“Let's go to battle!”

And with those words, the fierce fight begins, pushing Vita's excitement to the limit.
Kurou dances, Kurou slashes.
He cuts


and cuts without any hesitation, using his own body like a disposable weapon.


His figure wielding a black sword is truly that of a demon.
Before they knew it, the black-clad soldiers were trembling with fear and unleashed all their weapon's abilities without caring about running out of magic.

Fire, thunder, and ice were unleashed, creating a storm of attacks that could easily kill a person.
But Kurou charged fearlessly towards his enemies.


He let out a fierce yell and continued to cut down the group of enemies.
He did not care about being grazed by numerous attacks as he destroyed the evil ones.

Vita watched his actions, crawling on the ground and looking up at him like he was a god.
I don't know if I can become a knight of justice…
But I want to be a woman who can stand proudly by your side!'

Her feelings for Kurou never ceased.
Respect turned into love, and the love she felt turned into desire.
She used that as her strength.

“Wake up, Purple Grudge Wind Blade―Fragarach!”

Vita gripped the magic sword at her waist.
At that moment, a purple wind blew fiercely.
She shouldn't have been able to move a single finger.
She was losing blood and oxygen, and her heart was on the verge of stopping.

‘I don’t care about that! If I can't fight even a little bit here, then I am not worthy of Kurou-san!’

The girl gathered all her strength and rushed towards the black-clad men, enveloped in the wind.
They were the last group remaining in this place.
They tried to attack Kurou from his blind spots, but Vita pointed her blade of murderous intent towards them.


And with a swift swing of the wind blade――! Before they could even react, their heads were already severed.
The blood of the wicked splattered and a sense of achievement as a knight filled her chest.

“I…I did it too…”

This time, she truly reached her limit.
Vita collapsed on the spot.
But just before she hit the cobblestones, a sturdy arm caught her.


“Well done, Vita.
I'm grateful to you.”


Tears overflowed from her eyes at the words sent with a smile.
She couldn't stop them, even if she wanted to.
Her vision was already blurry from blood loss, and it only became worse.

“T-Thank you, Kurou-san…! Thank you so much!”

She was grateful for saving her from the fate of falling into darkness and even death.
With overflowing emotions, the girl returned a smile softly, expressing her heartfelt gratitude.
The end.

While on the other hand…

“Well done, Vita.
I'm grateful to you.
(Thank you so muchhhh!!! My whole body is aching from fighting! Thank you for saving me with that body of yours!!)”

Kurou may have been even more grateful to her than Vita was to him.
His gallant figure was just a fleeting façade.
In reality, he had been forced into enemy territory and was swinging his blade while nearly in tears.

‘Dammit, my muscles are about to tear apart, and I've been hit everywhere! I thought you would take them down without a scratch, what the hell, Muramasa-san!?’

――Weak, insufficient physical ability, my misfortune――

‘Haaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!?!!?!? What the hell are you sayingyyy!?!?’) Kurou had an internal argument with his sword.
Unaware of the ridiculousness inside his head, Vita expressed her gratitude.

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