#39;ll be nervous.
So tell me what they are doing .
There's no danger, right? My brother will come back, right?”


The boy is beloved, Sheitz couldn't help but chuckle.
Of course, this is not the kind of face to make in front of a lord's daughter ,when she is seriously asking for answer .
Therefore, he nodded with an eagle eyes with the intention.


“Yes, it's going to be all right.
The boy will be fine.”


“It's true ?”


“Have I ever lied to you, young lady?”


The girl looked thoughtful for a moment at the man's words.
, but her smile quickly returned and she shook her head.

“No, Neither father nor you have ever lied to me.”



“I know.
He will be fine.”


“All right, I'll be waiting for him.”


The conversation was over.
That's when Sheitz decided to go back to his work.


“But you two are keeping something important from me, aren't you?”


The one who twitched was Sheitz this time.
The man realized that he had been tricked when he caught sight of José, who had a look of wonder on her face.
And she was acting the part of a weak girl, but he thought to himself that t she was getting better every year.
It was that man.
No, he can't help but feel that mother and daughter have a connection with each other.
he lied down one more and sat down on the ground again, thinking that it would be impossible to fool hell with that.
The girl smiles with satisfaction at the success of her plan, .


Hey, Sheitz.
Tell me about the second part of the ceremony .
I just want to know what my brother is up to.”


“I don't mind.
It's just, my lady.”




Why are you asking about that ? Maybe the boy will finish the first part and come back early.


It is said that the amount of magic power is at birth.
There are different theories, but the fact that the amount of magic power does not change after birth is generally considered to be accurate.
The number of people who have enough magical power to handle the mysterious power known as “magic” is approximately one in twenty.
Even if they had magical power, only one in a thousand would be able to use magic.
he was convinced that her brother was one in a thousand, and she wanted to ask him if he could tell her why he was so sure.


“Father trained him swordsmanship every day.”


“Yes, well.
So what ?”


“I thought he trained him because he was observant him every day and thought he had potential.
Even if that was not the case, he is too young for come of age ceremony For noble family like ours, there must be a disadvantage to be suffered by neglecting tradition with contempt.
To avoid that, he could have waited until later, and there must have been a good reason for his rush .”


Shiitz remembered his lord's words .

“Don't tell anyone that a band of thieves is approaching.
We can only make that public when our defensive preparations are in place.
There is a good chance that they will not come to our territory, so there is no need for unnecessary chaos.
The government is required to take measures that are neither careless nor excessive.
That is why we will digging empty moats under the exuse of clearing the fields .”


Your father favors rationality and pragmatism over tradition and common sense.
Besides, he would not like to waste his time, and you would not stop him.
There is only one practical benefit of the ceremony that he would want to have even if he had to bear the stigma of disregarding .
So I'm sure boy will come back with the magic power.”




Sheitz wondered why the girl in front of him had been born a female, and he truly felt that it was a pity.


The first married couples were wise, but the youngest sister was a cut above the rest.


But even so, she was still a bit inferior to her younger sibling.

I'm sure I'm not wrong for the most part, but that doesn't mean that I'm completely right”


“Why, then? Does it have something to do with the test?”


I remember the second test in the first place.
That's a pretty tough test.”


“Is that so?”


“Not physically, but mentally, it's very hard.
First of all, they prevented

you from moving body.”

As the girl sat back down with a curious look on her face, Sheitz told her about the test in an contained manner.
Before she knew it, the others around were back to their work.
Therefore, the story was told without anyone else hearing it.

“They make you drink some kind of potion or holy water that temporarily boosts your magical power.
It tastes awful.”




The name of the drink differs from place to place, but what is called holy water in the royal capital is poison.
It is also classified as a deadly poison that can kill if used incorrectly.
The drink is forced into the body and activates the body's magic power temporarily by triggering an antibody reaction in the body.
Like bee venom, there is a danger of dying , which is why consecration ceremonies are not held outside of churches.
Originally, drinking it up was considered a sign of courage and a passage for adults, but it was later systematized by the church.”

“But that' s not a big deal”l, he said to José, who was trying to learn about that.
“That's just preparing for a test “ , he said


“After that , they make you go completely blind.
It's a mental crucible.”



“Like putting out the lights, right?”


“Yes, that's right.
It really was dark.
person can't see anything.
You can't move your body, and since they put your ears in, you can't hear a sound.
They leave you alone in the dark without telling you what you''re supposed to do.
And they don't even tell you when it's over.”


sounds pretty ……


In fact, this is why it is considered dangerous to perform the consecration ceremony.
They are left alone in the dark to face themselves.
The body is also made to not move, and gradually, the sensation of going up and down becomes more and more dull .
At first you feel boredom, and gradually your sense of time becomes numb.
One minute seems like an hour, and then you don't even know if you were sleeping or awake.
Perhaps it is due to immersion in the holy water, or perhaps it is the darkness, but hallucinations are appearing, and the past and the present are becoming blurred.
Even the slightest pain is becoming more powerful, and even the slightest hunger is becoming unbearable.
In the midst of this feeling of melting into one's environment, or of having one's , one naturally becomes familiar with what one is, if one wants to have a strong sense of self-identity.


In some cases, it is a dangerous act that can be used for torture or brainwashing, and many are left traumatized afterward.
Some even die from blood stasis from the prolonged restraints.
Children, who have not even finished developing their self-identity, are especially at danger, as they can lose themselves and lose their minds.
Therefore, those who are not eager to obtain magic and rise to the top, even if they are gambling against the odds, or those who have great duties, such as the nobility, avoid the consecration ceremony, keeping it simple.


“It sounds like a lot of trouble”

“I guess.
That's why people who can use magic are so valuable.”


“But from what I've been told, I don't understand what makes you think that brother can do it.
I'm sure there are reason that both you and father think he can learn magic from, right?”


“Well, well, there are some reason , but ……”




“It's hard to put into words, I don't know how to explain it.”


Sheitz thinks about it.
In fact, it is very difficult to put into words some feelings .


“Young lady, lift up your arm a little bit.


“Like this?”


The girl raises her right hand as she is told At first glance, she looks like a new servant asking for permission to speak.


“What power did you use when you raised your hand just now?”


“Hmm ……
arm strength?  I used arms, sides, and the muscles of my hands.


“That's it.
You never know what kind of things are used to move arms, what kind of energy is used to move arms, what kind of thoughts are used to move arms.”


I'd be glad if you used the stomach as fuel to move ,”


Sheitz responded to the joke with a light laugh.
She was sure that José and the was still in her early teens and would become more feminine in the future.
He was convinced of this, but he did not tell her , probably out of consideration for her feelings.


The second test is the same.
It's difficult to know how to use the magic power that is being activated and how to control what is being moved.
So you have to have a clear sense of what you want to do.


“Can he do that?”


“I can't say that he can do it, it's just a hunch.
I have a gut feeling that “Bo can do it,” though this is just another gut feeling.
As I said before, controlling this magic power goes hand in hand with knowing yourself.
That is why many children of nobles and knights are magicians.
It's the kind of thing where you train your body and your swordplay from a young age, grasp what you can and can't do, and become the master of your own self.
A boy could do better than a perfect score in that regard, you know?”


“Oh, I see.
That's why father thought he might be able to do it.”


“That's what I means .”


It seems that Sheitz was not mistaken when he thought that this was the end of the conversation.
José stand up from the bucked and lightly patted

her dress to remove the dust.


“ You just have to wait for the boy to learn the magic and his return, young lady.”


“I will.
Thank you for telling me.
I'm sorry to have bothered you.”


It's all right.
The melon was delicious.
You're welcome to bring it again anytime.


“Well, maybe after the winter.
It seems that they have already finished growing.”


The man sends off his master's daughter, with words , “Take care.
He has a lot of work to do.


However, Sheitz was hiding something important.
The young lady is still a bit naive, he chuckles.
It was the boy's special nature that made him and Casserole want to have Pastry go though the ceremony of consecration.

he hid it from José.


There are three steps in the obtaining of magic.
Activation of magic, perception of magic, and manipulation of magic.
Among these, it is only in recent years that people have come to rely on medicines and holy water for activation.
In the past, it was a much more difficult task.


Perception of magical power is a difficult thing .
The magic power in the body is something that everyone has from birth, and it is difficult to feel it first.
It is like asking to feel the air in your chest or the steel in your blood.
From an average person's point of view, this part of the process is the most difficult.


The way to manipulate magic power also varies from person to person, and therefore, the magic that person can use varies from person to person.
Some can use such magic as instant movement , some far-sighted magic, and some the power to move objects.
There is a great variety.
It is just like the shape of a cloud, what it looks like is different for each person.
It is only natural that each person has a different type of magic.


The boy must be able to handle the most difficult part, the perception of magic power, without difficulty.
If he could handle the most difficult part, the rest would be a piece of cake.
Sheitz was convinced of this, although it was only hunch.


To perceive something that one has never been aware of before is akin to looking for a mistake in a picture.
It takes a lot of luck for ordinary people to find what they are looking for in a picture.
If you are shown a landscape painting and told that only one part of it is wrong, there is no way to find it unless you know the real one.


But Pastry intuition tells him that there might be two paintings.
It would often show itself in his swordsmanship practice.
It is as if he has an answer within himself and is pondering what his movements are in relation to that “right answer.”


The same is true when he is helping to manage the territory.
Without any trial and error, he suddenly finds the correct answer from within himself.
It is as if he has a correct answer in his mind and suddenly points out the points that are different from it.
For now, only his parents and Sheitz are aware of this special nature of the next lord.


“I'm sure the boy will make it.”


The man returned to his work of tinkering with the earth.

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