The news inevitably spread to Xue Fu.
She understood how difficult it was for Qian Dagui and Qian Lu to make a decision.
She unexpectedly suggested that she will meet the Emperor and solve the problem for them.
Qian Dagui hesitated to let a girl handle this alone, and Qian Lu stopped her with all his might.
Before the Emperor's imperial edict arrived, the two hugged each other tightly.

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“Xue Fu, don't leave me.” Men don't cry easily, but Qian Lu was heartbroken at the possibility of losing her.

Xue Fu cried sorrowfully, “I don't want to leave you, Husband.
But we cannot disobey the imperial order.”

“No, I don't care.
I will be with you even if that means death!” Qian Lu looked determined.
He would not give his wife to the Emperor even if the Emperor cut off his head.

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“Husband, don't say silly things like that! I want you to live safely.”

“What's the meaning of my life without you?”

“…” Xue Fu cried quietly and shook her head.

Qian Dagui closed his eyes at the painful scene in front of him.
The imperial servants would soon arrive to pick up Xue Fu, so Qian Dagui finally decided on his sacrifice, “Say no more.
Leave if you truly love each other.
Go somewhere far, somewhere they can't find you, and live a good life.”

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“Father, what about you?” The idea was like a glass of cold wine, which made Qian Lu wake up.
It was true, they could still run away, but he couldn't let his father stay behind.”

Qian Dagui sat down and sighed, “I'm old.
I've worked hard all my life and all my businesses are here, I'm not going anywhere.”

“No, Father.
Please come with us.”

“Enough, stop wasting time.
Hurry up and pack, it will be too late if you waste more time.”

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“No, if His Majesty blames you…” Disobeying the order would get him beheaded.
Qian Lu worried the Emperor would be furious and take Qian Dagui's life.

Xue Fu opened her mouth, but someone yelled from outside, “The imperial edict has arrived!”

“This soon?” The edict arrived too soon, Qian Dagui and Qian Lu panicked.

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“Father, Husband, I don't know if I will be able to escape from this.
If I can't, please take care of yourselves.” Xue Fu finished speaking and rushed outside with tears in her eyes.

Qian Lu's mind was chaotic.
Xue Fu told him she would convince the Emperor to give up on her, but Qian Lu also gathered information that the entire world knew the Emperor was lecherous.
How could a beauty like Xue Fu escape from the Emperor? Xue Fu knew that too, but she was ready to die.
If she couldn't convince the Emperor, she would commit suicide…
Qian Lu chased after her like a madman at the thought of this.

“Xue Fu!”

The imperial servants who came to pick up Xue Fu heard Qian Lu's cries and paused.
The head eunuch looked at Qian Lu with a frowning face.
Qian Dagui sensed the dissatisfaction from the eunuch and quickly ordered the servants to stop Qian Lu.
Qian Lu's helpless cries filled the entire Qian Residence, “Xue Fu, no! Don't go! Xue Fu!”

Xue Fu turned around and smiled with tears in her eyes, then she left with the eunuch, leaving drops of tears which have yet evaporated on the ground.

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