“Wha, Kurou-kun?!?”

“Listen, Iris.
This is important.”


Iris let out a crazy scream.
The bystanders turned their attention towards us.


But I didn't falter.
I looked straight into her blue eyes.


“Listen, Iris.
I hate ranking people in terms of who I like more.
It's an extremely rude thing to do.

I leaned in closer.
The shy Iris cried out, “Eh!?” And the surrounding people exclaimed, “Whoo!”

“In order to relieve your worries, I think I should tell you clearly, at this very moment.
Iris, I love you more than Hypno…I love you so much!”


Iris blushed deeply and let out a loud voice.
The people around us shouted, “He said it!” and sent thunderous applause.
Hehehehe…I guess everyone was moved by my dignified love for my master?

“Show them how you do it!”

“Just get married already!”

“Kiss her, kiss her!”

Huh?! Marriage?! Kiss?! What are these guys talking about?! I just love Iris as my master…ah! I forgot to include the 'as my master' part in my earlier dialogue! Ah, well, to those who don't know anything, it might seem like a confession!

Oops, I messed up.
How embarrassing! Damn it…
I need to make a quick escape! I'll buy the medicine for my butt another time.

“I've attracted unnecessary attention.
Sorry, Iris, let's move right away.”

“Huh? What?”

I put my arm around Iris, who is dazed, and lift her sideways.
Then I search for a place with few people and run away.

“Hey, Kurou-kun! Wait a minute!”

Oops, I surprised her by suddenly carrying her.
The people around us also made strange surprised noises like “Huh!?” Everyone is freaking out, saying things like “Not only did he make a public confession, but he also used that move!?”

“That way of holding her is a legendary technique passed down for a thousand years!”

“And running through the city in that state!?”

“If those two have a ten-year age difference, the woman is workaholic and inexperienced with men, and is actually struggling with her sexual desire, then I would completely go crazy!”

I don't really understand what they're talking about.
I'm just a villager, and I'm not familiar with legends or anything.
Besides, Iris is a wonderful person who doesn't have any sexual desire, and even if she did, she wouldn't direct it towards me.

“That guy with black hair is amazing…”

“It's a legend…”

We run through the stunned Kuroud.
Hmm, this has turned into a pretty big misunderstanding.
It seems difficult to clear up.
I'm really sorry about this.
If Iris is seen as having confessed to a gloomy guy like me, she'll be troubled too.

While running, I think, ‘How can I clear up this misunderstanding…? Hmm, no, I can't think of anything! My not-so-smart head can't handle it.
Let's give up.
Well, they say rumors die in seventy-five days.
Everyone will forget about it soon.’

Let's convince myself of that.
As for the confession-like line I used on Iris earlier…
I wonder how she feels about that…

‘――Well, it should be fine! I've always acted as a 'master-loving man,' so this time too, she must have understood that it means 'liking her as a master!' Iris is kind and intelligent, so she wouldn't make any strange mistakes, right, Iris?’

“K-Kurou-kun, about what you said earlier…!” Iris's voice trembled.

Hm? Oh, is she angry because she thinks her words were misunderstood due to a lack of context?

“I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.
I'll take responsibility (like treating you to a meal) for it.”

“W-What?! R-Responsibility!? That means, fffaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

For some reason, Iris screamed at the top of her lungs.
She blushed until her face reached its limit, and eventually she fainted as if a string had been cut.
Hey, are you okay?

“Hey, Iris, are you feeling okay…? Wait, her breathing is calm.
She's even smiling as if she's in heaven…”

It seems like she's not having any health problems.
Well, then she must have been tired.
Let me take her back to the inn without waking her up.

Oh, I'll carry her slowly so as not to wake her up.
I'm a master of consideration, after all.
(…but still) I glance down at my master, sleeping in my arms.

She's really beautiful.
She's usually dignified, but her sleeping expression is like that of a princess.
I'm just a plain guy who doesn't match her at all.
Even if I confess to her, I'll probably be rejected.

She'd probably say ‘I'm sorry, but I'm not interested’ right away.

“She didn't say that, so Iris must have understood that I love her as a master and not as a man.
That's a relief.”

I've always acted as a beloved disciple, so I'm relieved that she didn't misunderstand me.
――And with that in mind, I continued walking through the town.

Tl Note: It seems that even Iris is unaware about Hypno’s true gender.
And, Kurou confessed in a misunderstanding way? Well, let’s see how this unfolds.

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