Grandpa\'s Party

other was adding final touches to the cake, such as the numbers.

me: ”How can Grandpa be seven years old when he looks so old? ”

My mother: ”Where is the number 6? ”

My mother: ”I was sure I had purchased it and it was cashed. I swear that it was in the box with confetti. ”

My father said, ”You must have lost it. ” Try retracing your steps; are we purchasing another one before Grandpa gets here? ”

I thought it was too late to buy a new one and right after, I told Grandpa and his old friend to enjoy strolling into the yard.

”Quick! Quick! ” I exclaimed.Grandpas coming ”

It was too late to go on and purchase the number six for the cake. This process left a smudge mark in the middle of the cake.

My mother: This is just a minor scratch. I bet Grandpa won even notice it one bit.

”Knock, knock ”

Everyone in the house: ”One, Two, Three, Surprise!

Standing behind the door, poor Grandpa looked terrified. He didn look surprised at all. He stood still with his eyes wide open, holding his chest and his heart as he fell flat onto the ground. I was devastated. All we wanted to do, obviously, was to surprise him and make him feel extra special on his birthday. It turns out that Grandpa had fainted, but luckily a group of guests were quick to catch him.

I stood behind the crowd surrounding Grandpa at the front door. They tried many different ways to just wake up Grandpa. Some of these activities included smelling dirty socks, shouting in his ears, and tickling him.Unfortunately, none of those work. Despite this, my sister, Lucy-Ann, was kind enough to suggest that they use a smelling salt to stimulate his sense of smell.This would surely wake him up, and as promised, it did just that.

The look on his face was even more terrifying than he was. My heart melted and I felt relieved. At last he was okay.

The party guest: ”Are you OK? ” We are truly sorry. We did
t mean to cause such trauma. ”

Grandpa: ”Of course yes, its OK, I am fine. ”

The party guest: ”Thank goodness! ”

Grandpa: ”You guys, I appreciate it, but you did not have to. ”

My father: ”Oh yes we did! Now lets turn this party up. ”

The party started off with some of Grandpas favourite games. These were: musical chair, Ludo, and guess the word. It was all filled with fun and excitement. You were expected to laugh or giggle with silly movements and strange faces.

Just when Grandpa held the knife, anticipating cutting it, there was a loud knock at the front door.

”Knock! ” Knock

By the sound of the knocking, all the talking, chuckling, and music stopped. Grandpa went up the front door with a puzzled expression, and all eyes were on the door. However, when the door was opened, a lady was standing behind it. She was holding a gift box in her hands and was also looking exotic. Though the lady looked quite fancy, she was not dressed for the occasion at hand.

She spoke in a polite manner and said that:

The anonymous woman: ”Its great to see you again Maxwell, happy birthday! ”


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