It has been forty-eight years since the separation of my grandparents. Since my father could barely remember what happened at the time, all his knowledge of what happened came from my grandmother Annie .He would drown in tears when he and mommy would sing the lullabies that my grandparents sang to him and May-ann when they were younger. They would sing sweet tunes of rhymes to my sister and I, so that we would sleep peacefully. There was no other relaxing sound to hear other than that of my parents. My mothers soft light wieghted voice blended together with the heavy bass of my fathers voice. They both created a harmony like no other when singing.

”Mommy ! Daddy! can you tell lucy-Ann and I a story from the times when you were children? ” I asked.

”Ofcource I would love to! Now tuck in and get comfy; listen as time dates back ”, said my father.

”In 1974, my father Scott Maxwell and my mother Annie Maxwell got into a terrible fight, which sadly led to their divorce. Their separation left the entire town overwhelmed as everyone admired them as being the perfect family. Apart from the family members of Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell, Because no one else in town knew why the Maxwells divorced, the people started gossiping as to what could have been the reason ”, said my father

My father further went on explaining that, Life was all roses and cherry blossoms until the night Grandpa raged into the house filled with anger and shouting. Grandpa Maxwell told grandma Annie that she was a natorious liar and that their relationship was over. He thought that he could have trusted in my grandma with their childrens inheritance but, after it all went missing he changed his conceptions. Grandma annie was confused at the moment and did
t seem to recognize what grandpa was refering to. Grandpa anyway still insisted and had decided his mind that Annie was the prosecuter even thogh she had no idea of why she was being blamed. Grandpa Maxwell got even more furious and shove the shock down grandmas throat. He was divorcing my grandma. He said he could no long be married to a liar and someone who is
t worth his trust. Grandpa further accussed her of talking behind his back. The last thing grandpa did before he left home was to hand the divorce documents to my mother then, pack all his belongings in suitcases. His last words were ”Tell Mason and May-Ann that I loved them darely and we will meet again soon one day for sure ”

”My parents lived together, for years and never seemed to have any disagreements at all. They raised your aunt and I in a principle manner, with care and love. My mother thought me life lessons that will live on and my father thought me that family is the important and each one of them is the missing puzzle to the other one ”, said my father.

”What about their personality? What were they like? ” I asked.

My father said that, ”My grandfather was very naive and believe anything someone may say to him whether they are wrong or right and he was sharp-tempered. He was also quick to judge and always spoke his mind. Despite all this, my grandpa had a loving heart for his family. Meanwhile, Grandma was a well-mannered woman with a delicate heart filled with kindness and understanding ”

My father said, ”Your Grandma Annie became tired of being asked strange or personal questions every time she went out of town, she thought that what had happened between her and your Grandpa should stay private.

After a few months, when the legal documents were signed, my mother packed and left for an uncivilized island out in the east with both me and your aunt May-Ann. She had left without a trace of where and why she left. Not even her family members knew where she was ”

”At the time, as you might have known already, May-Ann and I was their only children. I was oldest. I was seven years old and your aunt was five years old at the time ” said my father.

”Some time after, your grandma, May-Ann and I were reported missing, until grandpa found a note in their house saying we had gone for good, whilst he came back for some of his remaining belongings. The search party had to be held off as even though We could nt be found, the note states that we are perfectly fine and did
t needed finding ”, said my father.

”Why did she actually ran away? ” I questioned.

My father explained that, ”My grandma wanted to clear her mind and completely forget about grandpa Maxwell, so moving to that island was just right for her. Everything worked out just as she planned. Though there were times she would have thought deeply of my father, they would easily fade away as she had put away all her memories of him ”

”My mother buried their wedding photos, her wedding ring, their wedding vows, and the letters grandpa Maxwell had written for her in an old wooden box under the sandbox before she left Saint Krex. This box was hidden in the yard that your aunt and I, used to play in before the divorce of your grandparents ”, said my father.

”A couple years prior to all what happened, more and more people started to live on Wahuj island. In less than two years, the population grew. I was in my prime years when the sun shine to my bad weather caught my eyes. I got married to your mother a couple years after we meet then she fell pregnant with twins, which are the both of you ”, said my father.

Sometimes I sit and wondered how life would have been if my entire family and relatives were living together. It was really important for me to know my grandpa and every other relative on my fathers side as my mother was a orphane. Based on my fathers stories.

Grandpa Maxwell was a high-class business man who owned Maxwells bakery. In Grandpas early twenties, he started to realize that medical school wasn his calling, so he quit school and started baking cupcakes for a living. Though his family didn agree with his choice, he played deaf and followed his dreams. And so, after meeting the love of his life five years after dropping out of college, they both expanded into what used to be Maxwells corner bakery shop into Maxwells bakery. Together, they earned thousands of dollars a year, which made them affluent within two years. They were so well off that they could purchase a car and a new home. My grandparents also invest in their bakery together and savings accounts for their childrens future reference. Grandpa also had written his will at the young age of twenty seven.

The nosey folks from the town, who seemed to always know everything, said that Grandma was framed for stealing an heirloom that meant much to Grandpa.

This heirloom is valued at millions as it was carved with gold and handed down many generations.

Some say Grandpas childhood friend, Angela, was caught walking from the bakery one night, looking mischievous. It was said that she had become greatly jealous of Maxwell since his major success and hated Grandma for no reason.

A weird old lady who lives across the street from the Maxwells said,

Maybe Angela stole the heirloom just so that Grandma would be the suspect. She was the only one who knew of its whereabouts.

My father says he remembers the day he left home as weary and sad. This was so because it rained endlessly non-stop.

My father said that, Grandma thought it signified the pain and heartbreak she went through.

Grandma would always tell my father and aunt about their father. Even though at the time, grandpa was not keen to listen or believe her. She would always say that my grandfather is a naive soul. He must have seen a woman stealing from his money safe and immediately hinted that it was grandma. She had the same hair as I did and a familiar looking clothes. It was hard to deny that she didn do it, but she had to take the blame, After all grandma was only framed.

Until this day, Grandma is unaware of the true reason for their separation. Has she clearly stated that she would never betray her husband in such a way? Grandma was torn down mostly by the fact that she was accused of wrong-doings she wouldn dare to attempt.

When my twin sister and I were born, my parents had decided that they didn want to raise us on an uncivilized island. They thought it would be unfair to rob us of a more enjoyable life since we didn enjoy living there. Although the days were windy and the nights were cool and peaceful, they missed the opportunities of their past lives.

By the time my sister and I were seven years old, our parents had already prepared to leave. At first, Grandma felt dismal about my mothers choice, but she grew to accept it. Time has evolved, and things have changed.

I remember the day we boarded the ship as the most exciting thing I have ever experienced. even though I would miss my grandma and aunt May-ann. I was ready to take on the new life and adventures waiting ahead of me.

However, traveling on the ship wasn as much fun as I thought it would be. I felt seasick within an hour of being on it. My head spun recklessly and I threw up multiple times.

Yet, my sister Lucy-Ann was there looking overboard with her Afro swaying through the wind. She further continued running around, while I was lying in my mothers lap. I felt offended and jealous. She flaunts on not being sea sick like I was.

Since I couldn bear the consequences of the journey, I mostly slept through the days. After a complete week, we had finally arrived at the shores of Saint Krex. At first, Saint Krex didn amuse me the way I thought it would, because it was plain jane, just like Wahuj Island. It was mainly cultivated with coconut trees, palm trees, and wild bushes. Saint Krex appeared sunny and cool. which is something I am accustomed to back at home.

”Mommy, I thought you said we would experience a change for once in our lives ”, I said.

” Is this what you call ”change? ” I shouted while punting the sand.

”Do not shout at me, Ms. Lacey-ann Maxwell! ” she yelled.

”Well, I am sorry. I am just disappointed ”, I sadly said.

”Lacey, dare this be just a part of Saint Krex? ” Just around the corner of those trees lies the harbor of Alcuin ”, said my father.

”Whats a harbor ”? I inquired.

”Oh, its the place where ships and boats are tied. ” ”The harbor is almost like a parking lot for cars, ” said my father.

Upon walking into the harbor, I started to see a lot of water transportation. Some of which I used to see back at home, in the sea of Wahuj.

I saw yachts, canoes, ferries, sailboats, ships, and cargo ships. The one that I was anticipating seeing the most was the submarine, but it turns out that Alcuin Harbor had no submarines there.

As I walked along the boarded pavement, I stepped onto something I had never stepped on before. The flatness and the hardness of the concrete road were like nothing I had ever stood on before. It was not like the fine, grainy sand back at home, but it felt similar to being on the huge rocks piled up close to the mountain at Wahuj Island. As I walked further along the road, I felt like I was blessed or as if I was being worshiped by Saint Krex. I ran with joy and excitement.

”This place is awesome ”! I yelled with a face filled with laughter.

As the taxi entered the city, I felt like I had entered a whole new dimension. It was as if I had entered a portal of luxuriousness. This place was huge and beautiful. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.

While driving through the city, the taxi passed some magnificent structures. Structures of various shapes, structures reaching nearly to the sky, structures with four sides, and structures of various colors and patterns

These were buildings, it seemed. Something which my eyes have never spotted before. Something which I was destined to see.

The city was very busy. Lots of people were going in and out of the buildings, and some were walking aimlessly around. Some were dressed in professional attire and some were dressed casually. For the record, these people varied in different shapes, sizes, colors, hairstyles, spoke different languages, and had different disabilities. All were special in their own ways. I mostly admired the ones with disabilities, because because of them, humanity is proven to still be present. Just then, I saw a hot dog vendor leaving his stall behind to assist a blind boy crossing the busy streets.

I tilted my head and shouted, ”This place is real happiness. ”

At last, I finally entered Alcuin town. The town my father, aunt, and grandma would always talk about in their stories.The town they grew up in and the town that they abandoned their memories in. Unfortunately, this so-called precious town, Alcuin, wasn all so precious and filled with happiness as I thought. The town looks as dry as a desert and is as lame as a lazy sloth. It seemed as if the lights of hope for the city were dimmed.

”If I could clearly remember, this town looked the same as when I left it forty-eight years ago ”, said my father.

Although it looked the same, there was a strong feeling that something about this town had changed. A feeling of disbelief or questioning. And just then, a feeling of eagerness tumbled onto me, the eagerness to find out the truth. The truth that could have led to this site

”What could have happened? ”, I asked

Despite the fact that it appeared the same, there was a distinct sense that something had shifted in this town. a sense of skepticism or uncertainty. And at that precise moment, I suddenly felt eager, anxious to learn the truth. The reality that might have brought you to this site.

What might have happened, you ask?

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