Su Qing'e was taken back to the government office, and her face was pale.
She couldn't use what she was the best at, and a beauty like her stood there numbly.
After ordering the other guards to leave, Master Liu paced back and forth in front of her.

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“No one is here now, hurry and tell me.
Where did Master Li go?”

I don't know.” Su Qing'e cried and cried.

Master Liu saw that no one was there, he panicked and begged, “Please, just tell me.
I will die if I don't find him soon.”

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“He left yesterday.” Su Qing'e replied fluently.
Zhao Tianhu taught Su Qing'e to say this, and she memorized them many times.

“He left? When?”

“In the middle of the night.
He said he needed to grab something from the prison and left.”

“Really?” Master Liu didn't seem to believe her.
No man would have the energy to go back home because of how good she was in bed, and he had many experiences himself.

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Su Qing'e saw Master Liu's suspicious glance and replied hurriedly, “It's true, he really left.
I thought it was strange too; he drank so much, but he insisted on going back.
I couldn't ask because I thought something important had happened.”

“Well…” Master Liu was confused at her words.
Nothing significant happened here recently, and all the cases were being handled.
Unless Master Li hid something from him and didn't want him to know.
Master Liu thought this was the only possibility, and this could explain why Master Li went missing.
Perhaps he wasn't missing at all, he just went to investigate something important.

Su Qing'e saw that Master Liu let his guard down and acted boldly.
She pulled by his sleeve, “I'm innocent…”

“Ah…” A cunning look appeared on his face; he never thought of letting Su Qing'e go easily.
He grabbed her by the waist and laughed pervertedly, “I need to check if you are innocent or not.”

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“How?” Su Qing'e waved the silk handkerchief in her hands and flirted.

“You tell me,” Master Liu couldn't control himself and carried her inside.
He didn't care that it was still daytime, no one would dare to stop him even if he sought pleasure with her there.

After they finished, Su Qing'e rested her head on Master Liu's chest and snorted, “You are so bad.
You took me here just for yourself.”

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“Aren't you satisfied? Manhong House is a brothel after all, how is it better than here?” Master Liu was rather pleased with his performance just then, and he never imagined what he would end up like if Master Li appeared here.

In fact, Master Li didn't come back, but a guard rushed in and reported with blushing cheeks at the sight in front of him, “Master, we've found him!”

“Found who?” Master Liu didn't hide and he wasn't in a hurry to put on his clothes either; he even planted another kiss on Su Qing'e's shoulder.

“Master Li's body.”

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