In the kitchen the cooks were shocked to find this little girl working around them. Her clothes were very nice but then all the royal staff was given good clothes. Still they all noticed hers were better. She set about the kitchen as soon as the door opened. The head cook had of course asked Nina who the girl was. Nina had received a glare which told her to stay quiet as Iris simply gave her name. She moved about the kitchen as if she owned the place, careful still to keep out of the way of the cooks who worked around the clock to keep the family and staff fed. She used the fire already active in the stove to warm a pot of water as she chopped and threw in potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and broccoli. Leaving that to boil she made quick work of cutting an apple and some strawberries, placing them beautifully into a bowl.

It was at that point that Andri walked in. All the workers stopped and bowed to their King. Iris ignored him. Instead placing her focus on the continued picture of a beautiful meal. Grabbing some grapes and blueberries she placed them in the bowl as well. She then Quickly snatched a small bit of milk while everyone was focused on the King. ”Rise, ” He said. The staff rose and went back to work.

The head chef walked to the King however, ”What can we do for you, My King? Tis rare to see you visit us. ”

”Yes, well it seems I have to if I am to see my own daughter, ” He said staring down the red haired girl who now sat on the counter. With one hand she popped a grape into her mouth with a sweet as sugar smile, and while looking at the King… That smile still on her face, she used her other hand to show him a single finger. The guards at his back coughed or chocked on air. That was how her new guards found her. The five of them all had the same thought. All hail, Her Majesty, Princess Iris. Long may she be a bitch.

The kitchen staff was appalled at her behavior. The King simply gave her a look that to anyone else would send them running. To Iris it meant a small victory. He might have been able to force her to stay in here. He may be able to make her be part of his line. He could not however make her into a proper lady. Not that she would ever be willing to let him try. He was gonna have his hands full just making sure she did not burn the house down. Admittedly if she knew how to work her power she probably would have done just that. She would have used the chaos to escape. Sadly she was powerless… for now. So she would make his life hell in every way she could. Starting with making his staff believe him incapable of handling a fourteen year old girl. Her smile widened at the thought.

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