is woman wrote many letters of her lost love and gave them to her children before she sadly passed. She did that, because she wanted her children to read those letters and remember their parents love. the movie was titled my beloved friend all the ladys fiance was a very special person to her. He was more than just a fiance, but he was a best friend to her.

Arthur the movie add ended, grandpa was wiping tears from his eyes. Fountain of uncontrollable water flowed from his eyes. Grandpa told us that its the second time he had watched the movie and it meant a lot to him.

Grandpa: ” I specify in this movie, because it reminds me of the love I still have for your grandmother. Even though I played a reck and lost her to my naivety ”

Me: ” grandma is on Wahuj Island, she is alive and pretty much well ”

Grandpa: ”I know, I meant to say it a different way. I just can explain, but I can relate very much ”

Me: ” Oh I see ”

Grandpa: ” well, enough of the sobbing and the sad stories ”

Grandpa: ” who wants to play hide and seek? ”

oh boy! Oh boy! finally! I oven dying for ages. Since the day I arrived in this house oh, I have always thought of it as a good source of the game. There are so many places to hide. I assume with all my soul and mine that I would be unthinkable. Lucy would be able to find me. between all of the spots I have discovered, I had to choose only one. I chose really hard and smartly. then I remembered the secret place I founded weeks ago when I was voyaging in my bedroom. I found it quite Frank that a secret door was under my bed in my sisters and I bedroom.

Grandpa: ” Okay, the game will begin has soon has I start counting ”

Grandpa: ” One, Two, Three- ”

In order to carry out my plan successfully, I had to ensure that lucy was not following me and had gotten her own hiding place.This was so because, if Lucy had
t find a spot, she would suggest hiding with me. She would surely leave traces and hints behind for grandpa to find us. Lucy would even laugh and make heaps of uneccessary noices. Those were a complete no- no and for once, I needed to be the champion of something in my life.

I tip toed up the stairs until I reached my bedroom. I screeched the door opened and quicky ran in and closed the door. After, I pulled away my bed and the carpet underneath it. Next, I pulled the lever attached to the wooden under floor door and anchored my body through the square shaped hole. With all my strength, I pulled over my bed and carpet as best as i could over the secret exit and shut the little door closed. Luckily, I remembered to carry a flashlight with me has it was really dark inside. I turned the flashlight on and I shoved it in my mouth as I was using my hands to climb down the ladder. I was quiet afraid as the old wooden ladder was making a cracking sound. When I aborted the ladder, I was finally flat footed on the ground. It was much darker than expected and the flashlight became incompetitive. Walking through the basement was quiet annoying, I was often being caught in cobwebs. Many insects were also present, but after all , I didn care to make fear get ahead of me, as long as there were no cockroaches, I would be just alright. I walked through the sides of the basement, until I founded a place were I sit. It was meerly boring being in such a place and I grew tired of waiting for me to be seeked. I heard no sounds of Grandpa and Lucy nor did I get the sensation that Grandpa and Lucy had found me or was approaching me. Then, I started to worry. I was then alarmed by sounds. Sounds of something crawling and sounds of rats squeeking.

My anxiety kicked in and there I sat in the corner trembling. Maybe I needed to give up trying to win the game and go up back. Suddenly, I started to feel a weird crawling on my back, the crawling continued up my neck and so I spatted it, only to see in hopping onto my hand.

Agh! Agh! Get it off ! Somebody help me!

It was a cockroach.These were brownish, redish looking insects, I hated them the most, as they always have seemed to be aiming after my face when they are flying. I became even more alarmed when more started appearing everywhere in the basement with some of them even flying around. I ran as fast as I could towards the ladder. to my surprise do wooden ladder broke when I was trying to climb it. This left no other way or Escape for me.

I was backed up on the wall screaming out for dear life while thousands of cockroaches where approaching me. this must be the end of me. My life was flashing before my eyes when I suddenly heard Grandpas voice.

Have they found me? I thought.

Grandpa: ” Lacey! whats wrong? ”

I blinked twice, only to realize that I was not in the basement, It was not dark, there were no cockroaches and I was not playing hide and seek. It turns out that I fell asleep in the coach during the movie and I had a dream.

Me: ” Grandpa I just had the worst dream ever! ”

Grandpa: ” Oh I could tell, by the way you were tossing about in your sleep. Well since your awake, how about we play hide and seek? ”

Lacey-Ann: ” Yeah! that would be a great idea! ”

Me: ” No! that will not be a great idea! I will pass ”

Grandpa: ” Okay how about we all do a little cooking together? I could give you girls a cooking lesson ”

Me: ” Phew! That would be better ”

for a while there I thought my vision would become a reality.

That following night, I couldn sleep so I decided to pull away my bed to check for the secret door.

Lucy-Ann : ” Lacey, what are you doing? ”

Me: ” Nothing, I am just looking for a doll. I must have miss placed it ”

Lucy: ” Okay, well just dont be so loud ”

Me: ” I wont ”

Just has I pulled away the carpet, there was nothing. There was no door Neither was there a lever. Have I gone mad or am I just being delusional? but after all it was a dream wasn it?

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