Don't work hard for such a shitty kingdom.
Leave your magical weapons and disappear.”

Saying that, Karen


took the knight's sword that had fallen next to her and put it in the small bag on her waist, which was too small compared to her weapon.


However, the sword was sucked into the bag as if it were being pulled into a fourth dimension.
Hypno watched the scene with narrowed eyes.

“A storage function that ignores mass…
Is that the 'Finn McCool's Magic Bag'? How did you…
get your hands on our kingdom’s treasure that had disappeared long ago?”

(Finn McCool's Magic Bag is a legendary item in Irish mythology said to be capable of carrying all of Ireland's treasures, including the magical hound of Culann, and is associated with the hero Finn McCool.)

“I don't know.
Anyway, what are you going to do, Hypno? Will you give me your weapons and run away, or will you let my 'Surt' burn you?” (Surt is a fire giant in Norse mythology.)

Karen pointed her flaming sword at Hypno.
Heat radiated from the red tip of the sword, tracing from Hypno's chest to lower abdomen.
Only the fibers of her clothes were burned, and her white, moist skin was exposed.


I've always wanted to see it, and it turns out your body is as beautiful as your face…
Unlike me, who was burned by this…
kingdom,” said Karen, mixed with hatred in her mocking expression.

The heat of the sword increased even more in response to its owner's fury.

“On 'that day' twenty years ago, I ended up as an ugly woman, and you became unable to fight.
Nevertheless, you're still serving the Lemuria Empire…”

Her surroundings began to dissolve.
While overflowing with intense heat, Karen spoke to her ‘old friend.’

“Hypno! You're just a dirty noble's dog now, aren't you?! If you're going to live such a shitty life, why don't you come with me? Let's fall into black magic together and destroy the empire!”

Hypno slightly widened her eyes at the invitation and quietly shook her head.
“I'm sorry, Karen.
It's a little too late for that invitation,” replied Hypno.

Karen, who didn't understand what was going on, shouted back while scattering flames, “What the hell are you talking about?! What do you mean!?”

Hypno continued, “It's true that I've been heading towards a shitty life.
I believed that 'someday this country will surely get better' and continued to serve, but as the mainland became more peaceful, everyone became more and more corrupt.
I've been asked to do all sorts of impossible things, and my heart has reached its limit recently.”

“But, you know.
I met a very wonderful boy named Kurou.
He helped me regain my inner light,” Hypno strongly believed that with that boy, “the country will definitely get better.
He will condemn all the corrupt people and show a shining future.

“So, Karen.
I'm sorry, but I can't go with you.
I'm not going to destroy this country, I'm going to rebuild it with Kurou!”


Karen became furious and reached into her magic bag around her waist.
She grabbed a different sword from the flame sword, a ‘Crimson Great Sword.’

“If you're going to be an enemy, I won't show mercy anymore…! I'll kill you!”

the 'Crimson Bloodstained Blade Dainsleif'…!” One of the weapons taken by Karen from Hypno.

“I know how powerful you were in your prime.
So, I'm going to bury you with all my might.” Karen swung the sword at Hypno.

it's dangerous to have two magic swords at the same time,” Hypno warned.

“Shut up! You're done for! I've already killed all the stationed knights.
Those who headed toward the gate are probably fighting against Nia's group right now.
They might even have been annihilated by now,” Karen sneered with a vulgar chuckle.

Hypno pitied her.
“You, who were once a knight defending the country, have become like this.
Now cry out in fear, Hypno! Let your cute face be painted with terror!”

Karen raised her sword and ruthlessly attacked her former friend.
However, Hypno calmly looked up and said, “There's no need for me to be afraid.”


“Because, when you're in a tight spot, a hero always comes to save the day.”

As her words fell, suddenly, a man descended from above the collapsed building.
He wielded a jet-black blade and cut down Karen, who was attacking.
Ah, it is him…!

“I’m glad you came, Kurou-kun…!”

“Yeah, leave the rest to me.”

――The black-haired knight has arrived…!

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