a single person like him…”

“Be silent, Branch Chief Fiana.
This is the Emperor’s decision ♡” Spellbios said, pushing the mission document towards her.


The emblem of the “Lemurian Empire” was displayed there.


“Requests from the Emperor must be strictly obeyed according to the rules.
From the deadline to the selection of team members, everything must be followed without fail.
Whether you're a branch chief or the commander, you shouldn't complain, right? ♡”


It was frustrating, but it was true.
The “Imperial Magic Knights” were originally established by the imperial family.
Although they now accept requests from merchants and civilians, they are fundamentally the hands and feet of the Emperor.

Therefore, they cannot go against it.

“Well, well, it seems you're dissatisfied, Branch Chief-sama? Compared to you, Kurou-kun was much more obedient, you know? I actually just met him.

“When I told him to slay the dragon, he was quite surprised.
However, when I added, ‘The people may b

“Huh!? If you say something like that, of course, he'll agree! Did you know about Kurou-kun's past when you said that!?” Fiana was finally furious.

Against her, Spelbios wore a smile full of malice.
Kurou Titus's background was known to the upper echelons when he became a knight.

That he is Iris's disciple.
That he is a “Legendary Conqueror” who can control the cursed equipment.
And that he stood up as a ruthless “Condemner” after his village was burned down by black mages and a horde of monsters.

“Kurou-sama is an outsider…a commoner with no lineage.
I can't believe you upper echelons did this to prevent him from becoming 'the second Iris'…”

“Oh my, stop with your rude delusions, Branch Chief Fiana! On the contrary, the Emperor and I want Kurou-kun to become a legend, so we asked him to single-handedly hunt the dragon, you know?”

“A legend…?”

“Yes! The empire is currently in a dire situation! Monsters are flooding into the mainland, and the common folk are filled with anxiety! That's why we're trying to create someone who can make people feel safe when they think, ‘As long as this person is here! No one will harm us.’ That person is Kurou-kun ♡” The prime minister said in a joking tone.

“That's why I deliberately added conditions that seem impossible.
It's by overcoming difficulties that a man can become a hero, you know! ♡”

“How presumptuous…”

“Yes, I'm in excellent spirits! Well then, shall we part ways soon? Ah, conversing with a beautiful woman was enjoyable indeed ♡.
I’ll come some other time.” While saying he'll come again, the prime minister left, and Fiana shouted, “Don't come back!”

“Sigh…” In her office, Fiana sighed alone.

――Fiana was convinced.
Those above definitely intended to kill Kurou.
And what's worse, they planned to send him to face dangerous monsters alone, all in the name of “for the people!”

If he is told that, then the young man wouldn't even be able to escape.

You are fierce and, above all, a kind person…”

The wonderful boy who believed in her hopeless daughter and had stood by her side.
Fiana genuinely worried about him.
And she made a decision.

“The Emperor’s mission must be followed without question.
If he is told to hunt the dragon alone, then he must accomplish it alone.”

It was an extremely harsh condition.
However, there was no specific weapon requirement, and it wasn't explicitly stated that he had to travel to the dragon alone.

In that case, there was room for support.

“Kurou-sama, as someone entrusted with your care, I will do everything I can.”

Enemy organization: “Kill him!”

Noble of his own nation: “Die! (Go and bring me the dragon!)”

His own weapon: “Soul!”

Kurou: “…”

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