fully dragging me out of the battle and making my everyday life enjoyable for me.”

“Huh? R-Really, you're not joking!?”



No, I'm dead serious.
First of all, by inviting me to have fun when I was going through a dreary youth, Tiana senpai deserves a hundred gratitude points.

You can exchange them for a Kurou-kun body pillow set.
Also, I'd like to grant you the title of Angel No.
2, second only to Iris-san.

“You referred to yourself as a weak knight and a woman who can't protect anyone, but that's not true.
Just by reaching out to someone like me, you are strong.
And you…
you protected my heart as it was becoming more ruthless.”


“Tiana senpai, I admire you.” The moment I said that, tears streamed down her face.
She held back for a brief moment, but it was in vain.
The large tears kept pouring and wouldn't stop.

what's with you! You never smile, so I was worried deep down, you know?! I thought maybe you were annoyed with me!”

I apologize.
I was just nervous.
I've never had any connection with girls of the same age until now…”

“You're lying! A guy like you with a mysterious aura would have been popular, right?!”

No, I'm seriously not lying.
I wasn't popular at all, and what kind of theory is it that being dark actually makes you more popular?

Fukashi-kun from the same village (probably dead) also said, “Kurou-kun, women ultimately gravitate towards men like me who never lose their smiles.” Well, his smile was more creepy than charming, to be honest.

Well, whatever.
If you enjoyed it, that's fine.
And thanks for complimenting someone like me,” Tiana senpai said with a bright smile.
Yes, indeed.
This person's cheerful smile is the best.
It soothes my heart~

I feel calm when I'm with Tiana.”

“Huh, haaa?! Why are you suddenly trying to flirt with me?! Stupid, stupid!” For some reason, senpai's face turned red.
No, I'm not trying to flirt at all.
What is she talking about?

“I just expressed my honest feelings…”


Tiana senpai let out a bizarre scream.
Iris-san sometimes acted like this too.
Is this kind of reaction trendy among girls?

――It was during the time when I was getting along with her like this.
Suddenly, Muramasa at my waist stirred.
At the same time, I heard a slick voice saying, “Oh my, enjoying your youth, I see~”

I turned to look at the source of the voice along with Tiana.
Standing there was a middle-aged man dressed in extravagant attire.
Who is this person?

“Hey, Kurou, stand up straight!” Tiana-san sharply exclaimed.
Her smile from earlier dispersed, and she stared at the man with a tense expression.
Following her lead, I also straightened my posture.

“Oh ho, I heard you were from a foreign land, but you seem to have some manners,” the man observed me as if appraising, then elegantly introduced himself with a bow.
“My name is Spellbios.
I hold the position of the Prime Minister in this country.”

Prime Minister-sama?! I don't really understand, but that's a really high position, isn't it?! Huh? Why is someone like him here?! Oh no, what should I do? I'm getting nervous! I'm a man weak against authority

“Well then, Kurou-kun.
I've heard various rumors about you.
Being Iris's disciple and a 'Legend Conqueror.' Oh my, you are truly chosen by the heavens.
I've become a big fan and even came to meet you like this.”

Oh, is that so?! You came to meet me?! Wowwwwwww—- I'm honored! Even though being Iris's disciple and a legend conqueror are all lies, I unconditionally love those who love me! So what about it?! Should I shake hands or something?!

“Now, Kurou-kun, I wanted to add more splendor to your legend…” Prime Minister Spellbios fumbled in his pocket.
Huh, what is it? Is he going to give me some sweets? Betraying my expectations—what he pulled out was a mission document.

“To Knight Kurou Titus, I hereby order you.
Would you be so kind as to hunt down the strongest monster, 'Dragon,' all by yourself?♡”

Whaaattttttttttttttttt?! Hunt down a dragon all by myself? What's with this guyyyyy――?!

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