”What is it?. ” Genevieve inquired when she noticed Kimberly watching her through the mirror while brushing her hair.

” Its nothing, my lady…Im sorry. ” Kimberly uttered while quickly averting her eye.

Genevieve saw the look in Kimberlys eye, she had seen that gaze too many times and she was sick of it.

Pity? pain? or was it remorse and guilt, why would she feel any of those for her, she didn need pity, nor did she need anyone to feel pained because of her, and she most definitely did not need anyone to feel remorse or guilt on account of her, Could she have done anything to change the situation? why did they have to give such an expression? she hated it, no she was sick of it. They should keep whatever they felt to themselves.

She could still remember the horrified look on Kimberlys face when she saw the flesh-opened wounds on her back, She was sure she saw some tears in her eye.

Genevieve swiftly closed the book she had been reading.

”Thats enough, you may retire for the night. ”

Kimberly stopped brushing her mistresss hair when she noticed the authoritative tone in her voice. She already knew what her mistress was doing, She was building her walls.

Kimberly dropped the brush in her hand after which she bowed and walked towards the door.

Kimberly disliked to see her lady in pain, this was one of those times when she would isolate herself from everyone, it had always been her strategy, she would drive everyone away so she could retain her sanity.

She could still recollect her mistresss words when she once asked her why she sometimes pushed everyone away.

This solitude is my haven

Only a few knew of the Masters harsh training methods, of course, it is not a hidden fact that he is a perfectionist and this made him one of the most successful if not the most successful businessman in the whole city.

At the sight of him, many trembled and she was not an exception because the aura around him is too dangerous and it frightened her.

Servants would try to avoid him for fear of their lives, especially the maid because he had a bad temper.

But despite her fear for the Master her love for her mistress was greater she always treated her servants well, and although she would shut everyone out, her sincerity could never be hidden. They had grown up together after all.

Now all she could wish for was the happiness of her Mistress and that one day those walls she had built would be gone and her mistress would finally find the true meaning of life.

Kimberly walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

Genevieve turned the lights off and lay on her bed, she loved the darkness because it gave her the feeling that she could hide her existence if only just for a while.

She curled herself up in the bed pulling the sheets over her shoulders, and a tear suddenly escaped her eye, she thought she had control over her emotions and but the tears continued to stroll down her eye until she become conscious of them.

Genevieve was woken up from her sleep by the sounds she heard outside her room, she was a light sleeper and could easily be woken up by the slightest of sounds.

She got off her bed to look through the window, she swiftly opened the curtains and noted how the servants in the villa were busy tending to one thing or the other, some walking around while carrying things, some decorating the villa, and others doing something else.

Had she missed something? with the way the servants were behaving it was safe to say they were organizing a party in the villa, but what called for the celebration?

Genevieve tried to recall all the social gatherings throughout the year but none seems to fit into the date.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

”My Lady, are you awake? may I come in? ”

Genevieve recognized the voice, it was the head maid Miss Melissa.

”Yes, you may enter. ”

She heard the sound of the door being opened which made her turn towards it.

Four figures entered the room consecutively.

The first is the head maid a beautiful woman who looked like she is in her late sixties, with her brunette hair packed in a low bun which brought out her facial features which were refined. she had an elegant aura to her.

The second is the assistant head maid Veronica, who unlike Melissa had sharp facial features and black hair, she appeared to be in her mid-sixties and also had an elegant aura but not as compared to Melissa.

The third is her assistant Victoria, who is a year older than Genevieve, she has black hair, and her most noticeable composition was that she was always hyper. Genevieve could see the excitement in her eye, she guessed it had something to do with how lively the villa is and why the head maid and assistant head maid were in her room.

The fourth is yet another of her maid Kimberly, she walked in timidly, with her vibrant red hair and facial freckles, she had a small body and always appeared uneasy to the point that anyone who saw her would think she was much younger compared to her actual age.

” Good morning, my lady. ” They voiced in unison while bowing.

”Good morning. ” Genevieve said in reply but her voice came out hoarse.

This made her remember how she had cried till she slept the previous night. she couldn help but wish for a glass of water.

Well, what did she care it was not like they could interrogate her or go around spreading rumors about how hoarse her voice was.

Her hoarse voice did not go unnoticed by the head maid.

Genevieve cleared her throat in hopes that her voice wouldn come out as hoarse as it did before.

” What brings you all to my room today. ”

”We are sorry for the intrusion my lady but there are matters of great importance. ”

The head maid Melissa gazed around the room as if inspecting it and then moved her eye back to Genevieve.

” My lady by now I am sure you must already be aware of how active the villa is today and that is only in preparation for the celebration tonight as the young master would be arriving today. ”

The young master? that would mean her twin brother Rome, how she had missed him so much, he was the only one who understood her with the exception of their mother, he had been gone for so long that she had started to lose hope that he was ever coming back.

Genevieve moved her attention back to Melissa when she heard her voice again.

”Preparations for the party are being made and that is why I am here, if there is anything that the lady would need ranging from designer dresses, shoes, and accessories I would want the lady to inform me through the servants or call for me directly and it would be provided for the lady. As the announcement was made on short notice, the ladys measurements could not be taken for customized dress and accessories but I can assure the lady that the materials provided would be of the highest quality. ”

Melissa gazed at Victoria and Kimberly and then back to Genevieve as she expressed with hand gestures. ” Your assistant Victoria and handmaiden Kimberly would help you to prepare for the celebration tonight if you would excuse us, my lady. ”

Melissa and Veronica bowed their heads after which they left the room, and immediately the door closed Victorias voice was heard.

”Oh my god! my lady, Im so excited, the young master is finally coming home after so long. how many years has it been? six? seven? I don know but I do know that my lady must have missed her brother…. ” Victoria voiced as she adjusted the curtains to let the morning sun illuminate the room.

Genevieve had already stopped listening to Victorias words, it was at moments like these that she questioned if Victoria was really from a prominent house because she acted differently from the way ladies were supposed to behave.

She wasn the type to listen to rumors or gossip but the maids in the villa never missed the opportunity to chat so words got to her ears that Victoria chose to be a lady in waiting because wanted to run away from her family who wanted to marry her off to an old rich man due to her unladylike attitude.

Of course, she didn believe them not because she thought it wasn possible but because it was a groundless rumor, she had been at the receiving end of such rumors plus she didn care, in a way, Victoria was different and refreshing but was overbearing most of the time.

That was one of the reasons she could never call on Victoria when she needed treatments after being whisked, she would definitely be bombarded with questions, although Victoria was a modern-day assistant that couldn account for her habit of always crossing boundaries.

Genevieve turned around to look for a glass of water when she suddenly heard Kimberlys voice.

”Here, Miss. ”

She gazed at Kimberly and noticed she was holding a glass of water, Genevieve reasoned that she must have noticed how hoarse her voice was.

Genevieve took the glass from her hand and had alone taken a few sips of water when it suddenly split from her hand.

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