I felt like I was the only decently dressed person in here. I almost felt awkward because I can already tell the things that could happen tonight in corners of this mansion. The music is so loud that the ground is grooving as well.

Cigarettes, Sheesha and Alcohol fumes choked my nostrils. They all mixed in the air giving off the ”we are here to get high ” vibe. Becky and Tristan had their arms wrapped around each other.

You can wander off if you want but my friends can get really crazy at a party. Just to warn you. I nodded in response. Personally, I wanted to stay where they were but I know they would want their free space. As I wondered off into the crowd and moved further away from the couple, I passed through sweaty and tipsy individuals. Some men were flashing winks at me to get my attention and it grossed me out. I went to the place were drinks had been stacked up to the view of people. I sat on the stool and observed the drinks that I had not mustered to drink and as of eighteen years I have not gotten acquainted with the burning sensation and bitter taste of alcohol.

Those are really nice beverages, a deep voice could be heard from behind me. I got startled when I heard it first but took deep breaths to calm myself down.

The voice came from a macho man. He wore a black tank top and black leather trousers. He had tattoos on his large biceps. One arm had a big lion on it and the other had a red rose and mermaid inked on it. The abs could almost be seen from the fabric covering it. His hair which is jet black was styled into a messy bush but it did justice to his looks. I won lie, he is handsome and the tattoos looked really awesome on his large biceps.

Do I know you? I asked.

No, I don think we have met before. So let me introduce myself. I am Richard and you are?

I am Seyram but if its a problem you can call me Gabriella, I responded.

No Seyram is a nice name, its different. Nice accent by the way, he commented.

I smiled a bit and said Thank you.

Do you want to drink something. We also have treats in the kitchen, he said. I don really drink alcohol. I have drank it a number of times. Alcohol and I don really go together, I told him. Mostly at college parties we don really serve a lot of non-alcoholic beverages but I have some cocktails and juices for you to enjoy. Come with me.

I forgot to describe the house. Its really huge, its a whole mansion. The house is beautiful, I complimented. The house from outside resembled one of the celebrity mansions in Beverly Hills. Right now, people were everywhere just partying hard.

Once we stepped into the kitchen, I was left speechless. This is a really nice house, I said again taking in the luxurious kitchen.

Thank you. My parents took time in picking the interior and exterior designs, he smiled. We stopped in front of the counter which carried a bunch of delicious snacks. Let me get you some drinks to calm your nerves, he informed before moving to the double door fridge. We have sprite, coke and red bull, he listed the drink in his fridge. Alright, I will like to have coke, I dropped my request. Coming right up.

He went to the drawer to pick up some glasses and brought them to me. You can pick whatever snack you want.

I scanned through the large ocean of food and finally stopped when I spotted some meatballs.

We both sat on stools around the counter; I picked up some paper plates and disposable forks with which I used to pick some meatballs.

Richard was so calm but his deep voice sounded so…so good. His big brown eyes pried their way into mine. He has a handsome face, no doubt about that but how can my heart be beating so fast.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, he spoke. No eye contact was broken I just sat opposite him, taking every bit of feature that seems to draw me in.

I am from Mexico but I was born and raised in the States. My dad makes a lot of money. He owns a company called Volar Alto which means ”Soar High ” in English.

Wow really, your dad owns that company. Its like the most famous brand that makes the best shoes in my opinion I responded. Yep, its a world-wide sensation plus my mother owns a big fashion blog and she makes a lot too.

No wonder they could put up this mansion.

We talked for so long but I couldn feel time pass. I told him about myself however I didn mention that I am on a scholarship. Rich boys like him would run their wealth in my face. Of course I had to debunk all the myths about Africa by using my country as a yard stick. We were interrupted by Tristan and Becky who came in for some snacks.

Yo Tristan, Richard got up and did the handshake that guys do. I see you have met Seyram, Becky said. I noticed how much Richard is so much bigger than Tristan. He has the body of a Greek God as compared to Tristan.

Yes, she is a really nice person. I really enjoyed talking to her, he answered. I smiled at him a bit and he smiled back. I just noticed another feature, he has a beautiful smile.

Here is my number, we can talk more on WhatsApp, he placed a tiny piece a paper in my hand and left.

Ooh, someone has already found a boyfriend, Becky teased.

No, hes not my boyfriend. I am yet to even make him a friend.

Whatever you say. I told you that you would have some fun didn I?

I have some nice cigarettes for you to smoke and get high, she said after bringing a box of cigarettes. I haven smoked before and I don think I would like to do it, I refused.

Come on, theres always a first time. Besides, the party hasn even started yet. You need to prepare your guts for all the harsh partying. You might end up getting railed tonight, she responded.

I don know because smoking cigarettes is very bad for your health, I argued. She rolled her eyes and replied,We would die anyways,so why not die happy.

I have a lighter maybe if she sees us doing it, she would want to give it a try.

He reached into his pocket and brought out the lighter. He took a cigarettes and lighted it before handing it to me. I held the slim stick of cigarette between my thumb and index finger.

They both started puffing and exhaling smoke. They stared at me like they were waiting for me to join their smoke fest. I pouted my lips and slowly put it at the end of the cigarette. I started puffing out the smoke like they were doing.

Thats it, you have gotten it, Tristan praised. For some reason I couldn stop even though I wanted to. I just kept going and going.

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