Dong Huaihua said, “And what did the man say about this?”


Xiuyun’s mother began to sigh again, “This silly girl wouldn’t say who it was no matter how much I asked.
I’m so angry that I really want to leave her alone, but I’m terrified that her father would find out and will beat her to death.
Say, what do I… sigh!”


With Liu Guifa’s temper, if he knew that his daughter had done such a thing, he would probably give her a beating before anything else.


Xiuyun’s mother was worried that her husband would find out, but on the other hand, she hated the fact that her daughter was protecting the man even though it had come to this point.
It was truly angering her to no end.


Lin Lan didn’t expect Xiuyun’s mother to not know about the scumbag’s identity, so she said silently, “It’s easy to find the culprit since there are only a few men here that are around the same age.
The key is figuring out what to do if you find him– you should arrest him and also…”


“Of course we can’t arrest him!” Xiuyun’s mother reacted greatly, “Director, Qingsong’s wife, if you can help find out about his identity, can you have him marry Xiuyun quickly? If this continues, someone is going to die.


Wasn’t it tantamount to making it public if they were to arrest him? She couldn’t afford to tarnish the family image.


She was so anxious that her face was sallow.
She had no strength in her body and she also couldn’t speak clearly.


Lin Lan felt that Youth Chen would definitely not want to marry Liu Xiuyun.


Marriage would indicate Youth Chen’s residency in the countryside.
By then, he could no longer return to X Island.


Although the sent-down youths didn’t know whether or when they could return to the city, there were always people who let them return by connections, complicated illnesses or family retirement.


This meant that although there was no policy allowing sent-down youths to return to the city in large numbers, there were still ways to go back.


Those who were willing to marry members of the Commune were basically those who were not of good status or had ruined families.
They think that it would be impossible to return to the city in this life, and hence, have given up on themselves.


Therefore, the sent-down youths would discreetly pay attention or fool around here and there, but as long as there was a way, they weren’t going to marry someone from the Commune.


Both of Youth Chen’s parents were workers and he had some younger siblings at home.
If one of his parents retired and requested him to return to the city to  take over the business, then he would be eligible to return.


That was why he was determined to not marry Liu Xiuyun.


Lin Lan also knew about the original plot.
Although there were many sent-down youths who couldn’t bear the loneliness and started families with the Commune members, the city did not recognise their marriages after they managed to return.
They didn’t allow women or children from the countryside to reside with their people, so the abandoned wives and kids returned in despair.
On the other hand, the men would remarry and build their families and careers.


This was what the TV series ‘Debt’ was about.


Dong Huaihua said, “Sister-in-law, calm down, how about we talk to Xiuyun?”


Xiuyun’s mother really had no choice but to ask them.


After all, she was just an ordinary woman.
She loved children but had limited knowledge and didn’t know what was the most suitable choice to make at times like this.
Besides, she also had to worry about her husband’s temper and the reputation of the family.
These days, she was truly tormented by the amounts of stress piling on her.

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