Grandpa\'s Party

My father: ”Robbed? Who could have done that? ”

My Mother: ”What is it, dear? ”

My father: ”The bakery has been robbed! ”

My father got a call from the store next door. The owner of the nearby shoe store said that he was closing his store when he saw three men running from the bakery. They left the doors of the bakery open. The guys were too fast for him to chase, and they seemed to have weapons. He further said that he couldn identify the features of the men as it was pitch black.

The shoe store owner: ”They ran off, boarding into a white car. ” When the car drifted under the street lights, I spotted the license plate, which was IR7309. ”

The store owner said after a few seconds, when they had left, he went inside the bakery to have a look. Had it rained earlier? There was shattered glass all over the floor and traces of muddy footprints. He did not want to touch anything or want his prints to get mixed up with those of the suspicious males. However, the store owner stated that it would be best if we had come and taken a look with the police and other authorities.

My father sprang from the kitchen and started to search for his keys. As soon as he found them, he started heading towards the door.

My father: ”We will be back, just stay here with the kids, ”

My grandpa volunteered to go with my father, and they both flew into the car.

I did not quite understand why this happened to us I thought Alcuin loved our bakery, i thought we were appreciated and looked upon by many.

Me: ” Mommy, did
t you made the pastries good? dont you offer good quality customer service? ”

My Mother: ”Life gets like this sometimes Lacey, and all we have to do is try and handle it in the best way possible. You dont need to throw a boomerang for it to be flung back to you ”

My mother: ”Some days are happy and some days are sad; some are warm and some are cold. Life isn always going to be happy; its just like the cycle of day and night.

Me: ” I understand now but, I just dont seem to handle the negatives in life as great as you do. Mom I truly hope to be just like you when I am older ”

My mother: ” Every single being is different we stand on the same earth but at difference perspectives and different altitudes, therefore I aspire you to not be me but, be who you are. You can carry on my wise words but, nkt my destiny ”

My mother was the biggest mentor and defender back then. She spoke in parables and always had a word of encouragement. Though most of the time, I could not comprehend her sayings, I copied them into my brain so that I would never forget them. As she said, I would understand all her teachings and sayings when I got older.

That night, I tried to stay up until my father was back so that I could know exactly what happened. Unfortunately, that did not work as planned. I got tired of waiting and ventured off to sleep. The following day, I was awakened by the alarm, and I sprang up and started getting ready. Onward, going down the stairs, I saw my father and a group of people in the living room. I was eager to ask him about

Last night, but respectfully, I chose not to disturb his conversation. The only word I understood was ”good morning. ” It was the most polite thing to say.

While eating breakfast, they discussed

A man: ”We should get a security guard for the bakery. ”

Another man: ”And we should install security cameras as well. ”

My father: ”Those are good points, gentlemen. ”

Not one of them had said anything about the robbery. All they talked about was security measures. For what reason could they need security? Is it for the bakery? I questioned myself.

I thought he had forgotten about it until he gave us the details on the car ride to school. My father said that the night when he went to the bakery with Grandpa, the sight was unbearable. The glass door was broken, the cakes were knocked off the counters, the ingredients were stolen, and the money drawer was open. Luckily, my parents checked off the cash they made everyday and take it home. Unless, the family business would have lost a fortune.

On further search, the wedding cake that my mother had baked and prepared for the next day was stolen. Cake mixes and baking utensils were also stolen. The police weren sure who the suspects of the robbery could have been, but they had an idea that it could have been the recent three-member gang. These boys were not only thieves but delinquent criminals. They have been wanted for at least five months now. The boys robbed a bank, murdered several and snatched the belongings of people in broad daylight.

When the families of these teens were contacted, it turned out that they were uncontrollable and their parents wanted to do nothing with them, so they were placed in foster care. Though the foster care was located, the boys were not. The head of the organization said the three ran away one month ago and that they had no idea where they are now.

The police were ordered to put out wanted flyers by the head of the nation, of the teen gang. They were identified as fifteen-year-old Paul Black, seventeen-year-old Ray Barnes, and fourteen-year-old Dre Downhill.

However, because the bakery was robbed, a notice was sent out. It informed the town that we would be closed till we had repurchased what was stolen and until we repaired what was broken.

After school, we were picked up by my grandfather and my mother.

While going home, they discussed more about the robbery of the bakery.

They said that it seemed like the teen gang was paid to rob the bakery. It turns out that one of the boys in the gang had decided to turn in himself. Fourth-grade student Dre Downhill confessed that he and the other two boys were hocked up with an elderly lady who paid them thousands to rob the bakery. The boy said that he wasn sure what the reason for her request was, but guessed that she wanted to give the business a major setback. Since the damage they had done was quite manageable for the Maxwells to repair within a week, the unknown lady was displeased with them and had requested her money back.

Dre said that he didn want to give too many details about the senior that much because she is vicious enough to exterminate him.

Dre Downhill: ”She is cold-hearted, I tell ya!

Detectives: ”Look kid, just give us some more information on her. ” We will not state that you told us, that information private. You will be anonymous to this testimony. ”

Dre revealed what he knew about this woman: she was five feet, six inches tall, had silver hair that sparkled, and dressed like a younger woman. Her appearance and demeanour seemed kind and generous. Her impressive pretension concealed her vicious attitude. Later, Dre was detained and taken to the ”Juvenile Correctional & Remand Centres, ” a youth hostel.

Grandpa: ”The one thing I am certain of is that this woman is not only pursuing the bakery but also appears to be after one of us. Keep a close eye on your back ”

The weekend after the robbery, we all gathered, repairing the bakery. The saturday was busy like no other day. Many people from town took the time off their weekends and decided to help. It was awfully noisy aswell. There were sounds of knocking, drilling and digging. Like I heard my father discussed a few days ago, cameras were install on all four corner of the building. Some were evn hidden in places I could never imagine.

The man who installed the CCTV: ” You know, I am quiet surprised that this shop does not have a video surveillance system, every modern building or operation has it ”

My father: ” Well the thing is, this building is very old and was reopen three weeks ago since it was closed in 1974. It had a camera system before, but I guess these were outdated and I never got the chance to replace them.

A minute after installation, the man gave my father a manual on how he can view the bakery with the CCTV cameras on his smart phone. Then, with my father, the man walked off. Since I was curious, I stared at it for awhile. It was white and have a glossy lens, it was attached to the corner under the roof on the wall. I got bored of looking at it as it did not seem much interesting to me so I walked to catch up with my father. I had not gone too far when, I got the feeling as if I was being watch. I immediately turned around and to my surprise, the camera was there staring deep into my soul. It was moving like a living being.

” Did this thing move or is it just my brain going bozo? ”

There were no answers for my question but, I saw it move directly before my eyes. This kind of technology were like that of eyes. It followed at watched your everymove. Suddenly, it moved again and made a strange sound. I was terified and shocked. What kind of robot is this? And so, I ran around the bakery shouting :

”Theres a evil robot on the wall ! Theres a evil robot on the wall ! ”

Me: ” Daddy, where is that camera guy? ”

Me: ” Go get him ! tell him that the camera needs clensing, that camera is evil !

My father: ” What are you talking about? sweety calm down, I am just testing the controls on my phone! ”

I could not calm down. My heart was pounding and my breath felt like it was stopping. I felt relieved until I looked up and saw another one which turned and started to stare into my eyes. I felt even more afriad. This time, I could feel my brain running away from my head. My father cased after me and when he got a grip of me, he stooped down to my level.

My father: ” Lacey, why are you so terrified? ”

Me : ” Its because I dont trust in these robots, they are suspicious! I read in books about them over taking ”

My father: ” theres no need and am sorry, I had no idea you were so afraid of these ”

Looking around, I saw the detectives and other people on the investigation and the repair of the bakery staring at me. I had embarrassed my self enough when I realized the grin under there faces, not to mention the mysterious grin on my sisters face. I felt anger flowing through my viens and only if she knew the amount of rage I have been fighting to pull from my fathers hand just to give her a piece of mind, she would have been calm and stop messing with me so much all the time. I rolled my eyes at her like I always do. I passed next to her and bounced her with strong force.

Lucy-Ann: ” Hey ! isnt there enough space to walk? ”

I only ignored her whilst grining behind. I went over underneath to sit on the benches at the side of the bakery. I was playing games on my tablet but, could
t think staright because, I felt the need to take revenge against lucy. Like said before, I loved my sister dearly but, maybe this game needs to be played fairly or maybe vengeance should
t be upon me. I know that My sister should be treated the way she treats others but, maybe its not my problem to get even with her ways.

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