«You don want to pick these coins?!» Shik suddenly spoke as Kobi reached the middle of the hall.

”Huh!? ” Kobi glanced around and sure enough, there were coins all over the place. ”Don they get collected on their own?! ” Kobi glanced at Shik in bewilderment.

«Huh!? Of course not, last time was just a first dungeon visit perk. Now you have to collect on your own.» Shik shrugged nonchalantly.

”Oh! What a bummer! ” Kobi sighed and moved over, glancing at the coins he asked, ”How do I put them in my inventory? ”

«Tap on them and say move!»

Kobi nodded his head and grabbed the coins, Move!

The space flucated before the coins disappeared.

”Nice! ” Kobi grinned and collected all the coins before turning his head towards the goblin, ”Doesn the goblin drop any coins?! ”

«It does, you have to search it for the coins. You can take anything from its body as well.»

”Oh… ” Kobi squinted his eyes and after some contemplation, moved towards the goblin.

He squatted in the puddle of blood and searched the goblins body. As his hand moved over the rack it was covering its important parts with, he felt something buldging near its leg.

”Seriously!? ” Kobi let loose a few curses before untying the rack and seeing a pocket inside it, ”This is… too shitty! ”

Kobis eyes involuntarily travelled where they shouldn have, slowly his peeking turned into out-right staring, ”Shit! Too big! This is too big!! ”

Kobi moved back a bit in fright, wondering just how could something so short have something so big… ”Shitty goblin! Thu! ” Kobi spat at its face and moved away in strides.

His pride was hurt. No, any human to see it would feel insulted.

«Host… what were you looking at?!» Shik asked, his eyes blinking in surprise.

”I-I… I was comparing! ” Kobi raised his chin in pride.

«Co-comparing?! Comparing what?!» Shik blinked his eyes incredulously.

”Aw… I was.. Stats! I was comparing stats! ” Kobi puffed up his chest even more righteously.

«Then who won!?» Shik asked curiously.

”I… You… Humph! Well of course, it was this great master! Even though the competition was hard, I won by just a millimeter! ” Kobi pushed back his blonde hair arrogantly.


Kobi swiftly turned his head away, not having the guts to meet eye-to-eye with Shiks shinning eyes, This kid is too pure… he didn understand. Kobi felt like somebody just punched him. He was too dirty.

«Hmm!?» Shik tilted his eyes, his eyes blinking innocently.

Kobi sighed and moved into the third floor.

As he moved inside, the same hall appeared again, only the inhabitants were different like last time, ”Is every hall going to look just like this or what? ”

«Yea, this is just a practice dungeon created by the system, every hall is same.» Shik nodded his head.

Kobis eyes squinted, in front of him were five goblins. All level 1 last time, alongside with ten slimes.

”These numbers… humph! No worries! ” Kobi grinned and raised his palm.

Fire arrows rushed out one after another, this time, he made the goblins, the more difficult ones his, priority.

The arrows came one after another and impaled the goblins charging over.

But by the time he killed three, two goblins came near him.

They both paused near him and screeched, ”Is this programed in every last one or what? ” Kobi frowned and moved back, he raised his palm towards one, instantly causing it to move back from the pain while screeching.

The other moved towards him in the meanwhile and slashed its claws forward.

e full of openings! ” Kobi, using his martial arts training to full advantage, side-stepped and kicked the goblins elbow, causing it to stumble forward and trip.

”Kee! ”

«When did you posses such fine moves!?» Shik asked, his eyes moving and down at Kobis body. Now that he looked carefully, his body was quite tone and fit.

”Huh!? Don tell me you choose me as your host without having any prior knowledge of me. ” Kobi jumped back, distancing himself from the goblins.

«Hmm!» Shik nodded his head innocently.

Kobi chuckled while shaming his head, he raised his palm and an arrow shot towards the goblin, impaling its abdomen.

”Kiddo, keep watching this young master! You will surely be blown away! ” Kobi grinned cockily.

After dealing with the two goblins. Kobi started snapping his fingers and arrows started rushing out again.

One arrow and one slime went down again and again.

As he was on his fifth slime, Shik suddenly flew appeared in front of him, in the path of the Fire Arrow, ”OI! ”

Kobi incredulously starer as the arrow by-passed him. ”You… ”

«Look, look! Your Exp is full, time to level up!» Shik ignored his horrified expression and pointed to the golden bar which was blinking non-stop.

”Nice! ” Kobi grinned and tabbed on the bar. A slot machine like hologram appeared in front of him again and he watched as each slot stopped one after another.

Kobi read the names out loud, ”Enhanced Piercing, Arrow+1, Gale Burst! ”

Kobi glanced at the second one, the icon showed two arrows flying side-by-side.

Kobi crossed his fingers, ”Lets hope this is what I think it is! ”


[Congratulations on level: 2!

Dungeon Skill-Rolled added: Arrow+1]

Kobi raised his hand and muttered hopefully, ”Attack! ”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two fiery arrows travelled side-by-side and plunged into the door.

”Nice! So literally my arrows just doubled, right?! ” Kobi snapped his fingers but sadly only one arrow returned.

Shik dashed his hopes further, «No way, all it means is that now, instead of the previous one, two arrows from your inventory will be used.»

”Tch! ” Kobi clicked his tongue and collected all the coins… from the goblins as well.

He opened the door and jumped in, ”FLOOR 4! LOOK AT DADDY! ”


Kobis words instantly attracted everyones attention.

But… where were his sweet and cute slimes? Where were the noob goblins?

Well… there were goblins but, ”Weapons!? Hobgoblin? Isn the difficulty increasing too quick? ”

The 9 goblins, wielding dull clubs charged over under the screech of the hobgoblin almost twice the size of the normal goblins.

”This is too much system! ” Kobi jumped back in fright and hurriedly raised his palm.

Two arrows rushed out and dug into the bloated belly of the hobgoblin.

But… ”WHAT THE HECK?! WHY SO LITTLE DAMAGE?! ” Kobi screamed like a scared kitty, it was justified though, after all, not even a whole tenth of the hobgoblins Hp dropped.

”Shit! ” Kobi frowned and started running his brain, ”Is the system taking revenge or what?! ”

Despite hearing his words, Shik just grinned and moved to a corner to watch the show. It sat in empty air like he was sitting on a chair.

Kobi seeing another two arrows dig into the hobgoblins belly and the latter not even sucking in cold air despite green blood flowing out of it… sweated and… sweated hard he did.

Kobi gripped his heart together and straightened his posture, in a thunderous voice, he yelled, ”HOBGOBLIN!! ”

”Ke!? ” The hobgoblin suddenly froze in its tract, following its lead, the other goblins halted together with it.

”Indeed, I am the one who killed your mother! ” Kobis face turned serene as he admitted solemnly.

”Kek?! K-ke!? ” The hobgoblin took two steps back in horror.

”NOW! ” Kobis voice clapped like thunder, ”Return before I kill your father as well! ” Kobis eyes pierced straight into its eyes, causing it to gulp while involuntarily his feet stepped back in oppression.

It gulped again, silence reigned supreme until a frown suddenly appeared on the Hobgoblins face.

It… didn have a mother… much less a father!

It was created by the system after all, to test Kobi.

The hobgoblins face turned bright red like a tomato, gritting its teeth, it let out a beastly roar, something the goblins could understand clearly, ”KILL THIS F##KER! ”

”KEEE! ”

The goblins led by the hobgoblin charged even more ferociously.

«What the heck are you thinking!?» Shik blurted out, his wide eerie eyes scrutinizing Kobi strangely.

”HOLY SHIT! ” Kobi jumped back, realizing his intimidation plan failed.

He slapped his thigh and roared while charging forward, ”HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!? I WILL KILL YOU AND PISS IN YOUR MOUTH YOU SCUM!! ”

Since the monsters were systems creation, they could actually understand Kobis words, hence… their eyes turned blood-red as they screeched like madman while charging over.

Despite acting like he had lost his mind, Kobi sneakily changed targets and aimed at the normal goblins.

Two arrows whislted through the air and plunged into the abdomen of a goblin, its Hp plummeted to zero in one hit.

Phew! Thank God these goblins have normal Hp. Like that fat freak. Despite feeling relieved internally. Kobi laughed like a savage outside and taunted the goblins, ”HAHAHA! YES, ONE BY ONE ALL OF YOU SHALL BE PREPARED INTO GOOD PISS-HOLDERS! HONOR THIS GLORIOUS CHANCE I PRESENT TO YOU, YOU LOWLY SCUMS! ”

«The heck did things turn out like this?!» Shiks mouth hung loose, his eyes peeled to Kobi as he laughed like a manic, «What kind of a psychopathic host did I get?» Shik hurriedly started praying for his dear life, he knew it was going to experience turmoils like none before.

Kobi killer two more goblins before he saw the horde about to rip him to shreds. A grin appeared on his face and he suppressed it back, instead, he roared begrudgingly, ”HOW DARE YOU CORNER ME!? NOW, LOOK AS I BESTOW MY PEE ON THESE SCUMS WHO I KILLED, THIS IS YOUR FATE AS WELL!! ”

Kobis voice literally shell-shocked the goblins. Did he have no shame? Even normal goblins at least per in bushes, now… would he just do it in front of them? And… in a battlefield at that????

Kobi roared while shifting his palm to face another goblin, two arrows immediately dug its chest, ending its rage and life.

Seizing the gap between the goblins, Kobi hurriedly rushed through the charge and started running towards the door in front.

The goblins froze again. Wasn hr arrogant!? Didn he have to pee!? Where did his pee go!?

”Don be mistaken, I will collect it in a bag up ahead and then distribute it to you all equally, I am a fair man. ” Kobi turned around his head and nodded seriously, all the while killing two more goblins.

The heck!? Fair!? He!?

Kobi suddenly paused, seeing all the goblins staring at him strangely. Scratching his hair sheepishly, he said with a hint of shyness, ”Umm… sorry but I am a human after all, Im afraid I won be able to pee into each of your mouth, so I decided to let loose all at once and then distribute it. I don like to treat others wrongly. ” Kobi smiled earnestly, flashing his bright teeth, looking like a good child awaiting praise.

In the mean time, his one hand kept snapping continuously and the other kept shooting arrow after another. By the time he was done talking and the goblins were finished listening… only the Hobgoblin and another two normal goblins were left.

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