I'm never attending school, ever again.
From now on, I'll live life for myself!

…Yi-Han, a Korean graduate student, thus swore after obtaining his Master's degree with much effort.
He was never going near a place of study ever again.
However, as the saying goes, things never go as planned.
Yi-Han died in an unfortunate accident, only to be born in another world as a child of the Wardanaz Family, a household known for its magic.
And in the blink of an eye, 15 years had passed.
Today was the day he would enroll in Einroguard, the Empire's greatest magic academy.
When Yi-Han was reborn as a Wardanaz, he was at first puzzled, then fascinated, before finally accepting the situation he was in.
Fortunately for him, the Wardanaz was a family with much authority in the Empire, renowned for nurturing powerful mages.
Yi-Han's father, who was the head of the Wardanazs, was a powerful figure who had a close relationship with the emperor, and their mansion was the very definition of luxury.
At this point, Yi-Han arrived at a certain hypothesis.
-This must be my reward for attending graduate school in my previous life!
He could now live comfortably for the rest of his life, without any worries…or so he thought.
The Wardanaz Family wasn't such a lax place.
-Yi-Han Wardanaz.
-Yes, Patriarch.
-What do you wish to achieve in life?
'Should I be honest and tell him I wish to play around and live comfortably?' Yi-Han thought to himself.
It didn't seem like a very good answer.
-Never mind, you don't need to reply.
After all, we both know the answer to that question.
-You yourself should be aware of your hidden talent.
-As you may already know, our household has a rule that dictates that the first-born child will inherit everything.
This came as a shock to him.
Everything? As in everything?
Not even a penny for the others?
-Patriarch, does that mean I won't inherit anything?
-That's where you're wrong, Yi-Han Wardanaz.
-Our household will give you all the opportunities you need.
If you wish to become a knight, we'll find the best knight to train you.
If you wish to become a government official, you'll have the chance to learn under a minister.
If you wish to become a merchant, you'll be able to work under the Empire's most successful merchant group.
'…Or you could just give me an equivalent amount of money.'
He'd no doubt rake in a fortune if he sold those opportunities to someone else.
To begin with, their household rule was ridiculous.
'Damn it, I should've been born just a few years earlier.'
He lamented his laziness for being born as the third child.
The first child would receive everything while the rest would have to struggle and find a way to feed themselves somehow.

When he learned of this, Yi-Han thought long and hard about what he should do in the future.
Government official, merchant, knight, or adventurer…
The good thing was, though he wouldn't receive any money, the household would provide as much support as they could.
In other words, he had the chance to learn and achieve whatever he desired.
After much consideration, he decided on becoming a mage.
-I knew you would say that.
His father, the patriarch, seemed satisfied with his answer.
-I assume you knew you were talented in this field?
'I just thought it would be the most stable job to have?'
He wasn't wrong about that.
Mages were respected throughout the Empire, and it was an occupation that even members of the nobility would be proud to have.
With enough skill, they would be welcomed anywhere.
Be it the knights' order, the adventurers’ guild, or the imperial palace, mages were considered valuable everywhere.
-Go attend Einroguard.
You'll meet many aspiring mages such as yourself, and you will surely grow by experiencing what it's like to be there.
Einroguard was the best of the best even within the Empire when it came to magic academies.
It boasted the longest history, tradition, and prestige.
Just by graduating there, one was guaranteed a certain amount of fame.
Of course, that wasn't all.
They could accomplish great things, catch the attention of a professor and receive their recommendation letter, or form connections with other students that may prove useful later on in their lives…
Not only was Einroguard the best magic academy in the Empire, but it was also the ideal place to build connections.
Though he had sworn off schools in his previous life, Yi-Han had no choice but to obediently enroll in the academy.
I will enroll in the academy.
'I'll endure it for now until I graduate…
just think of this as investing for the future.'
Arlong, an elderly knight, gave Yi-Han a salute.
“Young Master Yi-Han.”
“I thank Sir Knight for escorting me here.”
“It wasn't anything worthy of praise.”
Arlong was a knight that served the Wardanaz Family.
Normally, a knight like him wouldn't have to serve as Yi-Han's guard, but when he heard that Yi-Han would be leaving the capital to enroll in Einroguard, he volunteered himself for the task.
It was because they shared a close relationship.
“I didn't think Sir Knight, who taught me swordsmanship, would accompany me here…”
“It wasn't because Young Master Yi-Han had learned from me.
It was to make sure others don't belittle the Waradanaz Household.”
“Whatever the reason may be, I'm grateful.”
Arlong continued to maintain a serious expression, but Yi-Han, who knew of his personality, smiled.
Though Arlong was strict and silent most of the time, he was a kind and thoughtful man.
He had volunteered out of concern for Yi-Han's safety.
Seeing his smile, Arlong let out a dry cough.
“Well, truth be told, I may have been a little glad when Young Master Yi-Han expressed his desire to learn swordsmanship.”
Wardanaz was a family of mages, and not many thought to learn how to wield a sword.
However, Yi-Han learned it for two reasons.

First, he was of the belief that anything he learned could prove useful later on.
For example, he could keep himself safe if he knew how to wield a sword.
As for the second reason…
It was because he was bored out of his mind.
Though it may come as a surprise, he didn't learn even a single bit of magic at the Wardanaz's.
-It's dangerous to learn magic before the age of 15!
In this world, 15 was the age when people were considered adults.
Learning magic was the most difficult and dangerous out of all the studies, so it made sense that learning it would be prohibited before one became an adult.
Yi-Han, whose mental age was way over 15, thought it was unfair, but there wasn't anything he could do about it.
“Take a look over there.
The young masters and misses of other households have also come with guards so as to not bring shame to their family.”
“Isn't that a bit…excessive?”
Yi-Han was at a loss for words when he saw the carriages that filled the Empire's streets.
Bringing ten carriages and dozens of horsemen along seemed over the top.
Admittedly, the noble class was a bit fixated on their pride and liked to show off their wealth but to think they'd go this far when they're enrolling their kids into an academy…
Not only that…
“I thought we weren't allowed to enter the academy with our guards, servants, nor slaves?”


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