”AAAHHHH ” scream gin in fear that the bear was going to kill him

After a few seconds of screaming gin had realized that the bear was gone. Standing up gin felt like he was seconds from dying, looking around gin saw that he was no longer in the cave but in a room. Wandering around the room gin found some food, not caring why it was there gin ate until he could not anymore. When he was done stuffing his face gin started to explorer the room, he saw books, bottles, and machines he never saw before. When he went to bookshelves, he saw a door at the end of it. Going to the door gin looked around to make sure no one else was there. Opening the door gin fell back because something jumped on him, because of going to so much gin saw scared for his life. He saw about to run away before he felt soft fur rub on his cheek.

Opening his eyes gin saw a cat looking back at him, looking at the cat gin felt a connection to it like he knew the cat his whole life. Standing up gin pet the cat then went into the room with it walking and meowing next to him. When he looked around, he saw a skeleton on a chair holding onto a book. It had on a black robe with gold, a golden necklace with a diamond and two rubies imbedded in it, five rings three on one hand and two on the other each one a different color, and there saw and eye patch with a symbol on it. Looking at the book gin could see that it saw a pure black that made even space look bright. Taking the book gin went back to the main room and took a seat at the dead mans desk, placing the book down gin was about to read before the cat jumped on the desk and sat Infront of him. Before he did not take a good look but looking at the cat know gin realized that it has snow white fur and its eyes were a bright gold color.

Looking around for a bit gin found some more food, giving some to the cat gin took his seat again and started to read the book.

[Hello, if you are reading this book that means you are also a cursed summon. My name is Michael the owner of the place and also a cursed summon, my goal here is to help you survive this world that is going to try and kill you. In this place there are artifacts and tools that will give you an upper hand in this hell whole. I also left my companion Alba to keep you safe, even though she is only a cat she is a good friend to have with you. In the deepest parts of the cave there is a magical artifact that I had left for the next summon all the things in my room will help you get to this. But this is a warning every kingdom will be trying to kill you to get this, so you need to get stronger fast. At the end of this book there is a map that, I marked of areas that you should visit if you want to get stronger. the library contains books that have spells that you can learn but you need to reach the specifications to learn them and use them…]

Reading the rest of the book gin stood up and found everything that the Michael had listed. Putting on the clothes of what he assumed to be Michaels corps, gin felt himself get stronger.

”Status ” said gin

Name: Gin Kiyota

Level: 1

Hp: 400/400

Mp: 200/200

Class: Unknown

SRT: 10 +30

AGL: 10 +20

DEX: 10 +20

INT:10 +20

Equipment: Ring of Knowledge/ Ring of power/Ring of endurance/ Ring of storage / Ring of healing/ Robe of magic protection/ Necklace of Trapped spirits/ Eye-patch of deep sight

Skills: Pain resistance Lv.20/Poison Resistance Lv.20/Mental fortitude Lv.15/Blood Lust lv.10 /Appraisal Lv.1/ Mana sense Lv.1

Going over to the library gin picked up all the spell books he liked and placed the high-level ones in his inventory ring. After going around and placing all the things he could find in his ring gin went down the stairs. When he got downstairs gin saw an armory of weapons like swords, bows, spears, dagger, maces, and shields of all kinds. Trying out the weapons to see which one he likes more; he hears alba meow. Looking over at her, he saw alba standing next to a spear that was being lifted up by chains and talismans. Walking up to it gin grabbed it, when he did the chains broke and started to wrap around his hand. When it was over gin had chains markings on his arm.

Looking over at alba gin was questioning what just happened. knowing that he would not get some answers gin went down the stairs to the lower levels. When he reached the end of the staircase gin found a big door Infront of him, walking up to the door gin placed his stone in the same spot as before and entered the dungeon. When he opened his eyes again, he was in a snow forest, looking to his side he saw alba licking the snow. Walking down the trail gin saw an open clearing next to a frozen over lake. When he got to the center of the clearing a pack of over a dozen dire wolves appeared Infront of him. Looking into the eyes of the wolves, gin felt the predatory look of a monster that found its pray. After a few moments of no one moving gin turned yelled at alba and ran to the frozen lake, running as fast as he could in the snow gin was scared for his life, he could hear the footsteps of the wolves behind him catching up. When he got to the lake, he threw two fireballs at the pack.

That stopped them for a second just long enough for him and alba to get across the lake as the pack got to the middle. When he got to the other side gin launched multiple fire balls at the lake and not the wolves, he was trying to melt the water. Soon he saw crakes started to appear on the ice, when he saw it, he took out his spear them stabbed it into the ice making more crakes, then causing the ice to break. All the wolves fell into the lake and started to drown.

”Few that was to close alba ” said gin falling over

While laying down gin heard a sound behind him, turning to see what it was gin saw a door like the first one he entered from. Getting up gin walked to the door and opened it. walking in the door gin was in a cave again but it was different from the one from before. The cave had makeshifts beds, crude weapons, and cages. Waking into the cave gin heard a roar as loud as a lions. Using his fire as a torch gin slowly walked in the cave. After a few minutes of walking gin found a group of orcs in the seating or standing next to a fire cooking food.

”Appraisal ” whispered gin

[Orc Lv.10/Orc Lv.11/Orc Lv.13/Orc Lv.10/Orc Lv.12/Orc Lv.14]

knowing he would lose the fight gin used his earth skill to collapse the ceiling above the orcs. After a few seconds he heard one of the orcs got up, but it was injured. See it gin activates his bloodlust and charges the orc, shooting three lightning bolts at its legs gin used his blink skill and appeared on top of the orc and used his spear to stab the orc in the head. Standing up gin turned around and went to the next door, gin processed through all the doors until he got to a door that was ten times bigger than the other doors. Opening the door gin felt the temperature of the room rise by 100 degrees, walking in gin was a wyvern sleeping around an egg nest

(Appraisal) gin thought

[Flame Wyvern Lv.55]

(Damn it this is not good) though gin with cold sweat

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