Kobi blinked before curiously asking, ”Do I freaking punch this box for ruining my moment? ”

«Aw, no! A click will do.» The system replied earnestly.

Kobi stretched his lips, pretending to ignore his earlier self and calmly clicked on the box.

A blinding light erupted, causing Kobi to shield his eyes with his hand.

«Host, open your eyes. Theres no blinding effect.»

Kobis excited smile froze on his face.

«Don be delusional!» The system muttered in a corner of his mind.

As the voice was very low, Kobi calmly pretended he didn and laughed in relieve, ”Oh system! You need to learn to stay a step ahead! Okay? Look, this kind soul shall teach you!

”If I hadn closed my eyes and there was a blinding effect, I wouldve suffered! And to avoid that, I stayed at my toes and look, did doing that harm me? No! So act s bit more like me, okay? I will teach you to live life like its meant to be lived! ”


”Go on, praise me! Don shy away! ” Kobi, like an intellectual, understood the system wanted to appreciate him from his voice alone.

«The skill is out!»

Kobi… smiled!

”Hoho! Lets look at what wee got, shall we? ” Kobi calmly ignored his earlier claims and stepped closer to the box, its lid had vanished.

«Noted, the host seems to have a few screw loose!» The systems childish voice muttered in some corner of his mind again.

And Kobi… seeing the voice was low, ignored like he didn hear it.

”What do we have here? ” Kobi shoved his hand inside and grabbed the gently glowing scroll inside the box.

He unrolled the scroll, causing words to swiftly appear in front of his very eyes.

Magic?! Kobi gulped, his eyes shinning alongside the scroll.

«Ding! Congratulations host! You accquired the skill, Autonomous Attack: Arrow! For more details, chant, Profile!»

«Ding! As the skill was a gift, 10 arrows have been placed for stand-by, for free.»

«Wow! Profile, open profile! Lets see what it does! So exciting! Hahaha!»

Kobi speechlessly shook his head at the kid in his brain, ”You truly don know anything, huh? ”

Kobi licked his lips and placed his palm wide in front while yelling out-loud, ”Profile! ”

With a whoosh, Kobis retina glowed for a second before words quickly started etching onto his vision.

A red bar appeared in his sight, followed by a blue bar right below it.

Next to them appeared a 3D hologram of a human with its arm stretched apart, it kept spinning around its axis.

Below the human appeared an emoji with star like eyes, alongside a 3D bottle of water which was partially empty and an icon like that of a stomach which was somewhat dull.

Then, all of this moved at the corner of his vision and a blue holographic list appeared in front of him.

”WOOOO! ” Kobi moved back a step in surprise, ”What the heck is all of this? ”

«Oh! I know, I know!»

The holographic bars and the other things which had moved to a corner settled next to the holographic list.

«This red line is your health, Hp for short. Blue is your mana, simply Mp. This 3D model is your imitation, it represents your bodys condition.

This face emoji represents your mental or emotional state.

The bottle is your thirst, as you can see, you aren thirsty right now.

And this stomach thingy, this is your hunger. The duller it becomes, the more you
e hungrier and lastly, this list is your… umm… numerical representation!» The system explained with vigour.

”Ohhhh! ” Kobi nodded his head, his shiny eyes skidded back and forth at all the things.

«Oh, only this numerical list will come and go as you chant Profile, these models will simply move to a corner and move in front when they feel as if you want to glance at them or you will them.»

”Oh! ” Kobi nodded hos head again, rubbing his chin, he asked curiously, ”If you can materialize so much in front of me, can you also just appear in front of me? ”

«Oh! Wait, wait! Lemme see, lemme see… Umm… Yea, I can do that if you want me too!»

”Nice! Then what are you waiting for? Come! ” Kobi grinned widely and with a puff, a young boy appeared in front of him.

He looked to be 7 year old and dressed himself like a medival noble. His unkempt, snow-white wavy hair fell down to his large, pitch black eyes. His tightly pressed thin lips stretched from ear to ear, his pale hands clasped behind his back, his feet hovering in the air.

«HAHAHAHA! SO COOL! SO COOL!» The boy spun around, his hands spread apart as if feeling the nonexistent wind.

”Hoo! Not bad! ” Kobi rubbed his chin thoughtfully while nodding his head.

«Oh! Seems only you can see and hear me.» The boy shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, his large eyes containing a sense of eerieness inside them.

”All you kid! ” Kobi shrugged and moved his eyes to the holographic list.

(Name: Kobi Colls

Hp: 100/100

Mp: 10/10

Strength: 4

Agility: 5

Defence: 3

Intelligence: 8

Charisma: 3

Skills: Inventory, Autonomous Attack: Arrow)

”Thats pretty simple! ” Kobi inched his face closer to the list, his cheek connected with the systems.

«Right!? Oh! Now just will for the description of the skills and they will appear.» The boy placed his finger on the two skills and glanced at Kobi.

Kobi nodded his head and focused.

(Inventory: Invisible space with 100 slots, can be increased. Same items stack.

Autonomous Attack: Arrow: Place your palm forward and arrows will come shooting out at enemies automatically. Arrows need to be present in inventory. Arrows that are skill bound can be retrieved by snapping your fingers or tapping on the arrows.)

”Nice! Inventory! ” Kobi commanded again, causing another tab to pop up, the tap had lines criss-crossing, forming 100 squares.

On the first slot, the image off arrows was drawn with a tiny x10 at a corner.

He tapped on them, causing another explanation to pop up.

(Skill-bound arrows: 10)

Kobi licked his lips excitedly, his gaze shifted from the boy glancing at the holograms and landed on the door in front.

Raising his palm to meet the door, Kobi commanded, ”Autonomous Attack: Arrow! ”

A mystical circle, the size of his palm appeared in front of his hand and from it, an arrow shot out, landing fiercely at the door with a whoosh.

”Wow! ” Both the boy and the adult exclaimed one after another.

«Oh! You can command the arrows to attack be either saying arrow or saying attack.»

The boy gazed at his amazed expression and chuckled.

”Dang thats something! ” Kobi snapped his finger, causing the arrow to vanish suddenly, leaving only a dent in the door as proof of its existence.

«Now feeling happy you were chosen?» The boy asked with a smirk.

”Kid… you better don bring that up. ” Kobis face instantly darkened, losing all its shimmer.

«Hoho!» The boy ruffled his wavy hair, shaking his head wearily.

”So… where does that door lead? ” Kobi asked, realizing that was the only exit he had from here, the godforsaken place he had been pulled into.

«Into a dungeon. After you clear the dungeon, you will prove if you are worthy of owning the system or not. And__» The boy smirked excitedly, flying in front of Kobi, «You can test that skill of yours!»

Kobis eyes lit up, ”Will there be enemies? Like… monsters or something? ”

Kobi asked, his heart rate shooting up.

The boys eyes lit up, his eeriely large eyes growing even eerier, «Of course!»

Kobi gulped, a smile stretching across his face, ”Lets go, kiddo! Watch and learn! Hahaha! ”


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