Chapter 21: Legend of the Legendary Kurou-kun!

“――So, Hypno-san! This person here, with such a melancholic expression, was worrying about me…! He is just such a kind person, it's really beyond words…♡”

“Oh my, that's such an enviable thing, isn't it~! I'd like to be thought of in that way too… Kurou-kun?”

…Yes, hello.
It's Kurou-kun, who was called to the knight division's branch.
Right now, I'm walking down the hallway of the branch, flanked by Vita-chan, a silver-haired beauty, and Hypno-san, a white-coated beauty(???).

Oh, the passing staff members are sending envious looks our way.
Hello there, hello there~.

“This way.”

Following Hypno-san's lead, I descend the stairs to the underground.
We're headed towards this person's research lab.
Hypno-san, who is the head of the branch, waited for me at the entrance.
She's such a kind person~.

‘…No, she's not kind.
I am in deep sh*t! I can't just run away from this situation, can I!?’ While maintaining a calm face, I was freaking out inside…!

‘My Muramasa is a sword that slays humans.
When it’s hungry, it takes control of my body and goes berserk… And there's something to discuss about that…
Could it be that my sword's nature has been found out!?’

My performance should have been flawless.
I shouldn't have looked like I was possessed in fight.
But if the legend of Muramasa is recorded in literature or something, then it's all over.

‘Many books were lost in the great chaos a thousand years ago, but some still remain… But Muramasa should be a weapon from the Far East, right? I think it was a country called Nihon (ニホン – Kanji of 日本, meaning it’s Japan in English).

Since it was an island nation, it was difficult for their citizens to escape from the monsters, and I've heard that most of the residents died.
So, how could any books have been passed down…?’

I try to calm my mind somehow.
Yeah, even if Muramasa is a dangerous weapon and it's been found out, people shouldn't come close to me, who wields it.

But still, Hypno-san is holding my hand and leading me.
Yeah, she probably doesn't know anything about it!

“Well, we've arrived at the lab.
Please take a seat on that sofa.
And place 'Muramasa' on the desk, please.”

“Ah, got it.”

As instructed, I placed the sword down.
Hypno-san gazed at it intently.
Despite poking and prodding it with his finger while saying “hmmm,” he doesn't seem scared at all.

He really doesn't know anything! I can easily deceive him! Ha ha ha!

“So this is Muramasa, the demon sword that holds the Legacy of Bloodshed? It has a cool form,”

Wait, what?! Did this guy just say “Demon Sword”?! What the heck!

“Would you like to touch it too, Vita? Oh, since you're here, let's take it out of its sheath,” Hypno-san said.

It's so black and sharp that it's scary,” Vita exclaimed.

What the hell? Wait! Why are you making Vita-chan touch it too?! If you know it's a demon sword, don't let others touch it like it's no big deal!

“I've enjoyed myself.
Now, Kurou-kun,” Hypno-san said as he straightend his posture and looked straight at me.

I quietly thought to myself, ‘It's over now.
The nature of Muramasa has been revealed.
As a researcher and branch chief, he must have access to rare historical documents from the past, which probably contained information about Muramasa.
I am a goner, possessed by it.
I am sure I will be executed.’


‘Ha ha, Hypno-san is looking at me like he's amazed.
Could it be that he wants to treat me as an experimental subject?’

If that's the case, then it's understandable that he's being friendly.
He's trying to interact with me strategically so that I will work willingly on the experiment.

‘But isn't being executed worse than being used in an experiment? No, no, no! Help me, Iris-san!!’

Thus, I discard my cool mask and nearly burst into tears…
But then, Hypno-san takes my hand and exclaimed, “Wonderful!”


“There is no mistake.
You are the 'Legend Conqueror,' the first since the Knight Commander!”


What is this guy talking about?! I am bewildered, but he excitedly releases my


hand, saying, “Let me explain.
Actually, all magical weapons have the effect of distorting people's will, even if it is a holy sword.”


Hypno-san said that Magical weapons are inherently very horifying.

“Due to the influence of the magic overflowing in the world, the legends of weapons have become real.
The sword that was said to emit flames can now really emit flames.
So far that's all good, right?”


“But here's the problem.
――In stories, weapons and their 'users' come as a set.
That's why people who were knowledgeable about mythology and legends would associate Excalibur with King Arthur and Balmung with Siegfried.

(Excalibur is a legendary sword from Arthurian legend, known for its association with the rightful king of England, King Arthur and its magical powers.

While Balmung is a legendary sword in Norse mythology, known for its association with the hero Sigurd, also known as Siegfried.)

Hmm, I see…
Wait, what!?

“You seem to have figured it out, huh? Magic weapons are things that materialize based on people's imagination.
In other words, the person who holds the weapon ends up resembling its original owner’s personality…!”

Huh? What? That's too scary! Does that mean I'll stop being myself?! ――Wait, hold on, that's me we're talking about! Even if it's just the body, is it turning into a killer's…!?

“That's why, as a rule, magic knights don't have multiple weapons.
It twists their minds too much.

“Also, it’s really dangerouns for an evil being to hold a holy sword.
If the personality of the holder and the original owner are far too apart then, their head will go crazy and will eventually die.”


This is terrifying…
I'm definitely not someone with a great righteous personality.
I better not hold any holy swords…
And because I'm an introvert, I guess any extroverted weapon is a no-go too.
Although, I don't even know who's an extrovert in mythology or legends.

“Now, let's get to the real point.
The ones known as 'Demon Swords' or ‘Cursed Swords’ in legends.
Their contamination level is truly dangerous.
Even with a weapon that doesn't have a clear user, without a strong heart, one would become a murderer.” said Hypno.

“So when I found out that Kurou-kun's weapon is Muramasa, I almost jumped up,” Hypno-san continued.

“According to rare Japanese literature, it's considered one of the most well-known cursed swords that can turn its wielder into an evil person beyond redemption.
But, well, that's only if you believe in such things,” she added with a smile directed at me.

Vita, who was sitting next to her, nodded in agreement.

“Kurou-kun, you saved us with your heartfelt words.
How can an evil person spout words like 'live for justice'?” Vita said, still looking at me with trusting eyes.

“If you had truly turned into a thirsty blood seeker, I would have been killed by you yesterday.
There's no doubt in my mind that you're still sane.”

The two girls then handed me Muramasa, which surprisingly had a peaceful aura emanating from it.

“And do you know, Kurou-san?” Hypno said.
“Some weapons have personalities, and you can feel their emotions through the magical waves.
Dangerous weapons give off an ominous killing intent, but both of your weapons have a gentle aura.
It's like they’ve met their true master.”

As I took Muramasa from them, Hypno concluded, “You are the one who can truly make the weapon yours, overcoming and conquering its curse.
The Knights call someone like you a 'Legendary Conqueror.' Kurou-kun, you are one of them!”

Hypno smiled at me, while Vita praised me for having two powerful weapons.

But, in reality, Muramasa is just sleeping and has no intention of hurting anyone, and Dainsleif has only become docile after I beat him up with the help of Muramasa.

I wanted to tell them that, but I couldn't bring myself to.
Instead, I just feigned surprise and said, “Is that so? I'm a Legendary Conqueror?

And so, on that day, I became a legendary figure in the eyes of those around me, all because of a simple misunderstanding.

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