Kobi spun the knob and pushed the door wide open.

A large hall lay wide in front of him. From the triangular roof hung three wide chandelier.

Kobi stepped atop the white floor and just as he did that, the door behind him vanished.

Under the brightly lit hall, ten small, translucent blobs hopped up and down.

Only two, hardly distinguishable, bright white eyes blinked atop these circular creatures.

The word rolled to Kobis tongue naturally, ”Slimes! ”

As he said those words, an empty bar appeared in the middle of his vision before moving upwards, not wanting to hinder him.

«Thats the experience bar, Exp for us!» The boy pointed at the bar and giggled, his eyes moving towards the slimes hopping towards them.

”Pretty… exciting! ” Kobi raised his brow, his stretched lips coolly awaiting the mobs.

«What are you waiting for? Don tell me you want to fight them up-close? Just attack them with your recent skill and be done with them.» The boy turned his eyes back at him.

”Huh? Doesn that cost Mp or something? Humph! You think I will squander it all carelessly? Huh? ” Kobi snorted in disdain, his chin slowly rising up, awaiting the system to praise him high.

«Wha__ Are you blind or what? Did the description say anything about cost? Since that skill is your starting gift, it costs no Mp.» The boy raised his brow, his lips teasingly accompanying his gaze towards Kobi.

”Ohohoho! Of course, I knew that. Was just testing your wits! ” Kobi nodded in approval and motioned his hands to pat the systems head but his hand passed through him.

”Totally didn forgot you were a hologram… ” Kobi shrugged before directing his gaze at more important things, his tongue peeked out, licking his lips.

His eyes squinted slightly as he saw few lines atop the many slimes.

(Slimes: level 1)

Accompanying the name and level was a red, Hp bar.

”Hey, hey! When did I get appraisal? ” Kobi asked in bewilderment.

«Oh! Thats the work of profile. You can see only whats visible, you can see their skills and whatnot. Come on, quit with the useless stuff. Lets start some action already!» The boy pouted his lips unhappily.

”Haa! Listen kid, patience is the key to victory! ” Despite saying so, Kobi raised his hands with anticipation and commanded while moving his hand to face a slime, ”Attack! ”


An arrow shot out from the circle in front of his palm and accurately struck a slime right as it was about to jump.

Kobi glanced at the Hp bar which lost more than half its color.

”Not enough?! ” Just as Kobi was about to command again, another arrow shot out.

The arrow acturately struck the slime again, reducing its Hp to zero.

Kobi gulped, his eyes waiting expectantly for whats to come.

The slime, still impaled by the two arrows- almost right next to each other, started to enlarge before exploding like a balloon. A few shinny coins alongside two arrows appeared where the slime was before quickly hurling towards Kobi.

”O! Oi! ” Kobi moved back in fright and defended his face with his arms.

But the coins vanished before they could hurt Kobi, surprising him.

The circle in front of his left palm, still not having been deactivated, fired two arrows at a small interval at another slime, plummeting its Hp to zero.

The slime enlarged before bursting into coins and arrows. The coins rushed towards Kobi again, this time, he gulped and braced himself.

His eyes peeled themselves to the coins and right as they reached a certain distance from him, they vanished.

«Don worry! They are rewards for killing the monsters. They just entered your inventory.» The boy chuckled seeing Kobis weary expression.

In the meantime, the last arrows hurled out of the circle and rapidly flew towards a slime. Luckily, the slime jumped just in time, escaping the arrow in the nick of time.

”What luck? ” Kobi grinned in excitement. His gaze lingering on the other two impaled slimes bursting one after another.

The same occured, the coins hurled towards him while the arrows kept sitting silently on the floor.

Kobi blinked his eyes a few times but this time, no arrow flew out.

The boy glanced at his expression and blurted out, «Don tell me you forgot? You only had ten arrows and they all are used up. Now you need to retrieve those arrows.»

”Oh! So to retrieve them, I either snap my fingers or touch them, yea? ”

Seeing the boy nod, Kobi grinned and readily snapped his fingers.

Following the crisp sound, an arrow suddenly vanished from the floor.

Without having to wait, the arrow hurled out of the circle and pierced the slime, already having one arrow inside it, the slime burst.

”This skill is too sweet! ” Kobi grinned and soon, the crisp snap of his fingers echoed back-to-back.

Each time an arrow impaled a slime, he would snap his finger, causing the arrow to vanish and surprisingly, he noticed that after doing so, the slimes Hp plummeted slightly.

He eliminated the rest and spared the last slime, an arrow flew out of the circle and impaled it. Right then, he waved his hand, causing the circular formation to crumble.

Then, he smirked and snapped his fingers, causing the arrow to vanish.

He squinted his eyes, focusing on the spot where the slime had been impaled earlier and sure enough, he could see some transparent liquid flowing down.

”Thats its blood, right? ” Kobi asked.

«Yep! As its losing more blood from having its wound open than still having it closed by the arrow, its losing Hp more fastly.» The boy nodded his head.

Kobi chuckled, ”You aren half-bad, guess what kiddo? Imma give you a name! ” Kobi raises his chin, feeling too magnimious.

«Ohh! Go ahead, go ahead!» The boy swung his afloat legs back and forth while acting as if he was sitting on a nonexistent chair.

Kobi nodded his head in approval and declared proudly, ”Shik! ”

«Shik?!» Shik blinked his eyes innocently, before they lit up in surprise, «I like it, I like it!» Shik hovered around Kobi, his laughter echoing in the air like bells.

«Oh!» Shik abruptly came to a halt, he arrived besides Kobi and pointed at the golden bar, the one which had popped up when he entered here.

It was all filled up.

«Hey! Hey! Click on this, your exp maxed up! Now you can level up! Hehehe! Its time for you to taste the systems power. Its time for a… skill roll!»

Kobi raised a brow, his lips stretched in a smile.

”Here I go then! ”


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