Chapter 20: Our battle is about to begin!

The next day, after saying something stupid, “Ue~en!” I was hunting monsters in the nearby forest ‘or rather, being hunted by Muramasa’.

“Ueeen, Ueeeeen!”

While automatically slashing through goblins and thinking to myself, I wondered what I should do next.

“Haah…I messed up.
That Hypno guy took my words and got completely fired up to take down a noble family, the Camblor…
I wish he had just let it go…”

I couldn't stop regretting my words.
I heard that the Camblor family is actually a noble family with a Marquis’s title.
They're way up there even among the nobles.

If Hypno turns against them and says something like, “I was influenced by a fool named Kurou,” then Kurou's done for…!

What's more, “I even told that dangerous girl, Vita, to be released, so I'm worried about that too.” Since it wasn't just a prank, the reason why she attacked me is still unknown.

Despite that, I said, “I'll forgive her.
Children are the treasure of the kingdom that must be protected――!”


I said all that… I’m such an idiot! And Vita-chan got locked up because of me.
There's no doubt she hates me even more now.
While I'm thinking this, she might be sharpening a knife or coming up with a plan to kill me!? Geez, what am I supposed to do…

I wonder how she's doing now…” I muttered just as someone approached from the bushes.

“Kurou-san, are you worried about me…?”

The moment I saw her youthful beauty, I felt like jumping out of my skin.
“You're Vita…!”

“Yes, I am Vita…!”

As the saying goes, speak of the devil.
The silver-haired girl who almost killed me yesterday appeared…! Eeek, I'm gonna be killed~! Muramasa, help!

――Soul devoured――


‘Wait, are you already satisfied today? No, that’s not it! You can't go to sleep right after eating!’ I tried to complain to Muramasa through my soul, but I was pushed away and couldn't speak to it anymore.

Eeeh~! This guy's refusing to talk to me?! Seriously, isn't he being too unreasonable!?

‘W-what should I do…’

――And so, I ended up facing Vita while still in my shitty state.
Well, I'll just have to rely on my own strength to get


through this, I thought as I readied myself, but then, “I-I'm truly sorry for yesterday!”


Vita-chan straightened her posture and vigorously bowed her head―a completely unexpected action.
Huh? Wait, did she just apologize normally!?

“To be honest, yesterday I wasn't myself… and was fully intending to kill you, Kurou-san!”

Ah, so it was true!? She wasn't acting or anything, and if it weren't for Muramasa, she would've really killed me! Eek!

“B-but, despite that, you forgave me, Kurou-san…and you even went so far as to worry about me!”

“Well, that's…”

That’s not true, Vita-chan! I said I forgave you because I thought you were just acting, and I wasn’t worried about you when I said that.
And don't just say “I was not myself” as the reason why you did it!

However, I couldn't possibly lecture her, especially not when I was such a scaredy-cat myself.

“Heh, I'm just glad you're okay.
I was really worried about you, Vita.”

I put on a stiff smile and pretended to be concerned about her.
I couldn't even get angry at someone younger than me.
How pathetic…

“Hehe…Kurou-san, you're so strong and kind…I can't believe I did something like that to someone like you…”

“Don't worry about it.
It's all water under the bridge now.”

‘I'm not really strong or kind, though! It's all just an act! And seriously, you need to reflect on your actions! And pay for the damages too!’

Despite my internal frustration, I managed to keep up the facade of reconciliation.
At least on the surface, we had made up.



For a moment, did I just feel something more ghastly than killing intent coming from Vita-chan…? ‘Y-Yeah, she's definitely a scary one…’ I decided to continue being cautious around her.

“Oh, that's right, Kurou-san.
The branch chief Hypno had a message for you,” Vita-chan said to me as if it was no big deal.

“A message?” I asked.

“Yes, it's about your magical armament, 'Muramasa',” she replied.


What? Just then, I let out a scream of despair in my heart.
It's overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

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