holidays at the bakery

nd lifting the tray in a fancy way till the tray along side the juices tumbled over on the four persons at table one. A father, a mother and two children were soaked with icy cold drinks.

The man: ” Are you crazy! ”

The entire bakery was disrupted and all talking of the other customers were seized. Every customer had their eyes taped on the scene in which I had to encounter.

Me : ” Am so sorry sir, but I am not crazy ”

The woman: ” Honey, its just a mistake don shout at her like that, she is just a kid ”

The man: ” I don care! She ruined our day and our outfits! I need a refund! ”

I felt embarrassed and ashamed, that I started to cry. I ran as fast as I could to the counter and flung the tray on top of the stack. I continued around to the back and sat on the floor under the table. At this moment, all I could do is cry and weep, because after all, I was warned that I could not manage such a task and I was offered help which I regected but, I played stubborn. Once again, my desires in life had failed me.

Lucy: ” Ha! I tried to warn you and I tried to help you, so your on your own! cry like you always do Lacey! ”

Me: ”Whatever! just leave me alone for crying out loud! ”

Lucy went on making fun of my once again failure. She mocked my words, which really released the steam from the pot. I was raged with anger at the point were I felt to knock the bananas out of her. Lucys saying started to rise from the unthinkable and I could stand to see her disgustingness so I ran through the back and went wondering in the park near by.

My father: ” Look sir we are truly sorry for that ”

My father: ” We could make up back for this incident. Maybe a voucher to eat free here for a month. Would you like that?: ”

The woman: ” Yeah, we would lo- ”

The man: ” No we don want your stupid reconciliation. This place should be closed down! Imagine having your kids work! It must be a pity for them ”

The man: ”This organization should be closed down and by the way, you have lost four loyal customers! Mr. Maxwell! ”

The man grasped the arms of his children and stepped heavily filled with anger and rage going through the doors, leaving his wife behind.

The wife: ” Am truly sorry for my husbands behavior, he lost his job and with my job being the only source of income as taken a whole lot of stress on him, I will convince him to apologize ”

My father: ” Thank you so much and am sorry for the incident ”

The wife: ” No stress pal ”

As soon as they all left, my father turn around with a look of great disappointment. My sister said that after I left, my parents came up to the table where I was sitting in search of me. Lucy said she told them that she was simply showing pity for me and I got offensive and left. Lucy told them that I went out back but, she did not know where I left to and thought that I would come back. No one knew where I was and immediately, my parents decide to put up a search party and left grandpa Maxwell in charge of the bakery.

Alot of people was there staring at me as if they have never seen a little girl crying before.

Stranger: ” Hey little girl, are you lost? ”

Me: ” No, I am not there actually over there, I am just taking a walk ”

Stranger: ” Okay well go back as soon as your done ”

Me: ” I will ”

I could no longer bare the stares and the curious eyes anymore , so I walked even further to the next side which has a sparsely dense population. I spotted a water fountain and ran over to side at it. The sounds of water flowing from the pipes and the statues rushing up on the concrete slab was mesmorizing. The noises made all my fears and tears gone. In quick seconds, I could no longer recognize nor remember the sorrow I was in before. I looked down, staring at the turtles swimming around. They were moving really slow because, their shells are very heavy. Maybe other person had something different to face in life. Just the same as how the turtles have to carry their heavy homes on their backs all their life or just as how birds have the ability to fly. Soaring through the heavens above. Voyaging and exploring on what you and I may cant see. It had already became less lighter, as the evening was aproaching. I did not realize how much time I had spent out. when I decide to go back home, I discovered that I was lost. I waked around in circles but, could not find the path I took from the bakery. I felt wasted and dumb, I was about to sit alone and cry when I got the idea of asking for directions. Most persons did not offer any help and I wanted to give up on trying. Luckily, I saw the lady who asked if I was lost and I asked her for directions and she accompanied me back to the bakery.After the lady left, I went to the back where I discovered that the doors where closed and just the same as the front door. Everybody was gone and I was left stranded. Then, I remembered about the little window at the side. I stick paper and gum in the window slider earlier and this would surely prevent it from closing. There it was, the window was closed up to the hinge of the gum stack. I busted the window opened and jumped inside. A massive idea came to me. Maybe if I sleep here, I would be found in the morning by my family but, only if I had remembered that the following day is a sunday and the bakery is closed on sundays. However, as the night drew nearer and nearer, I started to feel lonely and afraid. There seemed to always be a shadow on the walls and I heard weird sounds. Maybe my mind was playing games with me or maybe these hallucinations are for real.

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