Saturday is here. Its safe to say that the week has been successful. Amahle still scolds me on how I can be adamant on my decisions. However, our relationship hasn been raptured at all. We meet at Randolph Courtyard and discuss about our countrys cultures. Since she is from South Africa,she fill me in on some of the culture.

According to her, Amahle is a Zulu name which means The Beautiful One. The name suites her perfectly because her good looks are as eye catching as sparkling diamonds. She has a beautiful set of large brown eyes which has a clear white background to shine. Her plump lips as I had already mentioned before are pink like bubblegum. She has a round face and a nearly pointed nose that hang on her face. The well tied afro hair right now can be exempted when describing her beauty. She isn as thick as some black girls. She is thin with not so broad hips but wide enough to be outlined in a fitting dress. In summary, she is indeed beautiful and her parents really looked at her appearance before naming her.

I also explained my name to her. Seyram means He has blessed me in Ewe but I also told her that my English name is Gabriella but I never really wanted to be addressed like that but to be called by Ewe name.

Right now, I am on my bed reading a novel trying to free my mind of consuming thoughts. It was 30 minutes past 12 in the afternoon. As I read the book Swayed Offcourse my phone vibrated at my side. I tore my attention from the book to the phone to see what could be the course of the disturbance.

It was a text from Becky. It read, Hey roomy, Are you pumped up about the party tonight? with a smiley face emoji.

Erm… Yeah I can wait, I replied back.

Do you have anything to wear tonight? Because you haven gone shopping since you arrived.

I am just budgeting my money well because my scholarship allowance is I have on me. I don think I want to spend it all before the end of the month, I typed back.

Don worry, just some money for outfits can swallow your money, she tried to convince me.

Alright…I will buy some clothes but nothing over revealing or indecent.

She replied with an emoji. I guess she had other plans in mind. Good thing I sounded it to her otherwise I will be showing a lot of skin at the party and I don want that.

Where are you anyways? I asked.

Just chilling in Tristans hostel room. Nothing serious but I will come to our room soon so that we can get you some clothes for tonight, she answered.

After messaging her, I was drawn back to the fact that I hadn eaten anything. My stomach was growling angrily like an animal will tear a hole and jump out if food wasn provided. I prepared some jollof rice with the ingredients present. After which I changed my baggy trousers into grey skinny ripped jeans but maintained the white Adidas hoodie on.

In no time, Becky came to the room. I wore my funny pack before we both exited the room. At the store, my eyes couldn be more gladdened by the sight of new clothes whether worn on mannequins and others hanged to please the eyes of customers.

Hello, welcome to Marias Dress and Take Boutique. How can I be of service to you? the sales came to us. She had the widest smile plastered on her face. Her voice was light and shallow in tone. Tonight my friend is going to need some dresses for the party, Becky told the sales girl.

Hmm, we have a number of dresses to choose from, please follow me.

We followed her to one of the aisles. We need to make you look incredible tonight. Especially at your first party in Harvard.

I am pretty nervous if you ask me, I told her my thoughts. You have nothing to worry about. Its just my friends and some others plus I would make you comfortable around them.

The lady brought in two dresses to see if we liked it. One was a black crop top and a mini skirt, the other was a red sleeveless plunging neckline and red flare trousers. Personally, the second one was what I opted for but Becky insisted I tried the first one.

I reluctantly took it to the changing room and wore it. Beckys eyes beamed brightly when I came out. She smiled and started clapping. You look hot, Seyram. Look at that huge butt and hips getting defined by that mini skirt.

I felt a little bit uncomfortable but I blushed too. I know I am very curvaceous and have big buttocks but it sounded off hearing it from someone even though I have been told on countless occasions. Isn it a bit too revealing. My belly is exposed, I complained.

I know thats why I told the sales girl to pick these for you. The black and fitting mini skirt is made to appreciate that body of yours.

I did a little eyeroll before responding,I don want to draw attention to myself.

To cut all matters short, she forcefully made the sales girl add it to my cart and take it to the cashier. She even me buy a pair of heels and some lingerie.

The total cost for your items is $200.00.

Eish! I exclaimed without control. Only a pair of heels, lingerie, crop top and mini skirt has sum up to two hundred dollars. Thats so expensive. Nonetheless, I paid for the things and we exited the Boutique.

At the car park, I ordered Bolt to take 10 minutes for it to arrive, it gave Becky the time to scold me on my reaction to the bill in front of the cashier.

That was so embarrassing, I wonder what the cashier was thinking.

I am sorry but the bill was unreasonably high only for heels, crop top, mini skirt and a lingerie which you forced me to buy costed so much, I replied.

Its Marias Dress and Take Boutique. You don expect anything cheap there, she rolled her eyes. I couldn help but furrow my eyebrows and look at her with a disapproved look. I told you that I was supposed to spend my allowance the whole month and that only little could be spent on this and yet you couldn take me to a cheaper store, I complained.

I am so sorry but I was looking out for you, do you know the kind of party it is and people coming would dress their best. That Mayas Room can sell you the best clothes, she responded. I sighed and shook my head.

Night drew faster than lightening. After I stepped out of the bathroom, water dripped down my brown skin like rain onto the terrazzo floor. A white towel was wrapped around me from above my chest to my thighs while my braids were protected in a bonnet.

My jaw dropped in shock when I saw her wearing a thong under her outfit. I couldn help but think Amahle could be right.

Are you going to dress up or are you going to stare, she brought me back to reality. I wanted to say something but I just swallowed the words.

I slided into an outfit from my suitcase because I didn have it in me to wear the things she wanted me to wear. Why are you wearing that dull outfit when you can shine in the outfits we bought?she asked.

I feel comfortable in these.

She signed before she continued applying her makeup. After two hours we were ready. Well I was ready thirty minutes before her. My makeup wasn as heavy as hers. Mine is light, almost unnoticeable but you can see it heightened my beauty. As for my black box braids were tied into a bun with two braids infront to hang at either sides of my face.

Beckys piercings had all been filled with rings. Her ears had almost 10 rings in each ear, her nose had a fair share of rings. She had one on her septum and the other at the end of her left nostril.

Her outfit alone screamed ”Tonight I am going to get drunk and laid ”. She wore a red short fitting dress that outlined her curves. The dress exposed half her breasts, only her nipples were shielded from the glare of lustful gazes. She wore a red pair of heels that added a few centimetres to her height. They suite her calves though. Her brunette coloured hair was nicely styled into a wavy short hair. Her tattoos stained her perfect skin which I must say looks good on her.

After 10minutes of waiting, Tristan arrived in a black Tesla Model X car. I started to see why Becky took me to that luxurious store, she is probably rich or her boyfriend sponsors her and she is used to the luxury lifestyle her boyfriend gives her.

The couple sat infront while I got comfortable at the back. I even felt weird having my shoes touch the car. Yet he doesn seem like someone who could be working to earn all this or his parents could be the rich people here. Either way this Tesla car is dope.

As the car screeched a stop at the entrance of the party house my eyes wanted to fall out of their sockets. Omg!

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