“Kurou-sama, I have been entrusted by Commander Blackmore to take care of you.
Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need anything,” said Fiana with a bright smile.
She seemed very pleased to have noticed her daughter's growth.
For the time being, I handed her a stack of mission documents.

“Please check these.
Commander instructed me to hand over the report of completion to Branch Chief Fiana.”

“Oh yes, I'll take care of that…
Wait, what is this!?” Fiana gasped as she looked at the documents.
Tiana, her daughter, was surprised and asked, “Did Mom just scream!?”

“I'm sure you just received your mission three days ago, right? And yet you've done all of them, God……!”

Trembling, Fiana dropped a few papers from her hand.
The documents listed the number of monsters that needed to be defeated, which had been greatly exceeded:

“Defeat 100 cunning humanoid monsters: 324/100,”

“Defeat 100 quadrupedal beasts with swift legs: 215/100,”

“Defeat 100 plant-like monsters that camouflage with nature: 156/100,”

“Defeat 200 insect-like monsters with superior breeding abilities: 413/200.”

When Tiana saw this, she exclaimed, “Whoa! What is this? Maybe there weren't many monsters around here because…”

“I’m sure it was all thanks to Kurou-sama…” Fiana and Tiana were dumbfounded, but I didn't feel proud of myself.

‘I didn't do it because I liked it.
It was the result of Muramasa's rampage…’

I didn't want to remember the past three days.
The cursed equipment kept shouting about their preferred body parts, driving me to battle.
Even Arash, who didn't eat anything, wanted to see his users die, shouting, “Tatakae tatakae!”

This special-kind of bastard would try to make me commit suicide after I used him, but he seemed to enjoy dying on the battlefield as well.
What the hell was wrong with him?

I'm already sleep-deprived and irritable, and my already unsociable face seems even scarier.
‘Ugh, I have to satisfy all the cursed equipment, or I won't be able to sleep.
Give me a break…’

I'm sick of solo parenting.
I was filled with anger towards Muramasa for creating such a situation.
However, I couldn't tell them about it.
I decided to put on a stern face and use my “Condemner” move.

“The number of requests is just a trivial matter.
I will destroy all the 'evil' that I see.
That is my chivalry.”

“Y-yes!” Fiana and Tiana replied.

At that moment, Fiana and Tiana trembled with fear.
How cruel and angry can this young man be?

――After a brief exchange, Kurou left the room.
As soon as his presence completely disappeared, the lower-class knight Tiana cried out, “What's wrong with that guy!? He's not just a sixth-class knight with connections after all!”

Tiana was terribly confused.
She was intimidated by his scariness since she tried to play a prank on him, but she couldn't tell her mother.
“Hey, Mom, who the hell is he…?”

Fiana decided to answer her daughter's confusion by telling her the history of “Condemner Kurou” which was passed down from Deputy Commander Iris.

“It's not surprising that he hates evil to that extent.
After all, his hometown was destroyed by monsters and black mages,” Fiana quietly began.

He was originally a hidden disciple that Iris had found in a foreign land.
There are many people who do not like Iris.
Considering this, it would be wise not to disclose his history.
He steadily gained strength, but one day, tragedy struck.

“Mom… you said his hometown was destroyed…”

“Yes, except for Kurou-sama and the children he saved…
everyone else was killed,” Fiana replied.

This may have turned him into a “Condemner.” Afterwards, Kurou, who had coincidentally obtained magical armaments, annihilated the black mages who attacked his hometown in his anger.

After that, he joined forces with his master Iris and played an active role in the recent “Four Directional City Attack Incident”.
It was said that he contributed to the city's defense by demonstrating a fighting style that was like that of a demon whose muscles were torn apart.

“He is so fierce and burns with justice.
He must have an unshakeable spirit, and he also has the qualifications of a 'Legendary Overcomer' second only to the Commander.”

data-offset-key=”73bfa-0-0″ style=”direction: ltr; position: relative;”>”W-what? That means he can even wield cursed equipment!?” Upon hearing her mother's words, Tianna shuddered again.
Oh, how sad…
and what a passionate knight he is.

‘He is so different from me,’ she thought, feeling a tightness in her chest.
‘I don't have a sad past at all.
I was born into a warrior aristocracy by chance and naturally aimed to become a knight…’

Tianna reflected on her own past.
She started training as if she was being swept away, but soon realized that she had very little talent.

Even so, she didn't want to disappoint her mother, so she passed the exam after failing three times…
and was promoted to a fifth-grade knight, one rank above the lowest…

She hit a wall and couldn't go any further.
She pitied herself, realizing that she could only be a lower-ranked knight.
She didn't have a passionate motivation from the start.

From then on, she stopped training and became a woman who would harass her disliked juniors with trivial things.
‘Compared to someone like me, that Kurou guy…’

You can tell from the number of beasts he defeated earlier.
It was abnormal.
No matter how strong he was, he wouldn't have been able to achieve such results without taking enough breaks and sleep.

Tianna could only be dumbfounded by his “hatred for evil” that seemed to burn her up as well.

“What's going on with him…
I heard he joined through connections and became a sixth-grade knight without any real skill…”

“That's probably a rumor spread by some noble.
Some people don't like outsiders like Iris-sama who are doing well here.” Fiana let out a deep sigh, feeling it was a fruitless conversation.

“In the first place, it was agreed to keep Kurou-sama's existence secret among the upper echelons for a while.
'Legendary Overcomers' are powerful beings…
if the enemy organization finds out, they will be targeted heavily.”

The nobles had leaked the information in a way that belittled him, but hadn't revealed that he was a 'Legendary Overcomer'.
However, it was still precarious.

Compared to Kurou, who fights fiercely but for the sake of peace, Tianna was too lowly, and she was disgusted.

“…Kurou-sama will surely face various difficulties from now on, Tiana.
The reason I told you about him is because I want you to be his support.”

I would never have told you his information until recently.
But Kurou-sama told me, 'If you're a mother, believe in your daughter.' Then, I will believe in you” Fianna smiled softly and placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder.

“I order Knight Tiana…
It doesn't matter as long as he is in this land.
I will also help, so please take care of him.”

Though nervous, the young knight nodded firmly.
To be honest, she wanted to refuse.
She wanted to tell her mother that she was still a useless girl.

And she was also afraid of Kurou.
She was afraid that she would be killed someday, just like when he came behind her and almost slashed her.

‘Thanks to him, Mom started to believe in me again…
At first, I thought it was 'too much,' even though…’

Even so, she was happy.
She felt pressure, and she felt like her efforts were in vain, but she still wanted to respond to her mother's trust.
She wanted to repay the debt to Kurou for making her mother believe in her again.

“If he keeps going like this, he'll end up dead.
So, as a senior knight of the order, I'll teach him some irresponsible games.”

“Haha, that's a very trustworthy word.
I'll leave it to you, Tiana.” Thinking of the ruthless young man, the mother and daughter smiled at each other.

“Ahhhh, soft beds are the besttttt!” Kurou sank into the sleeper with a face like melted garbage.
From his appearance, there was no sign of the ‘condemner who would burn even himself’ that two _ana were worried about.

“I took a shower, so I'm going to sleep now.
Goodnight, everyone!”

―Intestines, liver, kidney!―

―Scattering! Self-destruction!―

Ignoring the familiar evil screams, Kurou crawled under the blanket… And so, he fell asleep soundly, unaware that he was making the beautiful mother and daughter think, “This person won't survive without our support…!” 

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