The mysterious lady

g was all fun and exciting until Ashley came. She was controllable. She switched up our plans and activities for the party. The gift opening was the last thing to do before the party ended, and she opened the gifts at the exact time. Ashley also changed the music playlist from Grandpas favourite genre, western, to her own favourite, pop. The quest were already grooving to the the western music and ashley changes it, they got a little less entertained. One of them even lied about having something busy to do and left the party. I over heard two of the quest whispering about Ashley and grandpa Maxwell.

Ashley: ”Who bought this gift for you, Maxwell? ”

Grandpas best friend Joey: ”It was me. I bought it. Don you like it? ”

Ashley: ”Of course not; no! I don ! ”

Grandpa: ” No, what do you mean Ashley, I actually like it! ”

Ashley: ”Which outdated fool could ever buy a golf set for your birthday Maxwell? ”

Grandpa: ” Since your beung so over yous shoulders, show me the gift you bought for me! ”

Ashley: ” I would be delighted, afterall you will love it! here ”

Grandpa: ” Well- ”

Ashley: ” Well what ! ”

Grandpa: ” Well, what the heck is this? ”

Ashley: ” Dear, I am sure you can see, its a chessboard ”

Grandpa: ” And why did you think I did
t seen it: ”

Ashley: ” so do you like it? ”

Grandpa: ” No i dont! ”

Ashley: ” Well you cant say Ashley did
t bought you anything dare. Atleast i did
t buy those dump golf equipment like Joey did. He is just as dump as the gift he bought you by the way! ”

At Grandpa: ”Don you dare speak about my best friend in that way? At least he knows me well and knows that I do like from what I dont like! ”

Grandpa: ” Unlike you! You claim taht we are friends, then u should know me well! I dont like chess! ”

Ashley: ”What, how come? ”

Grandpa: ”As I thought you knew nothing of me! ”

Grandpa: ” Well, i wont be offensive of it, but ist mathematical tactics were just too much for me. It throws coconuts to my brain ”

Grandpa: ”I appreciate your gift so much, but I think you should return it to the store. ”

Ashley: ”Ugh! You selfish little rat! I have always hated you, Maxwell!

Ashley: ”I hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday, Maxwell! ” Have a nice day or not! ”


As she slammed the door.

My father: ”I cannot believe her. I hate that woman already and I bearly know her! ”

My father: ”What is up with her? Whats her problem? ”

My grandfather: ”I don really know. All I know is that we were very close friends in early childhood school and then she became envious of me the day I was chosen over her to represent our house colors at the cross country run for youngsters. Poor six-year-old me did
t have a clue that me participating in a race and winning a whole lot of awards, could cost my friendship with her.

My father: ”So why doesn she just put her envy aside? ”You
e all grown-ups with families now. ”

”I know, ” Grandpa says, ”but she won until she gets the attention she craves from me. ”

Grandpa: ”Thats the exact reason why she hates your mother. Ever since the divorce between your mother and I, Ashley has started to reappear in my life. She would invite me out for coffee and long walks in the park. I always found it quite fun and relaxing as I needed rest after my divorce. I was glad at first, but it turns out that Ashley saw things the way I did
t. I would always grumble to myself about how much of a fake your mother was. One day, Ashley asked to come over and hang out with some friends. We were all doing barbecue fry in my backyard when suddenly, Ashley got a call and went inside. A couple minutes had passed and my old friend Joey could not find the sauce, and so I went inside in search of the sauce. As I was about to enter the kitchen, I heard Ashley conveying over the phone. She was discussing that I should have divorced Annie a long time ago. She also mentioned that she is going to be my wife soon and half of everything I own will belong to her. I was left in complete shock and was even more surprised when Ashley looked up and made our eyes four. She outrageously asked what I was doing while listening to her conversation. I tried explaining that this is my house and I only came looking for the sauce. After all, why would I spitefully come to listen to your conversation? I further told her that we are friends and will always be nothing more than that. Hearing that made her furious and frightened. She got extremely mad and told me that she would always hate me because I ruined things for her. That day was the last I saw or heard of her until today ”

Grandpa: ”Since that time, I have thought a lot about your mother. After all, I ought to have believed in and trusted my wife. Sometimes I feel like the one who betrayed Annie. I was too quick to judge back then. If I got three wishes they would be to reunite with my family completely, to make things right between your mother and I and to enjoy my last days with my wife. You see I am old and I wont be here for long for i am not a stone or a tree. I just wanted to be with my beloved Annie before my end times ”

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