The guards around the room held their breath. They could not hurt the heir. If the Kings other children miss behaved then they could and would discipline them. Most of the time raising the royal children fell on the guards. However, the Heir was off-limits Especially one of Iriss age. At her age, the power she was packing was no small amount. They stayed completely silent at the stare-down currently happening between the King and Heir. The eldest of the brothers, Alrink, simply sipped his tea. He believed she would beat them as soon as she came to terms with her new position. As well she should. To slip anything into an heirs drink was a criminal offense. The only saving grace being they were ordered to do so by the King. So she could not kill them over this slight, at least. Still, she was a Drake female… If only a half-breed.

And oh what a beautiful half-breed she was. Drake females were considered some of the plainest females among the females of all the kingdoms. Still, one could not deny them. They were a force that was even more violent than their male counterparts. Drakes would often choose partners by fighting ability. They moved in a way that caught ones eyes, commanding attention. She had that now. It could be said most Drakes were like that. Something about how they moved. It could be said the higher the rank the more powerful the draw. The twins who were thinking along the same lines glanced at their father. Lies! The Kings first mate had been much more regal than him. Conner and Cooper darted eyes between their father and sister. Here again, they bore witness to a female with more draw than their father.

It should also be pointed out that not all the guards in the room were under the Kings order. These were sworn to the future Queens guard. A queen who by the looks of things wanted nothing to do with the title. She looked to be moments away from trying to stab her Father with one of the knives that had been placed on the table between the two. It was at this moment that the maids debated if it had been wise to place utensils on the table at all. There were some however that saw it as him deserving of it. Indeed, Mary was glaring at the King herself. Not that anyone in the room noticed it at this time. Well, almost no one. Iris noticed, but all she did was make note of it. There was no reason to get the maid in trouble for such a small thing.

Even if it had been noticed no one would have said anything. In fact, out of everyone in the Villa, Mary was one of only two, now three, people that could do such a thing without any worry of the Kings anger. She had been the boys nursemaid after all. He had gifted her the Villa here as a home for all her years of service and hard work. She had accepted but not really. She had simply come and named herself head Maid at the place. Ever since ensuring that it was always ready for the Royal family to stay in. That being said she was appalled at the sight of the young Heir. The King had led everyone to believe she had been left at the Orphanage to protect her from the Kingdoms enemies… Accusing eyes bore daggers at the King from all around the room. None of them would say anything at this time. Later in private, well that was another story. On one hand, he had left the heir, unaware of her heritage alone and in horrid conditions. Or he had lied… He had no idea where she had been.

He would never openly admit it but it was true. A King had had a one-night stand with a Mer woman nearly fifteen years ago. That Mer had given life to a child. The God, Kun, named that child his heir in a dream. The King had no clue of where she was all this time, or even if she was still alive. Still, this one-night stand had given him a God Blessed Heir. One that knew little to nothing about him. With a sigh, he too leaned forward in his seat, ”Look I understand you do not want anything to do with your title, But you are a God-blessed Heir. At least stay long enough to be taught how to use your magic. If- ”

He was cut off by Iris laughing like a jackal. ”What magic? Surely you joke my king. I don even have enough firepower to light a **ing candle! ” Her laughing jarred her, but she could not help it. Still, it was a mistake that forced her to pass out.

”Call for a Healer! ” Andri yelled rushing to her side where she fell on the couch. ”And get me a Magic tester! ” Many people rushed about the room. Still, her words echoed in their heads…What magic. The Royals were not weak. None of them. Not even half-breed bastards. It was one of the reasons they were able to stay on the throne. There was no way a God Blessed would be that weak. No way they could be. Still, she had been raised in bad conditions. If she had lacked proper food and water for years… No one dared to finish the thought!

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