A slot machine? Kobi blinked his eyes incredulously.

The moment he clicked on the bar, a holographic tab appeared, its contents saying: (Congratulations! You are level 1 in this dungeon)

Following that, another tab appeared, it looked like a slot machine with its three screens flashing a myriad of things his eyes couldn take in clearly.

As the speed of the items flashing past slowed down, he could catch a few glimpses. They were all weird icons with words below.

The first screen stopped on a weird lightening symbol.

If this was indeed a slot machine like he knew it, than the second one immediately dashed his hopes.

It seemed to be an arrow, lit on fire.

The three one stopped on. icon of a human with bulged muscles.

”F#[email protected]! First skill roll and nothing?! ” Kobi slammed his palm on his face, his quivering eyes peeler to the screens. His lips morpher in disdain, ”Seriously?! ”

«Hahaha! Calm down! Calm down!» Shik sensing Kobis rising rage motioned for him to take a breather, «This is no ordinary Skill-Roll, here, you don need to match all three screens in order to get your skill but instead, you can choose any one of the three that appears! Isn the system generous? Isn it?? Isn it?!» Shik inched his face closer to Kobi, his eyes glittering in pride.

”Huh, Really?! Isn this too generous? And… whats the gacha in all this?! Didn you say you were a gacha system?! ” Kobi tilted his head, his eyes scrutinizing Shik from head to toe. He wasn the type to believe in free lunches.

«Ha-Ha!» Shik scratched his wavy hair sheepishly, «Didn I say I copied that introduction from some novel on earth?!»

Kobi blankly stared at Shik shyly looking away, not daring to meet his eyes. ”Haa! Real reliable system I have! ”

Shik coughed lightly. His lips pouting unhappily.

”So… what do each of these skills do?! ” Kobi tilted his head, muttering the names given below each skill out loud, ”Lightening Decent, Fire Arrows, Buffed Strength. ”

He did get a bearable understanding from the name, but it wasn that it would cost him to learn more about them, now did it?

«Hmm! Maybe this is what. you can call the gacha part?!» Shik muttered to himself before turning his head to Kobi, «You will get the description of only that skill which you choose.» Shik grinned, «Like the mystery?»

Kobi chuckled, shaking his head, ”Not really! ” Shrugging his shoulders, he tapped on the second skill, Fire Arrows.

With a whoosh, the slot screen vanished and replacing it was a new tap.

[Level: 1

Exp: 2/50

Floor: 1/10

Dungeon Skill-Rolled: Fire Arrow.

Items Obtained: Coins(x12)]

”Alrighty! ” Kobi whistled, ”So, now what does this skill do anyway? And… whats next? ” Kobi glanced around, there was a door in front again, nothing else. Not even a window, he wondered how this hall was so well-lit.

«Lemme see__» Shiks eyes glowed before he turned to Kobi with a smile, «Hmm! Those arrows that you were shooting out, they will naturally ignite on fire. And just keep walking through, the door in front is unlocked now.»

”Oh! So literally fire arrows? How much Mp?! ” Kobi asked while walking towards the door. His heart stirring, Theres no real danger here at all, is this really meant to test me?

«No Mp!» Shik replied with a prideful grin.

”No Mp!? ” Kobi repeated in surprise, his eyes trying to see through Shiks grin and see if he was for real.

«Yep!» Shiks grin widened as he stared into Kobis eyes.

Kobi raised his brow and opened the door.

The same floor unrolled further.

The next floor looked like a pure imitation of the earlier one.

Just that… in addition to ten slimes, there was another humanoid green skinned creature.

”Goblin?! ” Kobi grinned, ”This is turning more and more fantasy like! ”


”KEK! ” Letting out a thunderous screech, the goblin, half his size, rushed towards him.

Kobis grin widened as he raised his palm, ”Attack! ”


An arrow, with fire dancing on its tip rushed out from the circle and struck a slime.

To Kobis surprise, the the red bar of the slime instantly plummeted.

”Dang! This is too much for something costing no Mp! ” Another three arrows rushed out, causing another three slimes to burst into coins and leaving an ordinary arrow on the floor.

”Hey! Do the arrows turn to normal after one us_ ”

”Keee! ” The goblin, way faster than the hopping slimes reached in front of Kobi, its fangs flickered dangerously. Claws protruding out of its fingers.

”Hey! Hey! ” Kobi stepped back in surprise, his palm directed towards the goblin and an arrow rapidly rushed out, piercing into its abdomen.

”KEEE! ” The goblin stepped back in pain, its hand covering the area from where green blood rushed out like a fountain.

Kobi blinked his eyes, his gaze fixated on the blood rushing out.

His gaze advertently turned to the goblins face, ugly features made even more uglier from the constant twitching in pain.

Its eyes… its animal like vertical pupils kept shivering, they… they weren shivering from the pain but from… fear.

From Kobis out-stretched palm shot out another searing arrow. It plunged right into the hand of the goblin covering its bleeding.

”Gah! ” The goblin skidded backwards, blood piling up in its mouth and leaking from the corners, the goblin took a few steps back in fear before stumbling and falling to its death.

Kobi… gulped.

”That was… a real creature, right? Not an illusion, not a dream, not a game. ” Kobi felt his throat going hoarse.

«Hahaha! Of course, those slimes you killed are also real, the ones you will kill now are also real! Everything is real!»

Shik didn need to tell him, the blood flowing out from the goblins corpse and pilling beneath his feet was enough proof.

”I didn know… taking a life, could be so easy. ” Fear flickered in Kobis eyes as he gazed up at the slimes encroaching forward.

The same can… happen to me? These harmless, almost cute slimes can… kill me! Kobis eyes trembled as he raised his palm.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Snap! Snap! Snap!

The hall fell silent, only Kobi remained and the goblins corpse, the slimes burst apart. The arrows back in his storage.

”This is… different from what I thought. ” Kobi muttered with a conflicted look, his eyes fixated on the goblins face, still morphed from pain and fear.

«What do you mean?!» Shik tilted his head, a harmless smile on his face, one stretching from his ear to ear, «Don tell me you thought you would be playing a game? This is real life! Everything you will do in this world is hundred percent legit! So don be delusional! You either die in this dungeon and I choose a new host or…» Shiks eeriely large eyes flickered dangerously, «You move forward and kill everything in your path!»

Kobis eyes widened, his heart throbbing against his chest, the sound echoing in his ears, ”System… Shik! Listen up, I ain dyin. ”

A smile stretched across his face, excitement mixing in along with his fear, ”And when I get out of this dungeon, I am leaving! And when I, I will do everything in my power to leave this place and go back to my world and nothing will be able to stop me! ”

Kobis eyes flickered maliciously, his down face lifting up.

«Im not stopping you. Fulfill the requirements and you ca__»

”BECAUSE! ” Kobis voice lit up in arrogance, his enraged eyes piercing through Shiks pupils, ”I AM THE YOUNGEST SON OF THE FAMILY OF COLLS! THE TYRANTS OF EARTH! ”

Shik felt something flicker inside him, his eyes trembled as he gazed at Kobi, «Such arrogance…» Shik muttered, he didn expect this kind of pride from Kobi, he seemed to be the playful type, the one to not get serious over anything.

«Hahahaha! Nice, nice!» Shik clapped thunderously, «It seems I struck gold on my first host! Brilliant! Brilliant, lets keep moving! I want to see… where exactly you can reach with my help! Entertain me, O Kobi Colls! Hahahaha! ”»

”I am not your entertainment! I am the one who plays chess while staking the lives of millions on the line. ” Kobi snickered disdainfully, his eyes glancing at the corpse below.

«Hoho?! Then one day, if fate allows you to live long enough, I would like to play chess with you!» Shik chuckled.

Causing Kobi to snicker, he ignored Shik and clasped his hands together, his eyes piercing into the goblins, ”Your blood… is on my hands! I seek not forgiveness, but hate is not my goal either… Know! I shall remember you, you who has forged me anew! ”

Kobi shoved his hand in his pocket and stroller towards the door, his demeanour returning back to normal.

Shik whistled seeing Kobis actions and hovered along.

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