After being tossed into the jail cell Gin was only now felt with his rage.

(How could they just turn on me like that, just because of something someone in the past did) though Gin

Standing up Gin looked around his jail cell. After a few minutes of searching all, he found was a stone with a rune carved in it. Sitting on his bed gin could feel that the bed was just about to fall apart.

”Hey kid what they got you in for ” asked an unknown voice in the cell next to him

Not wanting to talk to anyone gin stayed quiet.

”Come on you got nothing else to do might as well make some conversation, ” said another voice

Still not speaking gin did his best to fall asleep. After a few minutes gin fell asleep, when he woke up it was to the sound of his cell opening.

”Get up, ” said the guard

”Where am I going ” asked gin

”Shut up and follow me! ” screamed the guard

Being forced up gin was dragged into another room, after being tossed to the ground the jailer threw closed the door and left. Looking around the room gin could see that it was no normal room. There were weapons, ropes, barrels of water and other liquids and an assortment of other torcher devices. Dread started to over-come gin when he realized why he was in the room.

After what felt like ages the door opened again but instead of the jailer from before it was a man dressed in all black and with a plague doctor masked and a bag. Walking into the room the man in black only placed down his bag and took a seat and just looked at gin. A few seconds later his pointed him palm out to gin a circle appeared Infront of his palm then a dark green gas started to release from his palm. Not knowing what the gas was gin backed away from it reaching the other side of the room gin watched as the gas covered the whole room. As his vision started to get blurry and his body started to feel weak the man in all black stood up and walked over to gin.

When gin woke up it was with water being splashed in his face. Looking around panicked gin realized that he would not move his hands and legs were bounded to a chair, then he was the man in all black going through his bag taking tools out and putting on gloves. After picking up that a needle the man walked over to gin.

”Wait stop what are you doing, ” said gin

Still walking over to gin the man did not reply

”Wait please don , I did not do anything wrong please, Pease don stop!!! ” gin yelled as he started to get out of the chair

Ignoring gins plea, the man injected gin with the needle. After a few seconds gins body started to heat up. Then he felt it. it was like his skin was being ripped of his body. The man watched and blisters started to grow on his body, and burst, his veins started to grow at an alarming rate then they pop making him rive in pain. All the while gin saw letting out blood curdling screams. After yelling for so long gin lost his voice blood started to come out from all parts of his body. After another hour of pain gin passed out, when he woke up, he did not feel any more pain and his body was healed like it never happened.

Looking around gin saw the man in all black walking to him with a tray with surgical equipment, thats when he realized that he was laying down on a table with his body tied to it. When the man walked up to him his picked up a scapple and started to cut gins stomach open. Screaming in pain gin shocked his body, but the man ignored him and continued to cut gins stomach open. Then the man cut out one of gins kidneys, when gin saw that his kidney was cut out, he could not handle it anymore and passed out. Just like before when gin woke up his body was healed besides a scar on his stomach.

This time when gin looked around something was different, he was all alone and was not tied up. Seeing this as a chance gin looked around the room for a small knife. He choice a small knife because we needed something small, he could hide up his sleeve. Right as he did that, he could hear the door start to open moving away from the door gin was shocked when it was not the man in black that came inside but a big burley man that could barely fit through the 7-foot door. Looking at this man gin saw a grin appear on his face as he walked closer to him. trying to run was useless the room was too small, and gin could not even move his legs. Gin watched as the man walked up to him. when the man got to him, he did not do anything he only looked at gin a said a phrase that scared gin to his core.

”Are you scared to die? ”

Before gin had the chance to answer the man raised his fits and punched gin in his side making him fly across the room. Without missing a beat, the man appeared back Infront of gin and punched him in the gut his ribs to break and him to throw up blood. Laying on the floor holding his stomach gin could only stay there as the man repeatedly kicked, punched and threw him like a ragdoll around the room. When the man finally stopped gin was on the brink of death, just then the door opened and the man in a blacked walked in, he then let out that gas again and fell asleep.

This routine of being poisoned, beaten and tortured continued on for days without an end in sight. It went on for so long gin had already lost his mind, then one day when the door opened someone different walked in it was the king. When gin saw the king, his heart filled with rage, but he was too weak to move he has not been fead in days. The king walked over to gin and looked into his eyes, and all he saw were, dead empty eyes. Turning around and walking out the room the king said

”Throw him into the forest ”

When he heard this gin was scared because this time he really might die. The other times he knew that the man in black would heal him but now that was not going to happen, but what could he do even if he wanted to, he did not have the strength to fight back. After being stuffed into a bag gin felt himself being picked up and put over someones shoulder. When the moving stopped gin felt himself fall to the ground, then he heard footsteps moving away from him. When the footsteps disappeared, gin struggled but was able to get out of the bag. When he stood up all he could see were trees around him.

Mustering as much strength as he could gin walked around the forest trying to find a way out. After spending the whole day walking gin found a cave to rest in and good thing to because a storm was about to get to him. Entering in the cave gin was careful not to make any noise, looking around and seeing nothing in the cave gin was relieved, laying down gin slept for the night. When he was sleeping his was awaken by the sounds of thunder near him, looking at the entrance of the cave gin saw a beast standing at the entrance. It looked to be a bear, but it was bigger, and its fur was red. When he saw it every nerve in his body was telling him to run no matter how afraid he was. Struggling to stand up gin backed away from the bear, when the bear saw this, it walked closer to gin. While gin was stepping back another lightning strike hit a tree knocking it over. When the bear turned around out of instinct gin turned and ran as fast as he could deep into the cave. Seeing that gin was gone the bear ran into the cave roaring as loud as the thunder. After a few seconds of running gin reached a dead end, as the bear started to get closer to him gin saw small hole in the wall of the cave, going to it gin thought that the shape of it was familiar until he remembered the stone in his pocket. Seeing that it was his last hope gin places the stone in the hole and hoped for the best.

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