Chapter 25: Vampurgis


Vita groaned in pain.
Fresh blood gushed from her mouth and chest.
Her vision was quickly fading, and she was kicked in the back as the attacker pulled out his weapon.
The girl tumbled awkwardly across the plaza.

“Cough, gasp…!”

She struggled to breathe.
Her heart seemed to have avoided any damage, but it appeared that her lungs had been pierced instead.
Every desperate gasp caused foamy blood bubbles to leak from her chest.

“What the hell is happening…!?”

Vita wondered.
Moments ago, everything had been peaceful, but now chaos reigned.
She heard countless screams and cries ringing in her ears.

As she lay there, she witnessed people being massacred by assailants who had entered the city through the Imperial side gate, wielding magical weapons.

“What the…?!” Vita muttered in disbelief.
The city, which had been so full of smiles, has now turned into a hellish stage.

“Hey, you there! You're still alive?” The man who had stabbed her shouted.
He called out to others to gather around, and soon a group of people wearing black military uniforms had surrounded her.

“Who the hell are you people?” Vita trembled as she spoke.

The pain from her wound was excruciating, and the hostile gazes from the strangers made her young heart shiver with fear.
She was terrified, but she refused to let it show.

“Why did you attack this city!? Tell me your purpose, you scum!”

Vita roared at them, determined not to cower in the face of these evil people.
She glared back at them, refusing to show any weakness.
Above all, she hoped that by drawing attention to herself, the townspeople would have a chance to flee.

“What did you just call us, you brat?” The men glared back at her with contempt.

“You're going to regret trying to act tough,” they growled as they kicked her while she lay on the ground, no longer able to protect herself.

They had no regard for the fact that she was already badly injured; they simply wanted to inflict pain and violence.
Vita's consciousness began to fade as she was wracked with pain and shock.
Nevertheless, she…

“Ah, guh…! A-answer me…
Who are you all…?!”

She swallowed all her cries and told herself that it doesn't hurt, it's not painful.
The abusive education she has received, for better or worse, has paid off.

She endured even the most unbearable pain and hurled words at the villains.
‘In the meantime, I have to give information to my comrades who will surely come to rescue and help the people escape.’

“Oh ho…
You're quite an impressive knight, even at such a young age.
You don't even cry despite being tormented so much.
Very well…
Let's stop, shall we? We'll praise your nobility and teach you about our existence,” said the man who stabbed her.

He has an aggressive look in his eyes.
His upturned eyes are like those of a famished demon fox, according to Vita's thoughts.
He brandished the ‘Seven-pointed Star Badge’ attached to his black clothes and shouted at the girl who is gasping for breath.

“Our name is 'The Dark Legion of Vampurgis'! We bring 'true equality' to this new world!”


By some strange coincidence, Vita recognizes that name.
When she passed by the living room of the Camblor family, her father was talking to someone about something.

She has no hobby of eavesdropping on others, and above all, she doesn't know what kind of punishment she might receive if she was




Therefore, she immediately tried to leave the scene.
However, there was only one unfamiliar word that entered her ears.
That word was “Vampurgisu”.

Why does that word from back then come up now?! Vita is confused.
But regardless of her internal state, the man continues.

“A millennium ago, the outflow of magical power made supernatural power a reality! The people, who were pushed to the brink of extinction, fought against monsters with it and finally regained the power of humanity to the extent of founding a kingdom!

“Ah, what a wonderful strength of humanity!” The man with fox-like eyes sings his words like a praise.
He admires the people of the past from the bottom of his heart, saying they did well.

“And so, things have become somewhat peaceful now…
but hey, little knight.
Don't you think there are too many corrupt people in this age!? Those nobles who flaunt their authority, taking after their ancestors who once thrived in power,” he said.

I can't say that's not true.’ After all, she herself is the descendant of a corrupt noble family.

“You remember, don't you? Humans began to stabilize, and as a result, useless 'disparities' began to emerge! The Berlin Wall separated the mainland from the outside world, and the chosen ones lived comfortably inside the wall.
This isn't right, is it!?”

As the man spoke, Vita found herself nodding in agreement with his saintly words.
She had thought that he was a villain, someone who had caused an incident for the sake of plunder.

However, the man with fox-like eyes began to shed tears, saying “Oh, we were originally born in the outer land.
We were always terrified of monsters and longed for the peaceful imperial city far away!

“We were jealous and envious! Why can't we live there like those people, why do we have to live in this cold village?” Other members also strongly nodded as if deeply moved.

‘What…are these people…?’

These people were different from the evil she had imagined.
They have proper thoughts, some sort of background, and a sense of camaraderie among them.

Maybe they have their own sense of “justice”…
if that is the case, then perhaps there is room for discussion.
As Vita's consciousness began to fade, she had that thought.
But then, he spoke again,

“And that's when we met our destined leader.
He said, 'Let's just destroy everything.
Crush all four corners of the capital, lead the monster army to the imperial capital, and share in each other's suffering.' Ah, it's wonderful! It's the righteous hammer!”


In an instant, Vita understood.
The justice that existed within them…
it is vastly different from what she had imagined.
There is no room for discussion.

“And then, ten years later.
We steadily prepared ourselves, and finally, the time for action has come! Comrades, let us destroy everything in sight! Let us use violence to pursue peace! Let us distribute the suffering we have felt to everyone!”


A group of men in black shouted in excitement, their bloodshot eyes gleaming with madness.
Vita realized that notions such as thoughts, backgrounds, and bonds among comrades were all mere illusions.

These people are simply intoxicated by violence.
They are nothing but abnormal individuals who deluded themselves into thinking that they are ‘people who can change the authority of a kingdom.’

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