”How is this even possible this ” gin said in shocked

Looking around he saw an arsenal of weapons but not any weapons they were guns, but it looked more like steampunk instead of normal guns

”Pistols, shotguns, even rifles did Michael makes all of this, ” thought gin

Putting all the guns in his ring gin looked around the room to see if he could find anything else. After a few minutes he found a lever on the wall, pulling the lever the wall started to open like a gate.

Looking into the room he saw that it was empty besides something being covered in the middle of the room. Pulling the cloth off gin was shocked.

”Wow its a car ” said gin excitedly

But it was not a normal car like the guns it also looked like it was steam powered, it was a matte black with and open engine with two mounted miniguns.

”Thank you, Michael, ” gin said with tears in his eyes

”Oh well hello there, ” said an unknown voice

turning around a pulling his spear out gin was shocked to see that it was a robot, with a mechanical owl on its shoulder

”Who are you ” asked gin

”I could ask you the same thing young man, ” said the robot

”Im Gin, who are you ” said Gin with his guard up

”Well hello gin my name is Gideon Waller I am the butler of the late Mr. Michael, and this is copper, may I ask what you are doing here, ” said Gideon pointing at the owl on his shoulder

”Wait you know Michael Waller, ” asked gin

”Yes, he was my creator, as I asked before what you are doing here ” said Gideon slowly walking towards gin

”I found this place while looking for a place to rest I read Michael notes and fought in the dungeon, then I found this place ” answered gin

”You beat the dungeons made by master Michael ” said the Gidion with shock in his voice

”Yes, I did why is that important, ” said gin

Walking up to gin, Gideon placed his right palm on his chest a bowed to gin

”That means I am meant to serve you Young Master Gin ” said Gidion

”Wait, what are you talking about ” said gin backing up

”The last order I received from master Michael was to serve the next person to make it here that had beaten all the dungeons ” said Gideon standing up straight again

Still skeptical gin stood there until he saw a screen appear Infront of him

[Robot Servant Gideon Waller is submitting to you would you like to accept]

Answering yes in his head gin lowered his guard a little

”Okay Gideon can you tell me more about this place and Michael, ” said gin

”Every well Master Gin ” responded Gidion

Gin stood up and stretched his body, looking over he saw Gideon walking over to a gate.

”Whats that Gideon ” Gin asked walking over to him

Opening the gate Gideon said This is the last present Master Michael left for you

Walking to the gate gin saw left in shocked, it saw an airship but not only one there were three of them one massive one and two smaller ships.

Gideon what is this ” asked gin

”This was master Michaels airships but now owner ship falls to you. ” said Gideon

”But I don know how to fly an airship, ” said gin

”Do not worry master gin i have been programmed to drive any vehicle made by master Michael, and there is already a crew of workers that will handle the ships Maintenace and fight if need be ” said Gideon walking to the ship

”Okay but what about the car ” asked gin walking next to Gideon

”The airship has a cargo bay next for the car and the boat ” answered Gideon

”Boat? ” said gin

”Yes, there is a boat in the cargo bay already, ” said Gideon

”Okay Gideon can you call the crew here please I need to talk to them, ” said gin

”Right away master gin ” Gideon said while speeding away

A few minutes later a group of 90-100 robots were standing Infront of gin

”Look I know that I am not Michael, and you have no reason to listen to me, but I won be able to do this alone so I am asking if you would follow me until the end ” Gin said trying not to sound scared

”Well, we got nothing else to do so we might as well, it will be something fun to do after just staying here for decades ” said one of the robots standing Infront causing all the other robots to cheer

”Well done master Gin whispered Gideon

”Thanks ” replied gin

”Okay guys lets get this ship loaded and ready to fly come on we don got all day ” said a mechanic

After an hour the lead maintenance robot walked up to gin and told him that everything was ready to go. This robot was bigger that Gideon and bulker like a lumberjack

”Uh master gin, ” said Gideon

”Yes, what is it ” asked gin

”There are some bots that you should meet, ” said Gideon

”Okay lets go meet them, ” said gin

Going the captains bridge gin saw that there were four robots waiting for him. All of them stood up but one, they walked over to him, and all bowed to him the introduced themselves.

”My name is Zane the leader of the fighting troops ” said a robot with a giant sniper attached to its arm

”Olivia Im the robot mechanic, you can call me doc ” said a woman with long blonde hair who looked like she saw in her early 30s and a top hat with goggles. Gin could not tell if she has human of robot because she looked human but had a robotic arm and a mechanical eye

”Yes, I am a human, Im Michaels daughter ” she said

”What happened to you them and how did you survive here ”asked gin in shock

”Gidion raised me since I was a baby, and this happened from an experiment gone wrong as she looked at her arm

”Any way its nice to meet you, ” said Olivia

”Same here gin said

”My names Nevery a pleasure to make your acquaintance I am the ships researcher my job it to use magic to improve the ship and us ” said a robot that was talk skinny, made of gold with a head that was shaped like a skull with a suit, top hat and a cane

”The names Mamba, I am sitting down because you don have my respect and you will gain it when I say so ” said something in an all-black suit that looked like it was diving

”Mamba how dare you act in such a way ” said Gideon walking to Mamba

”its okay Gideon and he is right respect is earned ” said gin putting his hand out

”Now that, that is out of the way Gideon get the airship ready its time for us to go ” said gin

”Very well Master gin, Olivia can you please take master gin to his room to rest ” said Gideon walking to one of the pilot seats

”Okay follow me ” Olivia said walking to the door

Walking with her gin tried to make small talk but was only given silence. When he got to his room he was about to head to seep, but he heard scratching at the door. Opening the door gin saw welcomed with a familiar scene of alba jumping on him.

”Hey alba its been a busy day today hasn it, ” said gin

”Don worry I will spend time with you tomorrow lets head to bed for now ” gin said laying back down and falling asleep

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