What did I do to even end up in jail ” Gin said, looking through a small window

1 Day ago

”Beep, Beep, Beep, ” rung Gins alarm

”Uh, I don want to get up yet; just five more minutes, ”Gin said, Hitting the snooze button.

”Gin, wake up. Don you have your school trip today, ” said a raspy voice from downstairs

”Oh, yea I forgot the trip to Okinawa, ” Gin said, jumping out of bed

Rushing to the bathroom and getting himself ready, Gin ran downstairs to go eats breakfast

”Slow down, Gin, there is no rush, ” said Gins Grandmom

”Chew your food before you chock, ” said Gins grandpa reading a newspaper

”I just want to get to school fast and get a good seat on the bus, ” said Gin before downing a glass of orange juice

”Well slow down, if you chock then it won matter how early you get there, ” said gins grandma eating her food

Picking up his school bag and luggage, Gin kissed his grandma and grandpa goodbye before leaving for school.

When gins got to school, he saw people loading onto buses.

”Good morning Mrs. Hayashi, ” Gin said to his teacher

”Good morning, Gin; the kids are boarding the bus hurry up and join them, ” Mrs. Hayashi told Gin with a kind smile

Heading to the bus, Gin saw his friend Hoshi waiting by the bus door. Hoshi was Gins only friend because their grandparents were good friends, so they grew up together.

”Yo Hoshi, you ready for the trip, ” Gin said

”I mean, I guess, but what if I get flight sickness, ” said Hoshi nervously

”You worry to much Hoshi. You won get flight sickness, ” said Gin patting his back

Boarding the bus, Gin saw that the rest of his classmates were already on the bus.

”I can wait till we get to Okinawa. I heard the women there are smoking, ” said one of the boys in the back

”Yea, like they would ever date someone as ugly as you, ” said another one next to him

”Wanna say that again, ” said the first one raising a fist

”Are women all you guys think about? ” said a girl with glass and long black hair

”Okay students please calm down and take your seats, ” said Mrs. Hayashi

After everyone took their seats and Mrs. Hayashi took attendance, the buses left for the airport.

30 minutes later

The students and teachers boarded the plane when they got to the airport. When they got on the plane, they had to wait an hour before they took off. When the plan finally took off, all you could hear was the cheers of the students.

”Look seen Hoshi everything is fine, and you didn even get plane sickness, ” said Gin

”I guess you were right Gin, ” said Hoshi calming down a bit

”Im going to head to the bathroom, ” said Gin standing up

The plane started to shake when Gin stood up to go to the bathroom.

”Mrs. Hayashi whats going on ” asked one of the female students

”Its only little turbulence students please calm down, ” Mrs. Hayashi said, trying to calm them down

After she said that, the plane started to shake more violently. Gin was worried about what would happen when he took his seat so as not to fall. After a few seconds Gin could see that the plane was glowing, no it was the class all the students including himself were glowing a bright light. When the light finally went away the class looked around to see that they were not on a plane anymore.

”Gin where are we? ” asked Hoshi

”I don know ” Gin said looking around

”Welcome heros, you have been summoned to save this world, ” said a man with a deep raspy voice that shocked them to their cores.

Looking at where the voice came from the class and teacher were shocked to see someone dressed up as a medieval king.

”What, who are you, where are we, and what do you mean summoned, what is going on ” said the girl with class who was also the class president

”I Know that you have question young heroes, and we will answer them all in due time ” said a man dressed as a pope

”Very well where are we ” asked Mrs. Hayashi

”You are in the world of Alduin, this is the Kingdom of Balmore, and I am the king Alexender the third, ” said the King

”Next question why do you call us heroes ” asked the Sana the class president

”Well, you are the summoned heroes, ” said the pope

”Okay why were we summoned ” asked Sana

”You were summoned here to slay the demon lord Zechs ” answered the pope

”Okay, but can you send us back home ” asked Mrs. Hayashi

”I am sorry, but we cannot send you home the summoning is a one-way trip ” said a girl standing next to the king with tears in her eyes

”Wait your telling us that you summoned us here want us to fight a demon lord, and you can send us back what kind of shit is that ” said one of the male students

”Please watch how you speak to the king ” a guard said while drawing his sword

”Calm down Seddrick, their angry is justified, ” said the King

”I know that this is not what you were expecting to happen today but if you please add our kingdom in the battle against the demon lord, but you will be composited for your troubles ” said a woman sitting next to the king

”Okay what if we say no and don fight the demon lord ” said Kiato, the same male student from before

”Then we will all die at the end of the war said the pope with sadness in his voice

”Very well, I guess we have no other choice ” said Mrs. Hayashi rubbing her head

”Thank you all of you, your kindness will not be forgotten, ” said the queen clasping her hands together

”Okay now that, you have agreed to help us can you al please say the word status and tell us what you see, ” said the pope

”Are you serious ” said Kaito

”Well, you see all heroes have an ability called status that allow them to get stronger by killing monsters ” explained the pope

”Very well, status, ” said Sana

”So, what do you see next to where it says class ” asked the pope in anticipation

”It says Archmage ” said Sana

”Thank the Lord we have been blessed an Archmage truly a powerful class ” said the pope excitedly

”Now everyone please form a line Infront of the pope and tell him your classes, ” said the king

”Bishop ” said Mrs. Hayashi

”Who a legendary healer class its been hundreds of years seen we have seen that class, ”said the Pope

”Berserker ” said Niko, he also happens to be one of the biggest kids in school

”Wow a truly powerful class, ” said the king

”Druid ” said Riku, who was Niko s brother, he has skinny and wore glasses unlike Niko

”Amazing, what luck we had, ” said the queen

”Bow Master ” said Aoi, a quite girl who usually kept to herself

”A great class, ” said the princess

”Hero ” said Kaito

”We did it we have summoned the hero ” said the pope as everyone in the castle exploded in cheers

As the rest of the class told them their class it finally got to Gin

”Go ahead young man yell us what you see ” said the pope with a kind smile

”Status ” said Gin

Name: Gin Kiyota

Class: Unknown

SRT: 10

AGL: 10

DEX: 10



”Uh it just says unknown ” said Gin with a confused look

Right as he said that all the guards in the room suddenly surrounded Gin and pointed their weapons at his. Looking and the pope and the others gin could see a look of hatred or fear on their faces.

”So, its you you
e the cursed one, ” said the pope

”Cursed one what are you talking about ” asked Gin in fear for his life

”Your group is not the first summons we had, in our kingdoms history we summoned two other groups before you and, in each group, there was one person who what the unknown class. that person would end up betraying the hero party killing them all, I will not let this happen under my watch, take him down to the dungeon we will have him delt with later, ” said the King

”Wait you can be serious ” Gin said before being put in shackles

Looking at his classmates for help Gin was shocked when they all looked away at him some with hatred, even Hoshi his friend since they were littles kids did not try to help him. Looking at his teacher Gin was shocked to hear her say

”Im sorry Gin I can take the chance of you hurting the other students ”

When he heard those world Gins world fell apart everyone turned in him because of what people in the past did. looked down to the floor all Gin felt was anger deep boiling anger that started to consume him. he swore that he would survive and find a way to get back, and get revenge on his classmates and the kingdom of Belmore

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