, he kicked off the blanket and got up. 

Duran asked, startled to see him trudging out of the room.

“Your Majesty…… ?”

“I have something to tell Vanessa right now.
Follow me.”

Duran hurriedly followed behind him.
His silver robe billowed as he walked.




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