Looking over at alba gin saw trying to figure out how he would be this monster. After thinking of something gin reached into his inventory and grabbed bottle that was shaped into a skull.

[Poison Gas Lv.30]

Walking slowly closer to the wyvern gin opened the bottle sprinted back to the entrance and activated his barrier and invisibility skill around him and alba. When the wyvern smelt the poison, it woke up and roared an ear-piercing roar. Looking around the wyvern did not see anything, but it could sense them.

Breathing a breath of fire, the wyvern broke the barrier.

”Damn ” gin said picking up alba and using his blink skill to doge the flames

”Appraisal ” gin said hoping his plan worked

[Flame Wyvern Lv.55 HP: 34588/50000 (Poison Effect Lv.30: Cause -1000 hp per second)]

(So, I need to make survive for 34 seconds) thought gin

”Alba, I need you to stay hidden can have you getting hurt or in the way ” said gin placing alba down, who then ran to hide

Taking his spear out gin dashed towards the wyvern that swung it hand down at gin. Not being able to doge the attack gin was slashed in the arm rushing back his healing skill activated, but it did not do much his arm was only attached by a few tendons and veins. Ripping off what was left of his left arm gin remembered his torture sessions with that man which were much more painful. Opening his inventory gin pick a book but this one was different it had a padlock on its and a talisman, taking out a key gin opened the book and learned that spell

[Hell flame spear Lv.40 spell learned]

Picking up his spear again gin used the skill that covered the spear in a black and white fire that started to melt the ground around him. Throwing the spear gin fell to the ground and watched the spear fly to the wyvern. When the wyvern saw it, it tried to run away but was not fast enough the spear hit its head making it explode in a rain of blood. Being drenched in blood gin saw a message.

[High level skill used]

[Warning Mana depleted]

[Warning Host is losing Hp -10]





Gins health continued to deplete until he had no health left

[You have died]

When gin saw this everything around him turned black. Opening his eyes gin found himself floating in a dark space looking around gin saw three creatures floating around him.

”What happened to me ” asked gin

”You have died ” said the creatures in sink

”Where am I, is this heaven or hell ” asked gin

”Neither you are in the middle of life and death, ” said the creatures

”What are you ” gin asked

” We are the spirits of past, present, and future, ” said the spirits

”Okay, then what will happen to me ” said gin trying to understand what they said

”That is up to you boy you can either make contracts with us and live or move on to the afterlife ” the spirits said

”What do I have to do to make the contract ” asked gin

”You have to make a sacrifice for each of us you already have lost your arm, so you need two more ” they responded

Not having another option gin agreed and told them to take their sacrifices. the spirit of past went to his missing arm, the spirit of future went to his eyes burning them out of his socket, and the spirit of present went to his chest taking his heart, making him feel unbearable pain.

”For you sacrifices we shall give you the gift of life and two more, ” said the spirits

”Thank you, ” said gin

”I the spirit of past shall restore your body, ” said the spirits

”I the spirit of past shall give you the true mana core ” said the spirits

”I the spirit of future shall give you the power of all sight, ” said the spirits

”Thank you for this I shall you these gifts well ” said gin before a bright light enveloped him

When the light went away, he heard the sounds of alba meow with a tone of sadness.

”Its okay alba Im fine, ” gin said standing up

Looking at his hand gin saw that his arm was back, but it had magic symbols on it, pulling out a mirror from his inventory gin looked at his face his eyes were gone only black holes where his eyes used to be. Dropping the mirror out of shock gin was wondering how he could see without eyes, then he remembered what the spirits said. Looking around gin saw another door appear Infront of him walking in the door gin appeared in Michaels lab again, then he heard a message

[Conquers dungeon Completed Experience and rewards being distributed]

[1,000,000 Exp./ Wyvern scale clothing set/Dire wolf Daggers/ Axe of orc chief/ Medalion of dragons/ x3 Wyvern eggs/ Spell book: Fire Breath/ Fire resistance skill/ Ice resistance skill/ pain resistance skill/ Key to treasury]

[Pain resistance already learned/ Pain resistance evolving – Damage resistance]

”status ” gin said sitting on the bed

Name: Gin Kiyota

Level: 38 [56.7%]

Hp: 3000/3000

Mp: 8000/8000

Class: Unknown

SRT: 45 +30

AGL: 50 +20

DEX: 50 +20

INT: 70 +20

Equipment: Ring of Knowledge/ Ring of power/Ring of endurance/ Ring of storage / Ring of healing/ Robe of magic protection [Damaged] / Eye Covering/ Medalion of dragons/ Abyssal Spear/ Wyvern scale armor

Skills: Damage Resistance Lv.1/Poison Resistance Lv.24/Mental fortitude Lv.20/Blood Lust lv.14 /Appraisal Lv.12/ True Mana sense Lv.1/ Fire Ball Lv.12/ Ice spick Lv.5/ Earth Piller Lv.2/ Blink Lv.6/ Lightning shot Lv.2/Water ball Lv.1/Spear mastery Novice Lv.4/ Hell Flame Spear Lv.50/ All-Sight Lv.1/ Fire breath Lv.1/ Fire resistance Lv.1/ Ice resistance Lv.1/ Barrier Lv.3/ Invisibility Lv.2

Looking at the true mana sense and all sight gin read the descriptions of the skills

[All sight- A skill that can only be gain by the blessing of the spirit of future. All sight allows its user to see without the need of eyes, also allows user to see 3 second ds into the future. Every time the skill levels up the user will be able to see more of the future


[x3 wyvern eggs/ Dire wolf Daggers/ Orc chief axe/ Unknown Key}

Taking out the key gin used appraisal on it

[Key of Cursed summon to hidden treasury]

Standing up gin went and made some food for him and alba, giving alba her plant gin went to the stairs and went all the way down he saw a different door appear.

Walking up to the door in saw a keyhole instead of a place for the stone. Putting the keyhole in gin turn the key, then the door started to open.

When it opened gin only saw a long staircase with torches on the walls. As he walked down the stairs the torches started to turn on with every step, after a few minutes of walking gin got to the bottom of the stairs.

What he saw was something that he thought would never be in this world

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