Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e were detained in two different places.
They finally met each other the moment before their death sentence.
They were both wearing simple, gray robes, 'death' was printed largely on the front of their clothes.
Their hair was messy, and their hands were tied at their back as they knelt in front of the market; a huge-looking man stood behind them with a large sword.

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“It's noon, start!” Master Liu was in charge of supervising the death sentence.
He looked at the sky and threw a wooden plate out.
It landed on the ground, and the man lifted his sword.

Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e closed their eyes, waiting for death.
They didn't know whose head fell on the ground first; they only felt their heads fall off their body and roll together.
At this moment, the weather changed.
The sunny sky suddenly covered with dark clouds, and the wind swept them like a tornado.
Stones, sands, and leaves rolled in the air as everyone covered their face from the sands.
This weather didn't last for a long time.
When everything returned to normal, they opened their eyes, and something strange had happened: Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e's bodies disappeared along with their heads, only two piles of blood were present.

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“What's going on?” Master Liu was horrified.
He only heard of people trying to save criminals from them, but he had never seen anyone who tried to steal bodies away.
Plus the strange weather change, he felt extremely anxious.

Someone said that the executioner was bold enough to cut off people's heads with a sword, but now he wasn't so courageous anymore.
The executioner held the sword with blood dripping off the end, his legs were shaking, and there was a pile of wetness on the ground.
He was scared that the dead would seek revenge as he could not free himself from the terrible feeling of killing someone.
Now that the bodies had disappeared, there was no way that he wasn't scared.
He heard Master Liu's question and replied with a trembling voice, “I…
I don't know.” He finished speaking and dropped the sword, running back to his home as if he was a child who had done something wrong.

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Something odd happened under everyone's eyes and it was truly disbelief to them.
It became the story for discussion after meals.
Some people even turned against what they said previously and questioned if Master Liu had wronged Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e.

“You guys didn't know this, but I was there on the day Zhao Tianhu and Su Qing'e died! Oh dear, it was so scary.
Their heads were chopped off, but they rolled to each other.” A woman who was buying vegetables discussed it with her friends.

Another woman twitched her lips and replied in disdain, “They had a relationship before death, they're even thinking about it after they died!”

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“Don't say that.
They're already dead, and their bodies have disappeared.
You should be careful.” The first woman warned her with good intention.

But that woman's husband was once seduced by Su Qing'e, and she was filled with anger as she growled, “Why should I be scared? That slut did so many shameless things, is she scared of us talking about her? Who doesn't know what she did here?!”

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“Ah, I need to go back and cook, I'm leaving first.” The first woman found an excuse and left as she was scared to drag herself into it.

The woman who was cursing on the street was Liu, but she had nothing to do with Master Liu.
She married into her husband's family, making her Madam Wangliu.
She was born with the 'seven stars' face, which was seven moles on her face.
Those moles made her face look ugly, and her husband was always impatient with her; plus, she was a jealous person, no one really liked her.
After the other woman left, she also left with her candles.

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