arged into the shop with rage and anger. At first, I could not recognize who he was or why he was behaving in such a disturbing manner. It wasn until my father addressed him as ”Dad ” that I realized who he was.It was Grandpa Maxwell.

Right after, he started arguing with my father, without even introducing himself. After all, my dad was his only son, whom he had not seen in forty-eight years. I thought if it were me, I would be happy to see my child.

”How dear you! ”Did you reopen my bakery without my knowledge? ” asked grandpa.

”After your lying, such a human mother!, stole from me and secretly left! ” said grandpa.

”Why did you come back? huh? ”Couldn you just stay where you were? ” said grandpa Maxwell..

”Dad, I thought this bakery legally belonged to us, your children, and that we could take its ownership whenever ”, said my father.

”And when I was trying to reach out to you, so I could get the signing done, I was not capable of doing so and I- ”, said my father.

”Oh, will you shut up and come here? ”Don you miss your father? ” says Grandpa Maxwell.

”HA HA HA HA, give me a hug. ” You really thought I would have been angry about that? ” asked grandpa Maxwell.

For a moment there, my heart skipped a beat. Until I saw him reach down to my sister and I.

”Ouuu! ” ”Twins, and whats your name? ” asked grandpa Maxwell.

”Umm, our names are Lacey-Ann and Lucy-Ann Maxwell ”, I said.

”OMG, my little grand babies, come here! ”, said grandpa.

As he kneeled down, he grabbed both of us and hugged us tightly. At first it was weird; we were not used to him, but in a minute, we got comfortable, and we eased our tension in the hug between us. Maybe Grandpa Maxwell was not so bad after all.

That evening, Grandpa invited us to the home our father and aunt spent a few years living in. It was huge. It was not modern like the other houses in town, but it was well polished. On the inside, it was even more exotic and beautiful, with color schemes of brown, yellow, and beige. The furniture was antique and wooden. The floor had a repeated pattern of squares and triangles. While the ceiling had a magnificent chandelier. The chandelier was filled with diamonds. They were brighter and prettier than glowing lights.

”Well, son, welcome back home ”, said grandpa Maxwell.

”Well, I can say I am truly honored to be back. I have had so many memories here ”, said my father.

”Well, don get too nostalgic! HA HA HA HA! ”, said grandpa Maxwell.

”Make yourselves at home! Do you want to stay in your aunt May-Anns room? ” said grandpa Maxwell.

”I am sure she won have a problem with it! ”, said grandpa Maxwell.

Hearing this made me even more excited. I mean, who would turn down such an offer?

”Of course we would love to ”! said Lucy and I.

The way to our room was quite long and adventurous. Though it looked as if we were walking for miles, we didn realize how much we were exhausted. The statues, the pictures on the walls, and some old artifacts caught our attention. After ages of walking, we finally stumbled upon my aunts room.

On the inside, the walls were covered in picks and white polka dots. There was a doll house, a make-up set for children, a tricycle, and a toy chest filled with toys galore.

”Yay! ” We screamed.

Has this been the dream life?

As the night drew nearer, my father and mother tucked us into bed while singing a lullaby. For the first time, my father smiled as he sang to us. My eyes were forced shut as the shadow of sleep grew all around me. I could no longer resist it, as it was weekening me. A wrestle that was not hard for the wave of sleep to win. I felt weeker and strengthless. It felt like a powerful magnetic force was pulling stuck to the bed. I gave up on the fight and gave in. I felt much more relieved and relaxed. The temperature around me was not hot nor cold but it was indeed the best atmosphere to drag me into deep sleep.

My sleeping condition did put me into deep sleep. I had a strange dream, most otterly terrifying and heartracking. I had a dream where i was walking in a dark tunnel when i suddenly heard owls screeching. I ran as fast as I could from the tunnel until I could see nothing but the stars, the moon and the sky. I signed in relief until I felt the presence of harm around me. I turned around to see what it was whilst my heart was pounding. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and the where I was standing seemed to be the edge of the cliff, which broke with me standing on it then, I started to fall into mid air. I screamed until I came to the realisation that it was just a dream. I sighed and got up to use the restroom.

I was still new to this house and I was trying to get around and find the restroom. I stumbled up in many hall ways and before many different doors but, not of which was the bathroom. It was quiet wierd because, I was given a tour of the house and I was sure that grandpa Maxwell showed me where it was. I was pondering and thinking hard until, I remembered that there was a bathroom two doors from my grandfathers room. I was just about right. As I passed my grandpas bedroom, I overheard my grandpa and my father having a conversation. I tried to listen but the words appeared more like mumbling but, I was determined to hear what they were saying. I crept up behind the bedroom door and pressed my ears on the wooden door then, I could now hear every word uttered clearly.

”Theres still affection for her, somewhere deep down in my heart ”, said grandpa.

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