Chapter 1: Becoming a legend in vain


I'm really tired.

This request was also hell-like one.

I was sent to hunt an SSS-rank monster – the Extinct Sea Monster 『Kraken』, which is a threat to humanity.

My leg muscles are already tight.
I never thought that I would be forced to run on the sea.

Or rather than that, my arms are more in tatters due to the transcendental sword technique that requires the movement comparable to that of the speed of sound.

It's all because of this jet-black magic sword – the『Demon Blade – Muramasa¹』 hanging on my waist.
Please be kinder to me…

My body is only that of an ordinary person…”

The moment I returned to the imperial capital while muttering so, a loud cheer resounded.

“Whoa! Welcome home, 『Condemner²』 sama!”

“Oh, that's the strongest magic swordsman, Kurou-dono of the 『Black Sword』?!”

“Thanks to you, my hometown was saved! Thank you very much!”

Voices of praise resounds throughout the city.

Tens of thousands of people thronged the roadside, looking at me with respect.

As I walk through it, I thought from the bottom of my heart.

‘Stop it! Don't raise your evaluation of me any more!’

Everyone praises me with exaggerated words, and in the influence of these words, the subjugation guild, the church and even the lords around here gives me outrageous requests!

Besides, walking in the crowd like this…

“- Ugyaaaaaaa!?”

‘Ah, I did it again…’

Before I knew it, I had pulled out my blade and cut down one of the hooded person.

Fresh blood splatters under the blue sky, and the storm of praise soon turned into the high-pitched screams.

“Kurou-san, what are you doing…
Wait, isn't that a black mage on the wanted list!?”

“Hey, look! This guy is carrying an elemental bomb in his pocket!?”

“Was he planning to carry out a bomb attack in the city?”

In a crowded place full of people, there ought to be at least one criminal mixed in.

Learning that the man was a black mage, the people soon subsided their confusion and were discussing with each other.

As soon as I learned that the person who was cut was a dangerous person, I was relieved even though I was noisy.


as expected of Kurou-san! You can see through a criminal in an instant!”

The next moment, there was a roar of applause that made my ears hurt.

People started to make noise like crazy and it’s almost scary, while in the middle of this, I made a legend.

‘Uu, but I'm sorry everyone.
I didn’t recognized that guy as a criminal.’

Everything was done on its own by the blade held in my right hand, the magic sword –『Demon Blade』.

To be frank, this sword is a cursed equipment.
It's a fucking sword that absorbs the souls of its victims.

Well, it se

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