savage! ” Sal said.

”I love it. Tell me no again, please my lady? ” Tim asked.

”Masochist! ” Anita yelled. That sent even Iris over the edge. The six of them were still laughing as they walked through the door to her room. Iris noticed the ripped gown and stockings had disappeared from the room. The bed was made. The balcony doors opened and a table with chairs had magically appeared. Vases of flowers were on every bedside table.

”Damn! ” Iris said. ”Those maids are **ing ninjas! ” The room appeared as if no one had been in there ever. Untouched. Unlived in. Yet, waiting for the masters return. It both impressed her and made her want to trash the place. With a sigh she made her way out onto the balcony. She placed her bowl on the table. She stared out at the gardens. ”I take it all these flowers are supposed to make me happy? ” She questioned. She did not expect an answer but she got one.

”Yes. The Magic test showed that your magic takes the form of certain flowers, ” Tom said from where he leaned against one of the balcony doors.

”All this space and they use it for flowers. Ridiculous! It would be better to use it for fruits and vegetables, ” She shook her head and turned her back to the scene. It had been a long time since she had had so much good food. She intended to enjoy it while it lasted. The other children back at the Orphanage would often poison her food. It was why she learned to cook for herself. They had just found other ways. Over the years she had slowly grown pretty tolerant to most poisons. It had surprised her to have a drug in tea work on her. Most sleep drugs had stopped working on her years ago. Must have been quite potent to work so well. While she ate she decided to go over introductions

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