Xue Fu stood up and walked to the window, softly speaking as she glanced outside, “I know your feelings toward me and Xue Fu is thankful to you.
But Old Master Qian is your father, what kind of life would he live if you left him? You told me that the Zhou Family is a big household, how would they think if you withdrew from the marriage? Would they let your family go?”

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“But Xue Fu, what about you?” Qian Lu panicked.
There was no way he could watch his father make Xue Fu leave.

Tears filled her face when she turned around, yet she still tried to convince him, “I will always remember how deep your feelings are for me.
Your dream was to live in the mountains like a hermit, wasn't it? Xue Fu can't do anything else for you, please leave this to me.
Xue Fu will take your dream with me to live in the depths of Baiyun Mountain.
Whenever you see the clouds and fog shrouding the mountain, you will know that Xue Fu is missing you.”

“Stop it, I won't let you do this.” Tears rushed out of Qian Lu's eyes as he pulled Xue Fu into his arms tightly.
He didn't want to let go of her warm and soft body and the light fragrance that surrounded him.
If he hadn't had her, it wouldn't be so difficult to lose her, “I don't want to lose you.
I said I will take you in as my wife, and I promise you I will, or else I'd rather die.”

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Qian Dagui, who hid outside the door, was shocked at his son's words as he didn't think his son was really in love with this woman of unknown origin.
He just made the Zhou Family's people leave and told them that his son would marry their daughter, but what would happen if he forced his son when he had such a tough attitude? He also heard Xue Fu's words.
Although she was overly charming, and they didn't know where she came from, she sounded like a person who knew how to conduct herself and had a sense of priority.
Plus, she didn't have any bad intentions toward him either, Qian Dagui thought he'd be unreasonable if he forced them to part with each other.
He couldn't think of a good plan at this moment, but a delaying tactic appeared in his mind as he pushed open the door.

“Father…” Qian Lu saw him coming in and quickly hid Xue Fu behind him, afraid that Qian Dagui would hurt her.

Qian Dagui waved his hands and said, “There's no need to be so nervous, sit down and let's talk.”

“There's nothing to talk about, Father.
I won't marry anyone other than Xue Fu, and only death will prove my sincerity.”

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Qian Dagui sat on the stool and sighed, “Lu'er, you are breaking my heart.
You are my only son; how could I watch you die?”

“What do you mean, Father?” Qian Lu saw that Qian Dagui wasn't being harsh, so he relaxed a little.

“I know that you two are in love with each other, I won't be against your marriage.”

“Really, Father? That's great!” It was the best news, and Qian Lu held Xue Fu's hands excitedly, “Xue Fu, my father agreed!”

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Xue Fu smiled tearfully and nodded.
She gazed at him affectionately before bowing deeply to Qian Dagui, “Thank you, Old Master Qian, for admitting us.”

“Hold on…” Qian Dagui studied Xue Fu seriously and suddenly laughed, “You shouldn't call me Old Master Qian.
You will be my daughter-in-law soon, even if I'm not your father yet, you may call me Uncle.”

“Uncle.” The way she said this word made their hearts melt.

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Qian Dagui saw his son's delight and sighed, “Ah.”

“What's wrong, Father?” Qian Lu saw his father's sorrow and his compromise, and…
“Did the Zhou Family give you a tough time?”

“Lu'er, we shouldn't go back on our words, should we?” Qian Dagui looked at Qian Lu kindly as all parents would.

Qian Lu felt ashamed and whispered, “I acted inconsiderately on this, I will go to the Zhou Family myself to make an apology.”

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