The Hobgoblin glanced around, suddenly, with only two goblins alive and kicking to heed its commands, it felt strangely… nude. Like the good, solid walls around it had vanished.

Then… it stared back at the culprit, who, right under his eyes shamelessly killed another goblin. Before awkwardly scratching his head as he turned to stare at it but… if he felt awkward… why did he sneakily kill the other goblin as well? HUH!?

”GAHHH!! ” The Hobgoblin bellowed out furiously and charged towards this scum now pointing its hand towards it.

And his audacity! He even kept snapping his fingers as if trying to create some background music. Veins bulged out on its forehead, flashing its ugly but sharp teeth, it cursed in its goblin language.

”Aye! I understand your admiration! ” Kobi nodded his head with a serious face, arrows hurling out of his hand non-stop. ”But you need to wait in line for the promised reward, see those goblins are first! ”

Kobi pointed on its back, flashing an honest and earnest smile.

Shik kept staring at this preposterous scene with an agape mouth. Who the heck was this host!? Wasn he just being sentimental of the death he caused earlier? What the heck? He wanted to go back in time… he didn like this current timeline.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Hobgoblin suddenly felt a heavy burden on its shoulders, its speed fell drastically. By the time he neared Kobi, it collapsed due to its legs failing to support its weight. Sweat downed its whole body, its chest kept heaving up and down weakly.

Seeing the Hobgoblin remaining with only a breath of its Hp, Kobi had a sigh of relief.

He squatted next to it and patted its ugly, sweaty head. ”Don worry! I will let you see how fair I am, I will just collect it a pouch and then start distributing! Don die without your award, okay!? Oh! Also, if you moan while Im awarding you, ” Kobi shyly scratched his head, ”I will have to tell your wife you secretly… you know! Watched other people answering nature! Though, ” A light blush appeared on Kobis face, ”You sure got some strange kinks! ”

THIS SCUM! The Hobgoblins eyes rolled to the back of its, the last shred of its Hp dropping to zero.

THE HECK!? Shik slapped his face for which any girl would fall for.

”Phew~ Tough Fight! ” Kobi wiped the nonexistent sweat from his forehead, Intriguing, so emotional damage also works huh? Kobis eyes glinted for a second before turning back to their relieve self. He started searching the corpses, ignoring the blinking golden bar for now, much to his surprise, he could take the clubs the goblins were using…. or didn get the chance to use.

He could even store them in his inventory, so he calmly took one in hand and stored the rest. They mustve some value right? As he was busy with that… Shik was sweating over something else.

Shik raised his hand and wiped the sweat, which shouldn have existed for him, on his forehead.

”Alright! Come along Shik, time for new skill! ” Kobi grinned while beckoning Shik to hurry along. Shik dumbly nodded his head and flew over.


Whoosh! Whoosh!

Various skills passed by before the slot machine stopped at three.

Fire breath, Gale Burst, Blood Taunt.

Kobi raised his brow, his eyes hovered atop the last one, its icon showed animals sniffing blood. But eventually his eyes moved to the second one, Gale burst. In its icon, a circular sphere spread out from a chibi body, blowing back various creatures.

He grinned and clicked on it, I feel this one is more crucial right now.

Kobi drifted his eyes calmly to the walking dictionary. Shik blinked his eyes blankly before his eyes cleared up, <>

Kobi sucked in cold breath, ”Thats half my Mp! ”

Shik shrugged blankly, Shik wiped his sweat once again.

”Onto floor five! ” Kobi swayed to the door and grabbed the knob, a hint of fear flashing in his eyes.

I don know what else this freaky system has in store now… Kobi peeked at Shik from the corner of his eyes. Barely catching the laters hurriedly receding smirk. This bitch…

Shik smiled, totally ignoring the thoughts that couldn be more clear to him.

Kobi gripped the knob tighter and swung the door wide.

The moment he opened the door, the door vanished, the floor stretched to his back and sealed him in the room with only a single door on the other side.

The moment Kobi glanced forward, all the hair on his body stood on end, his whole body screamed at him to move.

Still in his daze, Kobi only managed to tilt his head.


Something cold touched Kobis left cheek. But his eyes were fixated on what lay in front.

Three fat Hobgoblins, all clenching large machetes in their tight grips, the stained blades thin edge glinting maliciously for blood… all of them surrounding a large, stronger, bigger green skinned humanoid monster.

Kobi felt his mouth overflowing from saliva, his gaze turned to the top of the green humanoids head who had its arm out-stretched in a throwing motion.

”Goblin… Prince! Level 1. ” Kobi felt his silent heart throb loudly, his gaze turned to the Hobgoblins, ”Level 5! ”

”KILL!! ” The Prince growled loudly, his comprehensible words ringing in Kobis mind, bringing him back to his feet.

Shit! Kobi glanced left to him, the coldness on his cheek being the result of the spear which he thankfully managed to dodge.

Feeling something metallic slip into his mouth, Kobi involuntarily gulped, I COULDBVE GULPED AND THIS IS NO TIME TO BE IMPRESSED!

”GAHHA!! ” The Hobgoblins charged over, the Prince folded his arms over his chest and gazed on coldly.

Wait! A smirk formed on Kobis face, he tapped on the spear and muttured, Move!


The intricately designed spear, glittering like solid gold, vanished… into thin air.

The Hobgoblins paused… the Princes mouth hung loose. Shik slammed his palm on his face.

”Phew! ” Kobi raised his palm, causing arrows to start charging out, ”Thankfully I got this tooth-pick. My butt-scratcher just snapped last night! Thank you for your contribution, Princess Goblin. Guess what? As a reward, I will take you in as my loyal servant Princess! Serve me right and you will get a nice promotion into a lackey! Then you might even get a chance to become my boot-licker! Rejoice! ” Kobi clapped his hand like he secured a deal.

In the meantime… a Hobgoblin collapsed.

The… fu*k? The Princes lips spasmed, ”I AM A PRINCE NOT A PRINCESS, YOU SCUM! ”

His figure blurred before materializing in front of Kobi. His out-stretched fist reached at his face in no time.

SHIT! Kobi legs went limp, standing his imminent death. Feeling the loss of strength in his legs, Kobis body ducked down… miraculously dodging the strike.


Huh? Kobi glanced up, coming face to face with the Princes dumb face looking down.

”Oh! Hohoho! ” Kobi scratched his head sheepishly, ”I thought you were a princess since you are also covering your chest with bandages. Sorry, sorry! ”

Kobi hurriedly jumped to his feet and patted the Prince on his shoulder, ”Its fine, I can still hire you as my floor-wiper since you look sincere enough. Guess what? I will directly give you a promotion to a shoe-polisher later on! Kay! All good! ” Kobi sincerely patted the Princes shoulder.

Meanwhile, one of the two Hobgoblins collapsed on the floor, blood spilling from the corner of its mouth, its hand clenching its chest. The prince, something that it couldn evolve into even after two evolutions… could be promoted to be a shoe-polisher? THE HECK!?

Shik slapped his face.


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