the pain, I was able to fight her.
Or rather, I was able to push her back.
She's wielding two magical weapons, and both are powerful.
Her combat skills are also




However, there was something awkward about Karen's movements.
Perhaps, “I see.
She's not used to fighting with dual swords.”


She barely stopped my downward swing with Dainsleif.

‘Oooohhh~ Sorry for cursing you earlier! You're such a good girl compared to Muramasa!’

Thanks to that, I gained the upper hand.
The enemy is top-notch, but I'm also incredibly strong when under Muramasa's control (ignoring the strain on my body).
When two ultra-advanced techniques clash, fighting with an unfamiliar style can be fatal.

“Damn it!”

Realizing this, she tried to let go of Dainsleif, but――


Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

I wildly beat on Muramasa, as if trying to restrain it.
As a result, Karen is unable to move from her defensive position.
And then, “Huh!”

A fierce flash.
Due to repeatedly receiving Muramasa's strikes, Dainsleif was split in two! Karen quickly jumped back, but the blade that pierced through her cut straight down from her chest to her abdomen, causing a large amount of fresh blood to spurt out.

“Gaaaaaaah!? Damn it!”

Karen yelled as she plunged her flaming sword into the ground.
At that moment, a wall of flames appeared from beneath her feet, so hot that even without touching it, my skin felt a burning sensation.

My body, which was about to rush forward, is forced to retreat.
‘So Muramasa-kun knows when to retreat!!’

“Damn it, damn it, damn it! You dared to interfere with this Karen-sama! Let me destroy this country!”

‘Shut up, you idiot! At this rate, my body will break down!!!’

My whole body hurts!!! Ignoring the furious Karen and me, Muramasa-kun stepped back, making a crunching sound with each step.

Oh, I get it.
You plan to charge at the wall of flames with great force and strike Karen before I burn to death, right? ――Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!!! I’ll get burned to death for sure!!! Even if I survive, I don't want to be covered in burns!!!

The battle is over,” I said.


And so, let's start negotiating a ceasefire! While Muramasa-kun is charging up, I'll somehow make this person back off!

“You're Karen, right? You must have your reasons.
I don't know what happened, but your eyes are those of someone who once believed in justice.
Am I wrong?”

‘Hit the mark!’ Karen remained silent.

――I'm sorry, I said that I could tell just by looking at your eyes, but I really have no idea…
I just said that randomly…! But if I say that, I might actually get killed, so I'll proceed with negotiations by saying something like 'I understand how you feel.'

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