ther, I’d just been hoping that she’d use her powers.

Now, the readers would all be waiting with gleaming eyes.
Wonder if I’d be able to mimic Siana’s ability as well.

Now was my time to fulfil those expectations.

Pop –.

 [Probability Adjuster Who Hates Fairness] was an ability with a different working principle from the rest.
Unlike most abilities that need to stimulate a ‘power source’ inside the user’s body, this ability could be triggered just by a thought.
After designating Siana as the target of mimicry, if you just want to ‘win’, a pretty fairy-like guy will appear in front of you…


I doubted my eyes for a moment.

“Oh… it’s indeed senior’s fairy.”

“… Cute.”

In front of me, floating in the air, was a tiny… crooked, jutting chin.

As if! What kind of chin has wings?!


I quickly shook my head and cleared my mind.

Who cared what it looked like? What mattered was its ability.

The being flew towards me.


– Are you the who called me? I’m sorry, but I don’t like ugly guys.

“What? Wait…”

– Do it yourself.
Because I have no intention of helping you.

He said something absurd.

“No, wait…”

I was genuinely nonplussed.
Because I’d never even considered the notion that this guy might not listen to me.
Of course, I also didn’t know how to make him listen.
Siana’s probability adjuster never reacted to her like this.

This was a variable.


“Shall we start betting soon?”

Chinuavi spoke softly.
He didn’t do anything else, but for the time being, he seemed to be just watching.

After that, the game was completely one-sided.

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Siana held an overwhelming advantage.
It was as if straight flushes were on sale today.
In a nutshell, we were completely helpless.

My little-chin fairy was of no use, and even Chinuavi couldn’t keep up.

Chinuavi at least seemed to be trying to stage a comeback in the middle, but he couldn’t produce any meaningful results.
Well, there was one time when he managed to make Siana tilt her head and put on a serious expression, but that was all.
After the appearance of the probability adjuster, she monopolized the next fifteen rounds by herself.

It was a crisis.

Now, Chinuavi and I combined had about one-fifth of Siana’s chips left.
It wasn’t long before the game would be over.

And that meant –

“Uh-huh, it’s gotten dangerous! Are we just going to let it end like this?”

In the end, it meant that it was the most favourable situation for a goblin. 

At that moment, a horn rose from among Chinuavi’s fluffy hair.

A goblin horn, that signalled the activation of a unique ability.

Now was the time for the goblins, a mainstay of ‘Adventure King’, to show off.

“You mean you haven’t given up yet? At this point, you should be able to recognize the difference between us… huh? Horn?”

“Even though I thought I got cheated so many times, in the end I didn’t bow my head, and kept betting.
Don’t you think that you’ve selected the wrong target to try and disturb?”

As he spoke, Chinuavi’s horns began to glow red, and in the next instant, a single beam of light erupted from it like an explosion.

The light was directed towards a single place.

Towards Siana’s probability adjuster.

The guy hit by the light looked fine at first glance.
Siana, who was perplexed for a moment, also quickly regained her composure after hearing him whisper.
Maybe he assured her saying ‘nothing is wrong’.

But she should have been a little more careful.
Because the intrinsic abilities of goblins usually do not cause any changes in outward appearance.

And then,

“…  Uh?”

Siana’s forehead showed a tight wrinkle.

The card that came to her after Spades A, K, and Q was not Spade J, but strangely, Clubs 7.
This should’ve been impossible, as long as there was a probability adjuster.

“What did you do?”

“Hmm, what is it?”

After receiving the final hidden face-down card, Siana’s pupils trembled violently.
Looked like she didn’t get the one she’d been waiting for.

“… Fold.”

It was her first defeat since the advent of the probability adjuster.

Siana tried her best to keep calm, but her poker face wasn’t perfect.

In fact, her strength was why she’d never even needed to manage her facial expressions until now.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

To be honest, I hadn’t been very nervous.

The boy had spoken the truth.
The ‘mischief’ of the goblins was indiscriminate against its opponents.
Meaning, it could even apply to probability adjuster, who could be viewed not as an opponent but ‘the ability itself’.

[Mischief-maker Playing with the Rules].

Chinuavi’s unique ability, despite its name, could not by itself change the rules of a game.
It could only confuse a certain rule, or an object bound by a rule, and make the original rule be forgotten.

Judging by the look on the probability adjuster’s face, it seemed that he was unaware of his own problem.
He was just looking at Siana, hungrily fishing for compliments.

If I had to guess, maybe he got confused about the rules of dealing with Siana after getting hit by the goblin beam.
Maybe he thought he’d have to adjust the probability of giving her the hand she wanted to 15%, in order to gain her friendship, and so on.

“… You’ve been hiding a trick, I see.”

After just three more rounds, Siana took her friend back.
He must have admitted that he couldn’t help any further.

But now we were again back to square one.
With or without the probability adjuster, she was strong.

I made up my mind.
Now it was my turn.

I had no intention of asking Chinuavi anymore.
The guy had already done his job.
Because the only thing I’d asked him to do was to deal with Siana’s probability adjuster.

I, myself, had to win against Siana.
This was my show now.

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The problem was that the current me could not win against Siana even without her probability adjuster helping out.

I had to convince him somehow.
This absurd little-chinned fairy who didn’t listen to the owner.


At my call, the guy who was making a tantrum in the distance slowly turned towards me.

– Did you call me?

‘I was originally handsome.’

– So you’re a joker at talking on top of in your looks?

‘Look at me properly.
I might look squat-jawed right now, but inside I’m not, right?’

– I hate looking at you.

‘No, but, wait.
How could you call me ugly when you have the same chin shape as me?’

– You two-bit brute.
You don’t even know how to respect a lady.

Huh… was this even a woman?

It was very awkward, but I tried to gloss it over somehow.

‘Ah, sorry.
It was just a joke.
Just take a closer look.
Can’t you see the real me?’

What I believed in was the appearance in the background of [The Boy Cursed by the Witch].

Of course, I didn’t know if this guy (?) could see it or not.
However, there was a setting that Siana’s probability adjuster could read her thoughts from time to time, so I thought it would be the same.

The mysterious fairy came closer to me.
I moved my shoulder for it to sit on, but it instead chose to hover in the air, a bit too far away.

– What the, what kind of figure is hidden… Oh my!

‘Did you see it? Did you? How is it?’

After being silent for a while, it slowly opened its mouth.

– Hmmm.
I’m sorry, but you don’t look that good.

Still, there seemed to be some interest.

‘Anyway, we’ve gotten to know each other.
Please listen to me.’

– Hmmmm, I need a price instead.

‘Cost? What? Just tell me.’

I thought it would ask me to make a promise of friendship.
Because that had been the case with Siana.

– If you change into that face, tell me I’m pretty.
A hundred times a day.

I was taken aback for a moment, but I quickly regained my composure.

I’d never see her again anyway.[1]

So can I tell you my requirements now?’

– Do you think I’m stupid? I was watching everything, so don’t be scared and bet.
I’m sure you’ll win.

I nodded, with a smile on my lips.

Let’s go.”

Ten minutes later.

– Yes! The long game of poker is finally over.
As expected, the God of Gamblers is the final winner! To think you have the skills to challenge the champion, when you’ve only ever played for a while on a small gambling house!

I won.

Siana left the table without saying anything, and I watched it for a while before leaving.

Early defeats would only make the overall atmosphere of the game stronger.

Anyway, now, only the final decisive battle remained.

Editor’s Notes:

[1] He’s wrong about this, as you might assume.

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