one? Does Old Man Liu’s family deserve this? Does your father, mother, elder brother and elder sister-in-law deserve to be unlucky or be embarrassed just because they are related to you?”


Liu Xiuyun’s face was as pale as paper as she couldn’t speak a word.


Lin Lan couldn’t bear to criticise her.
After all, ignorance, purity and kindness were originally her strengths.
Now that they have become sharpened weapons that hurt her, she thought that it was cruel enough.


 She had always been more tolerant towards women.


In the end, Dong Huaihua pulled Lin Lan, “This matter is not Xiuyun’s own problem, but our village’s business as well.
If news of this spreads out, our Shanzui Village will not be able to hold its name well.
In the future, fingers would be pointing at us whenever a child of ours wants to get married.”


Village cadres would be teased and laughed at by the other cadres whenever they went to the Commune, which was embarrassing enough.


Lin Lan, “Let’s go find Youth Chen.”


After work, they found Youth Chen and asked to talk to him in a private space.


Youth Chen still tried to flirt with the two as he adorned a playful smile, but seeing the ice-cold faces of the two, he could only be cautious.


Dong Huaihua, “Youth Chen, you and Xiuyun are in a relationship…”


Youth Chen’s facial expressions immediately changed and he glared angrily, “Director, don’t put your words into my mouth.
I am a pure and self-sufficient sent-down youth, but once one of your members gets pregnant, you’re trying to blame it on me? This is too ridiculous.
Do you think that I’m that easy to go against? If you have to say that it’s mine, have Xiuyun come here— we’ll see if she dares to say that it belongs to me.
If the victim herself claims that it isn’t mine, what are you going to do about it?”

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