word is seriously twisted!…’

Anyway, that's why it's dangerous for me to possess any more dangerous equipment.
It's a relief that they can't just force it


on me easily.
In that regard, I'm actually grateful to the Prime Minister.


Well, I can't explain these circumstances to Fiana-san, so let's just say something vague to settle the situation.

“Branch Chief Fiana, whether it's cursed equipment or rare combat power, gathering too much of it in my hands is certainly a problem.”

in order to protect your life, I will do whatever I can.
Please trust me.”

If I had even one of those armaments…
I'll end up being killed by them! Please, don't push me into a corner with good intentions! Driven by such intense emotions, I unintentionally grabbed Fiana-san's shoulders tightly.


“Once again, please don't worry.
If it can be passed on to someone other than me and they can protect someone with it, then by all means, that's better.”


No, seriously, everyone should use the cursed equipment!!! If they're afraid of personality contamination and it ends up in the defective inventory, it'll come back to me!

I don't need any more problem children!…
I uttered those words with a strong intention, and then, “Y-You…
How could you…!”

‘Wait, did Fiana-san start crying?!’

Ah, maybe I grabbed her shoulders too tightly?! And I said I don't need the equipment in that state, so she's shocked like, “How ungrateful you are! I've never seen such a cruel person!”?

‘Well, yeah, Fiana-san was trying to do various things out of goodwill…
If I reject her like this..’ I'm truly a socially awkward loser.

I had hurt Fiana-san with my thoughtless words.
I should just leave this place quickly.
But before that, I should express my gratitude for the ‘other act of kindness’.

“Branch Chief, I sincerely thank you for lending me the carriage.
With this, we can swiftly reach the mountainous area where the dragon is said to be.” I glanced briefly behind me.
There was a covered wagon pulled by a unicorn monster.

“And for accompanying us, bringing your precious daughter along.”

A peach-haired girl peeked out from the cover.
The branch chief had entrusted me with her daughter, Tiana, as the “caretaker for the journey.”

I mean, Branch Chief.” Tiana met Fiana-san's gaze.

Wait, huh? I was actually trembling and was about, ‘I'm scared to be the companion for dragon hunting~!” just a moment ago, but now I have am incredibly determined expression? Why is that?’

“I heard what Kurou-kun said…
I will definitely be of help to him.”

“Yes, please.
I don't know when he might die at this rate.” The Ana family nodded at each other resolutely.
(Ana is not their family name)

Wait, what? Both of them! What are they talking about what I said? What do they mean by “die”?!

‘I-I don't really understand, but…
could it be that they see me as incredibly unreliable――――!?'’

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