Genevieve stood motionless in the darkroom partially illuminated by the scintillation of the moon, she kept her head lowered not daring to utter a word.

She thought she had prepared herself physically and mentally for what she was about to endure but the instant the office door opened she knew she could never be prepared for such an experience.

These walls, the office in itself were a perfect reminder of her shortcomings, whenever she was in this room it never had a delightful ending, she wasn claustrophobic but these walls triggered something in her, the emotions she felt were too clear.

Fear and anxiety like she was walking on eggshells.

The cool breeze swooshed in through the window, and she shivered slightly as she placed her hands over her body

Genevieve continued to keep her head lowered even as she heard the creaking sound the door made when being unlocked, accompanied by the sounds of his shoes against the marble floor.

Her agitation continued to amplify for a moment she thought her heart was about to leap out of her chest but she refused to show any form of weakness.

”Click…clack…Click…clack ”

” By now you should be aware of the reason you are here ”. Her father voiced in a calm tone that was daunting and assertive whilst sitting on his chair.

”Yes, father ” Genevieve replied almost immediately.

” Good ”.He expressed as he proceeded. ”Did you complete the assignment ”

At that moment her legs felt weak, the office now seemed suffocative with a sinister atmosphere.

”l… l.. can explain father ” She uttered hesitantly as she raised her head while searching for the words ”

” Enough! I asked you a question and what I expect is a yes or a no, did you complete your study of the books? ”

Genevieve could see and hear the annoyance on his face and in his voice.

”No father ”

” Tsk Useless child ”

Without another word he stood up from his seat and took a whip laying on his desk as he advanced gradually toward her.

”For not completing your assignment you are aware there are consequences ”

”Yes, father…I am prepared and willing to receive my punishment ”

She placed her hands on the desk while gazing straight forward in preparation for the anticipated pain.

Genevieve gradually closed her eye as she felt the first wave of pain from the impact of the whip against her back.

She felt herself on the verge of tears as the whip whacks her in different areas of her back but she continued to remain passive, all she could do was make muffled sounds and whimper, she couldn dare to show her pain for fear of the pains being amplified.

” Who are you? ” He asked as he continued to scourge her back with increasing anger and momentum.

”Genevieve… Corleone ” She answered with a shuffle.

”And what must you be? ”

” I…must be..perfect ”

Genevieve could feel her shoulders now dripping with blood.

He grabbed her chin harshly forcing her to gaze into his eye.

”Thats right! now remember that… you must be perfect the worst things I hate are useless things ” He said while gritting his teeth after which he shoved her away with extreme force.

” Ah!.. ” Genevieve shrilled when she hit the floor.

Her legs gave up and her body trembled from fear and pain, a mixture of sweat and blood streamed down her back.

”Stand up! ” He ordered in a commanding voice while eyeing her with displeasure even as he loomed over her. ” You useless and worthless thing, if you cannot fulfill one simple instruction, do you think you are fit to be a Corleone ”

”A stupid excuse for a child ” He spat in irritation.

Genevieve struggled to stand up despite the pain she felt, her body continued to shake, and her legs proved to be unresponsive.

How many lashes had she taken? twenty, thirty, at this point she had already stopped counting.

Why did she have to be so weak, how could she be strong just like…If she couldn even protect herself, how was she supposed to protect those she wanted to, their images began to flash in her mind

How much she had tried to please him, everything she had done just to get a compliment from him, but she was never enough, she could never be enough. She suddenly remembered him, her brother.

”You better get up before I make you wish for death ” He warned calmly in with a countenance displaying contempt.

Genevieve gazed up at her father, as he glared at her. she could sense how lethal the atmosphere in the room had become.

Before she could lift herself off the ground she felt another piercing pain against her back.

” I said stand up you worthless child! ”. He voiced while gripping her chin harshly again. ”Tsk.. could you ever amount to anything? ”.

”Ahh.. father you are hurting me ”. She expressed with a whimper as the tears she was struggling to restrain streamed down her eye.

” Are you hurting? ”. He asked in derision. ” This is called discipline my dear daughter, I have been a caring father but if you refuse to be useful to me then you are of no use to me…. as you know I do not keep useless things ”.

He let go of her chin swiftly and turned away from her in disgust.

”You must be productive to the family ”.

He dropped the whip on his desk after which he picked up a clean cloth and whipped his hands.

” By tomorrow, make sure you have completed those books plus the remain ten, or else… ”

He let his words tail off as he resumed his movement toward the door in a calm state. His present state would have made anyone believe the anger he felt had diminished but she knew him too well. He was barely trying to restrain his anger, it was the calm before the storm. Yes, that was her father, Mr. Vincenzo Corleone.

After he had walked out of the room, she could hear voices, and words being exchanged between her father and another individual. She reasoned it was probably the butler, Evans.

The words weren properly clear to her but the only words she could understand were the last words of her father before she heard his shoes against the floor.

”Clean this mess ”.

The silence that followed gave her somewhat a peaceful notion of her surroundings and she liked it. The cool breeze continued to stroll into the room even as the tears rolled down her eye. Why was she crying? she didn know why was crying, no it wasn from the physical pain inflicted on her, it was something else, something deeper and she hated it.

Genevieve continued to gaze into the darkness as she wished it could hide her from the world.

She knew she should have moved from the ground, but she liked how cold it felt on her skin. She remained where she was laying on the ground for some minutes, she didn want the butler to walk into the office and see her in such a state, she always saw the saddened expression he had whenever she was punished but she didn need it, she didn want any ones pity and sympathy, so she quickly stood up from the ground ignoring the pain she felt.

The door to the office gradually opened, but she didn turn her head to acknowledge the new fellow, she already guessed who it was.

The butler, Mr. Evans walked into the office and quickly noticed the figure before him with her back facing him. He could see the lines of the whip and flesh-opened wounds caused by the whip, it was a horrible sight, and he was sure it was going to leave a scar.

He couldn help but feel pained because of the sight before him, She didn deserve this, He could still remember the day she was born, how he held her in his arms and wished she could live a happy life, filled with all the good thing life had to offer but it was ironic how the reality of things was the exact opposite.

It saddened him more when he recalled how joyful and bright the family was as compared to what it was now and in the blink of an eye because of a single incident everything changed, and the bright and happy family became dark and void.

She had changed, and he knew it, the person he saw now, wasn the person he use to know, the former was cheerful and full of life but the girl before him was drained of life. she had built strong walls around her just to shut everyone out.

Genevieve swiftly covered her back with her shawl when she noticed the butler had entered the room after which she walked towards the door silently without gazing at him, she unexpectedly paused in her tracks when she got to the door.

” Send, Kimberly to my room ”.

The butler watched her with sadness as she walked out of the room, Then he stared at the blood-stained floor.

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