e a feel of ancient history, there was an atmosphere that was overwhelming to behold.


The stone church was filled with a cool, chilly air, which made it feel strangely holy.
It was spacious enough to fit dozens of people, and the ceiling was so high that it looked as if it could have been three stories tall.
A row of couches.
They were lined up in rows of three on each side, five in front and five behind.
The chairs all had their backs toward the entrance of the church .
In other words, they were all lined up with their backs to the entrance.
The direction the chairs faced.
There is a platform in front of the entrance, which looks like a stage for speeches.


It is a stage that looks as if it is for preaching by a priest, but it is apparently not the chief speaker of the church.
The reason is that behind the stage, on the most prominent wall, hangs a painting so large that it can be clearly seen even from a distance.
The four spirits painted on the wall, probably spirits, were holding something in their hands,, , s something that looked like water.
The reason why people can recognize them as spirits is that they are drawn as if they flying in the sky.
Ordinary people in this world cannot fly.
In addition, people with wings do not exist.



Religion is a profitable business, thought Pastry , as a man approached him.


“Welcome to the Western Branch of the Holy Church of Beauvardier, My my, isn't it Lord Mortern? I haven't seen you since the ceremony of your daughter's consecration.”


A person who looks like a priest approached themHow could he say that without even biting his tongue, the boy thought.
In fact, he held the position of priest in this church and was a person generally called a priest.
He must have been around 40 years old, but he had dark circles under his eyes and was clearly exhausted visible to anyone who looked at him.
His rather fat belly and his clothes, which were white with black as an adornment in some places, made Pastry want to give him the nickname “Panda”.


“It's been a while.”


“No, I am glad that you have come all the way from your distant territory.
We have heard rumors of your achievements.
We have heard that you have successfully saved your people from the cold winter recently.
As a member of the Church, I am deeply honored by your pious faith and insight, and by the grace of God.”


I thank God and the spirits for their blessings.
And thanks to my son .”


At the words “thanks to my son,” the priest finally realized that the baron was with his son.
Otherwise, he would not have noticed it, because he was covered by the rather large body of the Casserole.
The boy was that small.



Surprisingly few parents bring their children to church.
In particular, parents who bring yong childrens are extremely rare.
This is because they would bring embarrassment to them.


Praying time and listening to a sermon in church can be extremely boring for kids.
Even if a kid is a devout and faithful person, listening to a long sermon that they does not understand the meaning of is almost like a form of punishment.
Children are not good at keeping quiet.
One theory is that this is because the time it takes to feel is many times longer than the time it takes to be quiet.
If they fall asleep, it is impolite, and if they are not quiet, they are seen as children who are not well behaved.
The higher one's position in society, the more one' s face will turn red when one is asked if one can even teach one's child good manners.
Especially if one is in a position like an aristocrat, embarrassment by a child, will lead to negative results immediately.
That is why it is rare for children to come to church.


“What brings you to our church today?”


“Actually, I wanted to have my son receive the rite of consecration.




There was some slight shock in the priest's tone.
From his point of view, the boy at the Baron de Morterne's side seemed to be too young.
Therefore, the priest had a simple ceremony in mind that ended with only a blessing, even a child would not be in as much danger as in the regular ceremony.
But if that were the case, he would not have to go all the way to the capital.


“I'm thinking of letting him go through the regular ceremony.”


“What? I beg your pardon, but do you really intend to do this?”


“Of course I am.”


I have heard that you very doting parent .”


The ceremony of consecration is also known as the coming-of-age ceremony.
It is because it can be emotionally traumatic if performed by a person who is mentally, physically, and especially spiritually unprepared.
Therefore, the majority of people give up on the ” blessings of the ceremony” from the very beginning and simply perform a simple ceremony.
Casserole said that he did not think that was a good thing.


The priest was looking at Pastry questioning.
He took his hand and a leather bag was placed in his palm.
Before Pastry knew it, Casserole had pulled it out of his pocket.


“This is a small reward.”


“I am sorry about that.
Shall we get started?”




The priest quickly checked the bag with a voice that sounded not at all regretful.
What he meant was, ” Get on with it.
The fact that he changed his attitude without protesting shows that he was quite a raccoon dog.
Even if he looks like a panda, he is still a raccoon.


Casserole gave the priest 20 silver coins.
These coins, also known as Beauvardier silver coins or Bove silver coins, are common in the King's capital and its area.
They are made by the royal family.
The silver content is relatively high, and it is the most famous coin in the country, treated as a kind of common currency.
Although its value changes daily depending on the market price, a single coin is enough to buy five large bags of wheat.
It is easy to understand if we say that it is just enough money for an average family to live on for a month.
In other words, it is a lot of money.
The reason for the priest's somewhat over-the-top expression of surprise is that it is part of his job to give an acknowledgement that is in keeping with the amount of money he receives.


It is generally believed that it is not good for a person in the clergy to be greedy for money.
However, even church members do not live in a fog, and it is customary for members of the church to voluntarily give a certain amount of money for ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.
In short, it was an offering.


Casserole is also a nobleman, and is in a position that requires a lot of skill in fine performance.
He did not give silver coins without thought, but rather, there was a strong meaning behind it.
In short, the priest's conversation with Casserole, who was surprised by the large amount of money he was giving away and the exaggeration he showed, was as bluntly as he could have been.


'Don't be lazy with my precious son's ceremony.”


'I can't afford to disregard it after receiving so much from you.”


It is a conversation between adults, hiding their feelings of frankness with a smile


“Then please follow me.”



With that, the clergyman leads them to the back of the church.
They silently follow behind him and are taken down to the basement where they are led into an odd-looking room.




Pastry's voice leaked unintentionally in disgust.


The adorableness of the little boy's appearance, on the other hand, reached the peak with a certain ring of truth for it .
In the room to which he was led, there was an odd thing.

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