Kobi smiled yet again at the dumbfounded Prince and calmly started walking to the other side.

The Prince, whose entire existence had been flipped stared at him with a myriad of emotions welling up inside him.

The Hobgoblins gulped as he smiled at them before waving and walking past. Kobi had started snapping his finger, his arrow stock was already filled again but he held himself from attacking right now.

He wanted to test something. Shik kept staring at him wearily, prepared to finally intervene if he does something unusual. Even now he was already baffled by the monster AI misfunctioning errors.

Kobi stopped next to the door and grabbed its knob, he turned around and waved with a polite smile, ”See ya all later! ”

The knob spun and Kobi closed his eyes in this serene atmosphere while stepping forward.


Kobis eyes shot open as he held his nose, ”The fu*k!? ”

Kobi turned around and smiled again while nodding his head, ”Sorry, sorry! ”

He turned around and grabbed the knob again. He spun it… and again… again… ”WHY IS THE DOOR LOCKED!? SYSTEM ARE YOU TRAPPING ME HERE WITH THESE FREAKS? ”

Shiks lips spasmed, he blankly stared at Kobis wronged expression with his large eyes before nodding his head, <>

”SHIT! BRILLIANT! JUST WHAT I NEEDED! OI! YOU HOBGOBLINS! LETS PLAY CATCH! ” Kobi roared while pointing his palm forward.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Catch!? The Hobgoblins stared in bewilderment as a bunch of fiery arrows arrived near them. In a moment of foolishness, the one kneeling on the floor reached out his hand tried catching the arrows. But as he presented his hand…

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Blood showered the floor, as the Hobgoblins vision darkened as its face neared the floor, its last thoughts being, I thought I was good at catch! I need more practice!


”Oi! What are you doing? Catch! ” Kobi hurled out more arrows.

The other Hobgoblin blinked its eyes dumbfoundedly, its eyes glancing at Kobi before returning to its other dead companions.

It had be known… these Hobgoblins were stronger than the one Kobi fought previously… they were level 5 after all!

Kobi had actually needed to strike the first Hobgoblin twenty times before its Hp went down.

The second one he killed already had lost over half its Hp from the shock, and in the sudden daze in the previous Hobgoblins last moments, it thought it was playing catch. So it didn even put up any defenses, forget defenses, the arrows felt so harmless in that instance that it didn even tense up its hands!

As four arrows struck the Hobgoblin, the pain finally brought it back to its senses. It took a step back in fright as it gazed at the more arrows travelling towards it at rapid speed. ”Gah! GAHH! ”

”SHUT YOUR MOUTH! USELESS SCUM! ” The Prince snapped out of his daze and dashed towards the Hobgoblin at a matter of seconds.

Glancing at the puny arrows travelling towards him, he merely raised his hand and the arrows tip barely lunged in. The Prince bulged his forearms muscles and the arrows fell out. Only tiny amount of vibrant green blood flowed out, as if he just scratched his arm while attempting to cook.

Kobi hissed out loudly, THATS TOO MUCH!!!

The Prince stared back at the Hobgoblin, his face morphed in loath. His scarlet eyes gazed at the two dead corpses on the ground, their blood spilling out and staining his shoes, ”Useless scum! ”


He raised his foot and wiped it against the skin of the headless corpses of the Hobgoblin. He turned his head and gazed at Hobgoblin staring at him with trembling eyes. Its legs quaked and clashed against each other.

”P-P-P-Prince! Pl-Please show mercy! ” Its feet trembled as it fell down to its knees.

The Princes hand rose, his merciless eyes quivering in rage, ”You have no us__ ”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two arrows keenly lunged into the Princes hand, ”Oi! Im your enemy! Look here, or, ” Kobis eyes glinted dangerously, ”I will take your head as an apology! ”

”You!? You will take MY HEAD!? ” The Princes gaze averted to Kobi, the arrows lunging out of his tense forearm.

”HOW DARE YOU, YOU PEST!? ” The Prince lowered his back and rushed towards him.

Seeing him almost on his heels, Kobis eyes shifted to the Hobgoblin, its eyes staring at him in incredulousness, its expression seemed to ask, why?

A smile crept atop his face, ”I am a disgusting person. But even I hate people who abandon their allies. ”



Kobi swerved to the side, dodging the horrifying punch.

Kobi glanced at the door from the corner of his eye, Intriguing, are these walls and doors unbreakable?

Kobi shifted his attention to important people. He patted the Princes shoulder, his fist still glued to the door, despite his pungent gaze piercing through Kobi.

”I only pay attention to worthy people. And sadly, I just realized you aren even worthy of being my shoe-polisher, much less boot-licker. ” Kobi scoffed and causally walked to the back of the dumbfounded Prince.

Standing on his blank side, Kobi wanted to roar from the adrenaline rushing through his body but he controlled himself and hurriedly summoned the gold spear in his hand.

Shit! This is heavy! Kobis whole hand bulged up, revealing his packed muscles. He shifted his gaze to the Princes head and hurled the spear with all his strength.

The Prince, busy asking himself, THE FU*K THIS SHIT SAID, suddenly felt his back turn cold. Without batting his eyes, he listened to his instincts and ducked.


The spear flew right above his head and plunged into the wall. Sharp weapons can pierce the weapons, so why can his tremendous strength injure the walls? Is he actually weak?

Kobi pulled back the spear and hurled it at the Princes head from the top.

The Prince roared ferociously, seeing his own weapon coming towards him and rolled back.


”Dang! Nice reflex! ” Kobi praised while shifting around and pushing the spear towards the Princes face.

”AWWW! ” The Prince bellowed loudly, and shifted his head, causing the spear to fly past him. His eyes flickered and his hand immediately latched to the spear like lightening.

Bitch! Kobi pulled back with all his strength, yet the spear didn even budge, Shit! Such power! Kobi immediately cursed whoever called this monster weak, Wait, I take it back, that was me.

Kobi felt sweat drenching his back.

”Kekeke! ” The Prince laughed evilly while slowly getting up.

Kobis lips spasmed, ”Fu*k you! ” The spear suddenly vanished into thin air, in place of it a wooden club appeared in his hand and he immediately smashed it into the Princes head.


The air turned silent. Kobi blankly stared at the half club in his hand. ”Freaking sturdy bitch! ” The Prince paused in his tracks, his dumbfounded eyes fixated to Kobis disgusted expression.

The spear once again appeared in Kobis hand, without hesitation, Kobi plunged it into the Princes chest.

The spear sliced through the Princes chest like butter, ”Sweet as love! ” Ferrin bit his lips and pushed the spear further, causing it to appear from the other side.

The air turned cold, vibrant green blood splattered out of the Princes mouth. ”GAHHH! ” The Prince roared aloud, his hand once again clinging to the spear.

He immediately jumped back, intending to move back with the spear.


The Prince leapt back, landing on the floor, he aloofly gazed at Kobi before bursting out into laughter, ”HAHAH__ WHERES THE SPEAR!? ”

The Princes excietment died down instantly, his forehead covered with bulged veins, ”NOTHING HUMILIATES ME LIKE THIS! ”

Hearing the shrill scream, Kobi grinned and replied nonchalantly, ”Looking from my butt-scratcher!? Its right here! ” A gold spear appeared in Kobis hand, Kobi chuckled calmly and rubbed its shiny back on his butt.

Silencing the Prince and the Hobgoblin.

”LET ME SCRATCH YOUR BUTT, YOU SCUM! ” The Prince roared aloud, his heart threatening to burst. That was his spear, alright!? NOT SOME BUTT-SCRATCHER!

”Huh!? Dang, your kinks impress even me! ” Kobi took a step back in bafflement, ”But, sorry. ” Kobi raised his free hand in firm rejection, ”I am not gay! ”


The Prince held his blood-filled mouth. HE WAS A STRAIGHT MAN, ONE WHO NONE COULD DISRESPECT LIKE THIS!!!

”AWWW! ” The Princes eyes shot wide in rage, his blood red pupils quivered from sheer rage. He spread out his hand and a dazzlingly golden light started materializing in his palms.

”HOLY SHIT! KEEP YOUR FINAL MOVE TO YOURSELF!? GUESS WHA? I AM FINE WITH YOU SCRATCHING MY BUTT! COME! HERE! ” Kobi felt like his heart would stop from the horrifying energy condensing in the Princes palms. He hurriedly turned around and pushed out his butt and patted it meaningfully.


More blood gushed out of the Princes mouth. ”UGHHH! ” He roared loudly, the energy in his palms condensing more horrifyingly.

The light turned blinding, causing Kobi to shield his eyes with his hands. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! Kobi cursed himself for his loose tongue, Mommy, daddy! Why did you not teach me manners!? Kobi wanted to cry. Heck! His eyes actually turned teary.

The Prince slapped his hands together, causing the two separate lights to mingle together and transform into a golden spear. The difference from the earlier one being, it was actually made from golden light and was searing hot.

”YOU PUNY INSECT! ” The Princes eyes turned cold, the light of the golden spear brightening his bloodied face, his voice seemed to be coming from the skies, adding with the constant clapping of thunder sounds coming from the spear, he looked like an enraged divine about to right the wrong, ”PERISH UNDER MY MIGHT! ”

SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! ISNT THIS TOO STRONG FOR A TEST!? Kobi felt his body drowning in sweat.

The Prince raised his palm high, the blinding spear hovering over his palm. With an enraged look, he shouted loudly, ”GO!

All the light oozing off of the spear rushed back inside it and solidified its existence further. The Prince laughed thunderously hurled the spear with great force.


Death! Kobis eyes widened, he could feel his heart freezing in its track.

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