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One night, a strange woman appeared.
She stood under Qian Lu's head and stared at it for a long time.
Eventually, she spoke without any feelings, “Don't blame me.
If there is anything to blame, it's because you're Qian Dagui's son.” As soon as she finished speaking, Qian Lu closed his eyes as if he had nothing else to say.

The Zhou Family finally knew that their daughter went crazy after Qian Lu died.
In a moment, the Zhou and Qian Family were making a huge scene.
Qian Dagui no longer had the energy to argue with the Zhou Family, and he paid no attention to them, no matter how much the Zhou Family tried to provoke him.
He was the same as a dead man other than the fact that he could still walk a few steps.
One of the most prominent families in Pingshan Town died down just like this.
As no more murder happened after the Qian Family's downfall, everyone flattered the Emperor, saying that the Emperor's arrival saved them and that the monster was scared of the Emperor's dragon aura.
The Emperor was extremely pleased and changed Pingshan Town's name to Longxi Town, meaning the dragon resides here and no monster should dare to harm the people.

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When the entire town was celebrating, another strange thing happened in the imperial residence; the Emperor's Concubine Snow went missing.
No one knew where she went, whether she died or alive.
Although the Emperor didn't want to give up on her, he must return to the Imperial Palace and leave Longxi Town.

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After the Emperor left, everything returned to normal.
Compared to before, now the town had some worth celebrating events from the tragedy since all the things the Emperor touched were listed as the town's treasures.
The only difference from the rest of the current town was the Qian Family.
All the servants left, the almighty Qian Residence was empty, and Qian Dagui was alone.
The fallen leaves scattered all over the ground, but there was no one to clean them.
All the furniture and objects covered in dusks, even the wild birds that couldn't find food made a stop in the yard.
Qian Dagui no longer cared about anything, and he sat in his son's room every day as if he had dementia.

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