Master Liu glanced at all the girls there and asked, “Is she here? The girl who took care of Master Li last night?”

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“Of course, she's right there, isn't she?” The Madam smiled and pointed at Su Qing'e.
Her face was pale, but so were the other girls; hence she didn't look suspicious at all.

On the other hand, Master Liu's face turned green when he saw Su Qing'e.
He was a regular to her, and he didn't know how to interrogate her on the spot.
He quickly changed the topic, “Why is the Oiran the only one absent?”

“Ah, it's not a good time if you wish to see her,” the Madam smiled profoundly and whispered, “She's still resting with the Young Master.”

“Go knock on her door and tell her that I'm investigating a case.” Master Liu ordered without a second thought.

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The Madam heard him and hesitated, “Well…” She knew that Master Liu was serious.
Although she had supporters, they wouldn't be able to help her immediately, and it wasn't smart to offend him.

Master Liu saw her standing there and roared, “Hurry up!”

“Ahh,” The Madam sighed and walked upstairs while lifting up her skirt.
At this time, a handsome young master appeared with a paper fan in his hand and smiled, “Master, are you looking for me?”

“Pri……” Master Liu's face turned pale; it was a nobleman that he would only meet once every decade! He wanted to behead his subordinates as no one reported to him that such an important person came into his administration area.
He knelt on the ground, “I beg your forgiveness, Your Highness.”

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“Stand up.
No need to be so polite.
I came here for a private matter, and there's no need for kneeling if you are investigating a case,” the Young Master smiled as he approached Master Liu.

Master Liu's knees and legs were weak at the sight of the Prince; he didn't even have the courage to stand up.
He recalled what he said, afraid the Prince heard it; his heart drummed anxiously, “I was unaware of your presence, Your Highness.
Please forgive me for my rudeness.”

“You may stand up.
I'm quite interested; what kind of situation made you want to turn this place into turmoil?” The Prince beamed and sat down on the chair.

The Madam learned the Young Master was a royal prince, and she was delighted.
She wasn't afraid of them closing the business down if he was here.
She quickly brewed tea for him, “Your Highness, please have some tea.”

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“Mhm,” the Prince nodded as he was just feeling thirsty.

Master Liu heard his question and replied honestly, “Your Highness, Master Li disappeared after he visited here last night.
There's no one taking care of his residence, and that's why I'm here to investigate the matter.”

“Really?” The Prince blinked and asked, “Did you find out about anything?”

“Nothing, Your Highness.” Master Liu looked down and refused to stand up.

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The Prince shook his head and gave him some advice, “He disappeared, so of course, you need to look for the last person who saw him.”

“Thank you for your advice, Your Highness.
Silly me, I will immediately do so.”

“So, who's the last person who saw Master Li?”

“It's…” Master Liu's forehead was full of sweats.
Su Qing'e was the last person who saw Master Li, and if she was really part of it, then the Prince may suspect that he murdered Master Li to climb up the ladder.
He hated to say it was Su Qing'e, but too many people knew it; there was no way to hide it, “It was Su Qing'e from the Manhong House.”

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